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Looking nice.Wish you good luck.

Thank you, Defatch!

Hi, i’m using your template from almost a week, but i cannot use it with prettyphoto!

It doesn’t print images description, how can i fix it?

Another question: how can i set one of the top buttons as “marked” as you do in your DEMO?

There’s a way to set the home button as one of the layout? When i click on it, it doesn’t go back to the highest point.

Here’s how we are working: http://www.maraku.it/wordpress/

Thank you for your support


- prettyphoto shows ‘link titles’ – this can be set in image advanced settings: http://25.media.tumblr.com/f4b1f234b84128f715832147eff45a1b/tumblr_mxyuhc9vRt1s8z9jqo1_1280.png

- do you mean this “red one”/featured link? You need to add ‘special’ class for link (similar to adding ‘external’ class)

- for ‘Home’ menu item use #home link instead of http://www.maraku.it/wordpress/

- your website looks great! :)

Thank you

Hi, i want to display the photo description, not only the photo title.

I’ve tried setting the “description” field in the images settings, but didn’t work.

Thanks, i’ve solved the “home” problem in few seconds :)

Tnx a lot!


lightboxes are ‘links’ (href) based in general – I’m sorry, but there is no way how to “connect” image description with links parameters/options

Hi Dannci. Could you have a look on my website http://smarthomecontrol.org.uk/

It’s really cool as you give us an option to switch off some elements when website going to mobile version. We can switch off whole page but – I would like to switch off just a text which is now displayed on the slider. Could you advice me how to do it?

Many thanks

Hello there,

you can add
.stuff{ display:none !important;}
.stuff p{ display:none !important;}
code into mobile.css (styles folder) below @media screen and (max-width: 770px){ line

first one disable slide heading + text

second one just text

Thank you

Many thanks!

Hi Dannci,

How do I disable the search bar, recent post, recent comments, archives, categories, meta at the bottom of the main page? And of every page?



I followed your guide to upload a bigger logo picture:


However, the menu still shows a reduced-size version of it. Is it possible to display it in full size?


I have got two questions on the portfolio layout:

1. The text in the below page shows up in one-column format in Internet Explorer 10 whereas in two-column format on Chrome. What gives?


2. Is it possible not to show any body text from each portfolio page while using the [slider_featured] shortcode on the mainpage? I only want to display each page’s title and the associated tags.


- in style-cutom.css find ’#header img’ and delete/increase ‘max-height’ limitation

1. in style-cutom.css find ’.entry_item p’ and add
column-count: 2;
between bracket

2. you can delete

<?php echo themnific_excerpt( get_the_excerpt(), '280'); ?>

in …includes\folio-types\folio-slider.php file


Hi Having problems with the menu – basically links on main nav won’t work. please see at http://polishedcars.webdesignerpaul.com/ any ideas?


you need to:

- set Homepage template as frontpage,

- add homepage sections with some content (headings, texts, shortcodes etc.)

- in ‘layouts’ set unique anchor (clients, portfolio etc.), then create ‘scroll menu’ and add links in # + anchor format (#clients, #portfolio etc.)

In documentation there is described (with screenshots) how to work with theme.

Thank you

Hi again,

Is there any way to exclude some portfolio items from “Latest from folio”? I would like to show some stuff only in “featured” section, but not in the “latest from folio” nor “all works” section. Is there any simple way to do so?


sorry, in ‘filterable shortcode’ in not possible to exclude posts. You can use eg. [portfolio_featured category=”” posts_number=”” columns=”4”] shortcode for this purpose.

Thank you

Is it possible to add a full width parallax image anywhere other than the home page (similar to the layout items)?


no sorry, you can use parallax images only on the homepage + partially on portfolio: http://themnific.themestate.com/demo/05/?page_id=2579 , blog: http://themnific.themestate.com/demo/05/?page_id=2212 and full-width: http://themnific.themestate.com/demo/05/?page_id=2238 templates

Thank you

Hi, Awesome theme ! Just sent you message on your profile. Thanks for your help, Bertrand.


- in functions.php find //Breadcrumbs section and there you can add URL insead of

'. home_url().'

- sorry, I’m not sure what you mean


Thanks for your help.

On this page : http://www.apostek.com/appswebtest/a-common-man-looking-at-this-decision/

after “Share this page” icons, there’re home icon / category / post name / post date links

how can I copy this navigation section under post title “A common post – without Thumbnail” ?

to have breadcrumb on top page and bottom page

Hi, in single-s-right.php file find and move this code

            <p class="meta fl">
                <?php tmnf_breadcrumbs(); ?><br />

<h1 class="singletitle"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h1>

Hi… by mistake I have reset all options in CSS panel… any chance to turn in to default? :( Thanks , Alex


in admin panel hit ‘Save All Changes’ button again. Default style will be loaded.

Thank you

...cool ;) thx

Hey Dannci, this is James. I sent you a msg on twitter. so i’m having a lot of issues with getting my inside theme going and i wanted to see if you could email me the .php me to upload the sample content and i could simply replace it with original content and customize it from there.


Go to Tools > Import and there install ‘WordPress Importer’ plugin, then you can import XML file. XML file is bit bigger, sometimes needs to be imported more times. You need to set ‘Homepage’ template as front page after import.


Hi there,

I am having some issues with the theme, I set my main menu but the links to pages do not work as if nothing is connected to any of the pages it should! is there something I am not doing properly?

my website: www.retouchdesing.ca


on the homepage is used ‘Scroll menu’ location.

- in ‘layouts’ set unique anchor (clients, portfolio etc.), then in ‘scroll menu’ add links in # + anchor format (#clients, #portfolio etc.)

- if you want to link to other pages/post/URLs add ‘external’ class for these links

In documentation is described (+ screenshots) how to work with theme. From http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this (downloaded) zip file is documentation folder. Unzip it and open index.html

Thank you

Thank you Dannci. I follow Documentation file,”inside”.


my site is tiredgorillaracing.com

I set the theme up, imported the xml file and had added some original content. Today the theme stopped working, can you take a look?


your site look and works fine. You need to save imported (or create new) ‘scroll menu’ only (in Appearance > Menus ).

“How to create scroll menu” process is described (with screens) in documentation.

Thank you

Hi Dannci, just bought your great theme Inside.

It seems that background elements are more “stuck” (chrome, safari, chromium) in certain browsers, so the effect is not very good…. Works very well in Firefox and Opera though :-)

Another thing – do you help out with small customisations? Thanks!

Hello and thank you!

you can increase parallax intensity in …js/ownScript.js i this code
     if (jQuery.browser.webkit) {
            jQuery('.section').parallax("50%", 0.07);

change 0.07 value to eg. 0.3

At this time I do only support and very small customization (like this one), I’m not available for bigger customization, sorry.

Thank you

Hello Dannci,

Is this template compatible with a specific multilingual plugin ? I just tried polylang and it doesn’t seem to work. If not compatible, do you plan to add this feature ?



in feature ‘folio shortcode is icon to lightbox ( ...includes\folio-types\folio-classic-4.php)

in fliterable shortcode is icon to ‘Project URL’ instead ( ...includes\folio-types\folio-filter-4.php), because lightbox preview is not “bulletproof” with filter script (after filter selection)

the last version of the code, working pretty well (picture size 1024×600) and you have to add css background-size 100% auto.
jQuery.each(jQuery('.section'), function()
            if (jQuery(this).css('background-image') != "none") jQuery(this).css('background-attachment','scroll');

        var R = 600 / 1024;

            var iw = jQuery(window).innerWidth();

            if (iw > 1030)
                var st = Math.max(window.pageYOffset, document.documentElement.scrollTop, jQuery('body, html, document').scrollTop());    

                var ih = jQuery(window).innerHeight()

                var ph = iw * R;

                var y;
                jQuery.each(jQuery('.section'), function()
                    if (jQuery(this).css('background-image') != "none")
                        y = (jQuery(this).offset().top - st) * (jQuery(this).height() - ph) / ih;
                        jQuery(this).css('background-position', '50% ' + y  + 'px');                    


        jQuery.scrollTo(jQuery('body, html, document').scrollTop());

        jQuery(window).resize(function() {
            jQuery.scrollTo(jQuery('body, html, document').scrollTop());

You are awesome!

please how could i have a totally horizontal scroll and navigation in phones? my site is http://www.plazadetorosdecastellon.es and i’d want that the the users can view big images, like 800px width. now the styles css dont allow that.

i have watched mobile.css in styles folder but i cant reacht it althought i changed the max-width codes


yes, just remove ‘pre’ tags: http://prntscr.com/2lsg7n

ok, i did it, but sorry i cant see the horizontal elements like tables or photos in the mobile screen yet :(

images are responsive: http://prntscr.com/2lskuq , but tables are fixed (plugin used to create tabs?) , try to change in-style width ‘table width=”960” ’ to ‘table width=”100%” ‘

oh its ok! thanks a lot, im very happy now :) regards, thanks for the help

No problem…

I have been given this theme to build a site for someone and I am having a hell of a time trying to get any thing to display. Also i’m following your documentation and its not making any sense. As i’m doing exactly what you suggest and not menu is appearing.

I’m using the latest version of Wordpress and half the shortcodes don’t work from the generator.

Is this a known problem.

My site is on:

Any help finding out what the problem is would be great.

Thank you in advance



- on your server is not mobile.css uploaded ( ) that’s why the layout is strange

- you need to use ‘Homepage’ template on the front page, ‘Homepage – No Scroll’ template is used now

- ‘navigation anchors’ are fine, just create menu with links e.g. #contact , #portfolio etc and save this menu for ‘scroll menu’ location

- XML file is bit bigger, sometimes needs to be imported more times (but always the same XML fine)

- I need your login, to check Shortcode generator (you can contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci)

Sent you an email now :)

Answered, thanks…

Hi there,

I used one of your other themes recently and found it was excellent. So I am trying this theme now on a new site. I am at the very early stages but I’m finding the parallax slider instructions unclear and difficult to follow. I cannot get the parallax slider working… I have followed all instructions several times but I still seem to be missing something…

Can you please take a look? http://bit.ly/1aQ7lFA


Hello there,

do you mean scrolling to homepage sections?

You need to use the same anchor/link words (are case and space sensitive).

In layouts in ‘navigation anchors’ use ‘events’ (instead of Events) and ‘aboutus’ (instead about us)

And change order of menu items (menu order needs to follow layout order)

Thank you

Excellent as usual Dannci…! All fixed. Lower case slugs was the issue. Thank you for the prompt response!

Hi There, I am new to your template and just adding new layout post. I want to re-order the posts and I am unsure how to do this? Can you possibly help me?




you can reorder layout posts easily – just change publish time/date.

Thank you


in my site (www.ozgularslan.com) portfolio show only 20 works. But I have more than 20. How can I see all of them.



in …includes/home_filter_4.php change/increase ‘posts_per_page’ number.