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Hi Dannci! Thank you for a great theme and documentation. Really awesome. I just wanted to ask what I need to edit in the theme-gallery.php (functions/theme-gallery.php) so that the title/name of the image does not come up in the gallery.


As you can see I make the portfolio a sort of extra blog – I post a lot pictures I don’t want the photos’ name to be displayed (most of them are called things like edit_DC454.jpg etc etc and I dont feel like changing them all.

Thanks again

Its in now – I had it in before but it changed nothing. Is it in the right place?

Hello, just remove ‘pre’ tags: http://prntscr.com/2pyszl

just plain

.singleslider .flex-caption{ display:none;}

Thanks worked!

Sorry one more question – I want to change the hover over when you are in portfolio that says “Next Project” Where do I change this?

You can change this wording in ‘single-myportfoliotype.php’ file. Thanks

This worked like a charm! Thanks

Dope theme. Pre-buy question. Can I set the the portfolio sections to just display the image content as stacked images so they all display the same size at once for easy scrolling- versus having to utilize the slide/arrow selection feature?

Hello, sorry, I’m not sure what you exactly mean. Can you explain it bit more? Thanks

Yes- in your demo- when you click on any portfolio image, it takes you to that image’s own page with laid out description underneath. And If that particular portfolio entry has multiple images/pictures to it- then the themes feature displays them as smaller thumbnails underneath the leading picture- and you can transition through them with the side selection arrows. Nice feature—but I want to know if these portfolio entries with multiple pictures can be displayed as just stacked on top of each other in all the same/equal size and NOT have to utilize a right/left arrow selection and little thumbnail function? I prefer to have them all display at once (single large column) stacked so you can just scroll through that entire page and not use selection arrows.

Hi, yes, this is possible – all you need is add images into portfolio posts content. Gallery slider is optional

Hi Dannci, 3 questions. 1 – I’ve got some problems with layout dividers, I followed your documentation but it doesn’t work…. 2 – I set featured image in blog page but It doesn’t show. 3 – sometimes scrolling menu crashes This is the work in progress site: www.naturetecnica.com/magazine

Any ideas?




your link doesn’t work and I need to see live website to check it and help.

Thank you


1. dividers are fine, just change heading (text) color – highlight text and use ‘A’ icon: http://i.imgur.com/CworQcz.png

2. for blog page is necessary to set parallax image in Admin panel > General layout

3. scrolling seems fine – only for “outgoing” links use ‘external’ class. Process is described in docs.


I am using a Child theme. And I don’t want to modify the mobile.css file. What can I put in my child css to activate the mobile menu earlier at 1000px?

Thank you!

Hello, hmmm, little editation of paret theme is necessary. In parent theme in functions.php change
wp_enqueue_style('mobile', get_template_directory_uri() .    '/styles/mobile.css');
wp_enqueue_style('mobile', get_stylesheet_uri() .    '/styles/mobile.css');

then you can import mobile.css (@import url) within child theme too and override settings.


That worked perfectly! thanks!

Hi, Is your theme localization compatible? If yes, with wich plugin (WPML, qTranslate, other)? Thanks!

Hello, I can recommend WPML plugin. Thank you

Hi, when i try to change the “H2 Style – Posts & Items” on the “Headings Typography” settings page. The size of the post single title h1 with class=singletitle is going to be changed also.


sorry for (maybe) confusing admin option label – this setting change font of the title on blog page and single item title.

Thank you

Hey Dannci,

I installed your theme and am having a bit of trouble figuring things out. Is there a guide I can get my hands on? Please let me know about documentation.

Thanks, Lindsay

Hello Lindsay,

From http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this (downloaded) zip file is documentation folder. Unzip it and open index.html

Thank you

Hi Dannci – One of the big selling points for me about this theme was that it was RESPONSIVE. While your image galleries and portfolio pages work beautifully on mobile – when you insert an image into a blog post it does not resize for an iPhone or mobile device.

Examples [view on your mobile phone]

http://www.roxsanne.com/myportfolio/rumisu-scarf-expedition-africa/ http://www.roxsanne.com/myportfolio/1-palettes-outside/

Okay I see but if I take the images out the h3 tag then they are halved into two columns like the text instead of full 960px width. Like this >>> http://prntscr.com/2s6jza

Maybe is best I take out the two column layout for the portfolio single page? What do I need to change in single-myportfoliotype.php to do this?

Not just portfolio posts but I seem to have the same problem of blog post images not resizing for mobile devices.

Example view in mobile>>> http://www.roxsanne.com/2014/02/01/tagging-africa-whos-really-posting-and-should-we-care/ I tried deleting all the content and then just adding an image to the post and it still did not resize (and it definitely was not in the h3 tag since it was only a single image)

From what I can tell only featured images and galleries resize for mobile in posts – not images just inserted into the post individually. Example view in mobile>>> http://www.roxsanne.com/2013/06/01/i-write-what-i-like/

sorry what do I have to change in the custom stylesheet to make the portfolio full width not two columns


- please add this into style-custom.css
img{ max-width:100%;}
to fix images on mobile screens. - to delete 2col text format delete
.entry_item p {
       -moz-column-count: 2;
       -webkit-column-count: 2;
in style-custom.css

Thank you

Hi Dannci,

I installed your theme and i want to use the same slider as on homepage but in project page. In fact, for each project, i need a full width slider which can slide videos and photos.

How can i do that? Thanks, Philippe


you can delete ‘container’ word (just word) in single-myportfoliotype.php file to make gallery slider (and whole project content) full width. But in gallery slider is not possible to slide videos.

Thank you

Hi there!

Urgent Question – If I would like to add 2 more fields to my contact form – where I can do it?

Thanks, Alex


I assume that you are using Contact Form 7 plugin (in theme docs is described how to install this plugin).

You can add additional fields in ‘Contact screen’: http://prntscr.com/2sy8r1 Here are plugin docs: http://contactform7.com/docs/

Thank you

The area where the ‘logo/name’ goes on the demo site. Is this text or .png file? And what is the size of this area? XxY? I have a fairly long site name.


Hello, in demo is used png file, but you can use text title too. Logo section is not limited in width. Thank you

Hi, thanks for your theme, my pictures in homepage look like very smart, my question : i would like to use and fill the home page with differents layouts, scrolling only with mouse scroll (and not with menu anchors), and also keep in the header a standart menu navigation (opening pages) as main menu, but when i select my menu as main menu only it doesn’t appear in the top navigation… can you help me ? thx a lot, Chris


you can use ‘Homepage – No Scroll’ template on the front page – in this case will be used only ‘Main menu’ and menu (and whole theme) will work like classic theme.

Thank you

Thank you for yout quick answer, it’all good like that !


Nice theme!

I want to add the Portfolio Filterable 4 column on a page, but not have it displayed at the top of the page. No matter where I add this shortcode, it is displayed at the top.



1. I’m not sure which section you mean. In this screen: http://prntscr.com/2ufrdk blue or red?

2. no, lightbox photos/videos are binded http://themnific.dannci.com/03/#featured



1. Red. I can’t seem to style the text.


Hi, in that section is use ‘excerpt’ – excepts in wordpress (in general) doesn’t allow styling.

Hey Great Theme!

for my website: www.talentink.net

Im looking to make the background of the pages in the main scroll layout transparent so that the main background image is shown only like in this

page : http://talentink.net/?page_id=77.

anyway to accomplish this?

  • how do you change the order of price tables? the date published isn’t making them rearrange.
  • Im also looking to edit the filters in the portfolio shortcode. I would like the option to select more than one filter at a time and I would also like to rearrange the filters shown, the default is alphabetical, I only have a few categories and would like to arrange them differently, anyway to do this?

Thanks you again for such a wonderful theme and your wonderful support! Im glad I purchased this theme from you dannci!!!!

Hello and thank you,

1. you can achieve transparent bg for homepage sections with this css code

.section{ background-color:transparent !important;}

2. publish time is the only one way how to reorder ‘pricing tabs’ – I’m sure about that

3. sorry, this is not possible – only one category selection is available

Thank you

thank you for your quick response

Great Theme!

Is it possible to reorder theme-gallery.php thumbnails so they appear above the slider, like so: http://prntscr.com/2vfkf6 ?

Hello and thank you!

I cannot test it now but try “move”

                echo '
    ’; foreach ( $attachments as $id => $attachment ) { $attachmentimage = wp_get_attachment_image( $id, ‘tabs’ ); echo ”\t”,’
  • ’; echo ”\t\t”,$attachmentimage.apply_filters( ‘the_title’, isset( $parent->post_title ) ); echo ”\t”,’
  • ’; } echo ‘
’,”\n”; above
echo '<div class="flexslider singleslider">',"\n", 
line in ...functions/theme-gallery.php file</div>

Comment formatting doesn’t allow paste correct code here. Please contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci

Hi, I’ve got a quick question about the homepage slider. I’ve included the slider at the top of my homepage. It looks fine, but it’s got an empy box beneath it that I’d like to remove. How can I do that? You can see what I mean at www.vergaderenenkoken.nl Thanks!


you need to remove last (but empty) ‘layout’ post.

Thank you


Hi, i would like to manage the number of characters visible in the title of the layout section (yes my title is longer than 50 letters…), where can i change it please ? thanks a lot, Chris


you can increase number (words) in homepage.php in following code

<?php echo short_title('...', 9); ?>

Thank you


I have just purchased your theme. Do you have any documentation to help set up?


Hello and thank you fro purchase,

from http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this (downloaded) zip file is documentation folder. Unzip it and open index.html

Thank you


Love the theme. I would like the background behind the logo the same colour as the header. But if I change it to #3d3d3d all the navigation hover changes as well. Is there any way I can just change the logo bg colour?

I would also like to change the height of the Homepage Slider image, is this possible?




1. you can add

#header img{ background-color: transparent !important;}

into style-custom.css

2. you can edit 2nd value in functions.php for ‘main-flex’ thumbnail – after change is necessary to regenerate thumbs – http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

How do I simply make items of text bold? I am trying to by going to the visual editor, then clicking the bold button, but the site doesnt display it.

I also went to the text editor and added “strong” tags, and again – nothing.

Please help :-)


add following into style-custom.css file in Editor

strong{ font-weight:bold;}

Thank you

Worked, thanks :)