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Parallax images work great on Firefox, but I am having some trouble in Safari.

In the parallax “bar” there is white space above my image (in some cases the first 2 parallax images).

Is there a way to move the parallax image “up” so the white space is gone?

Thanks again!

Hi, can you send me link of your website?


Is there an email I can send the link to?

The website is currently private, and I can not release it to the public yet.

Thank you.

Hi, you can contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci Thanks

Hello, I am wondering how I can put a description on Portfolio images? How it is now, when I click on a portfolio photo I am brought to a standalone page, but there is no description. Where am I able to write a few words about the portfolio image?


Ok, so I created a layout page named Gallery, then I added the 4 column Portfolio short code in it. I then added a few images under the Portfolio post tab. They show up correctly in the gallery, but when I click on them it takes me to the images page. Thats all fine, I just want to be able to write a description about the “portfolio post image”. Is this possible? Im sure it it, I just need to know where to write the description.

I figured it out. You just write in the Portfolio post’s section. Thanks

OK, thanks…

Hi, really amazing theme… i want to buy it … but first i need to know if I can do some changes:

- can the slider be fullpage width and height ? now they autoscale - the menu must be fullpage width or can stay at the same width during scroll (maybe only move to top)

Thx Davide

Hello and thank you!

maybe you can take a look at my other theme – Scroller: http://themeforest.net/item/scroller-parallax-scroll-responsive-theme/4858606

there is full-screen slider available (two alternatives) and full-width menu/header (two alternatives too).

Thank you

Hello! I would like to have only one column style in portfolio layout in Inside Theme for wordpress: how can i do, please?

Hi, you can delete

.entry_item p {
       -moz-column-count: 2;
       -webkit-column-count: 2;

in style-custom.css

Thank you


Love the theme. I would like the background behind the logo the same colour as the header. But if I change it to #3d3d3d all the navigation hover changes as well. Is there any way I can just change the logo bg colour?

I would also like to change the height of the Homepage Slider image, is this possible?

http://www.sarahbentleyphotography.co.uk/ cheers


1. you can add

#header img{ background-color: transparent !important;}

into style-custom.css

2. you can edit 2nd value in functions.php for ‘main-flex’ thumbnail – after change is necessary to regenerate thumbs – http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Note: I’m checking older comments – it is not necessary to duplicate posts – Thank you


I was changing some of the elements colors within the tabs on the INSIDE options. Anyways, I wanted to reset them and clicked the “return to default” button (or whatever it is called). When I clicked it, it reset everything and totally messed up the websites look. Nothing is formatted correctly anymore. How do I fix this? Can I reupload the theme files?


no, is not necessary to reupload theme. Just after reset, hit ‘Save All Changes’ button – default style will be applied.

Thank you

Thank you, that worked! Phew!

Hi Dannci,

Thanks for the great theme. I’m having trouble linking pages in the scroll menu. Is that possible? I see that it recognizes the link, but there is no movement when I click on the menu item.



I need to confirm your purchase. Please send me ‘Item Purchase Code’ via profile page ( http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci ). In Themeforest account in ‘Downloads’ section ( http://themeforest.net/downloads ) is located Licence certificate – the number is in it. http://themesupport.tumblr.com/post/49924117374

Thank You

How i create two differents portfolio. Thank you


you can add portfolio posts into portfolio categories – them you can use ‘featured shortcodes’ to output partial portfolios.

Thank you


Could you kindly let me know what is the short code which allow we to generate following portfolio item with slider:




sorted thx

Hi, 1- I would like to explain me with screenshots how to create two differents portfolio and put them on the home page. 2- How to have two differents services on the home page. Thank you.


1. sort posts into categories and then use these categories in shortcodes, e.g.

[portfolio_featured category="architecture" posts_number="6" columns="3"]
in one homepage layout
[portfolio_featured category="video,architecture,brading" posts_number="6" columns="3"]

in other homepage layout

2. you can output services with [services] shortcode. Sorting is not possible in these mini posts

Thank you

Good morning, we are trying to set this slider in our wp site: http://themnific.dannci.com/03/2013/12/03/gallery-post-replacement-with-slider/ But we only get the thumbnail raw and not the large preview image above. What could we do to solve it? Thanks in advance.

Can you send me link of that post/page? Thank you

Hello again,

thanks a lot. We have reinstalled the theme and now works perfectly. But now we found another problem, the main title of the website near the favicon appears repeated twice. Do you know how could we repair that?

Thanks again for your help!

Hi, I assume that you are using SEO plugin… It is some plugin setting option, try to check it. Thanks

A few questions.

1 – How would I increase the padding between portfolio posts when they display? It looks like its 1px now, can I increase it to say, 3mm?

2 – Can I make the menu bar and page title box taller? Say 10mm taller.

3 – Can I remove the “image rotation” on hover of the portfolio posts?

try this
#navigation .scroll > li.current > a, 
#navigation ul.sub-menu > li.current > a, 
#navigation ul.children > li.current > a{ color:#FFC503 !important;} 

That worked, thanks. I just realized that I also need to change the hover color. Can you help with that too?

hmm, but there is code to change hover color…

Hi, My question isn’t for featured portfolio but another portfolio like the portfolio in Home. For example one portfolio with All Architecture Branding Illustration and another portfolio with All Logos photos video

the two portfolio in the home.

Thank you


sorry, what are you writing about?


Hi, My questions are : 1- Create two differents portfolio and put them on the home page For example one portfolio with All Architecture Branding Illustration and another portfolio with All Logos photos video . 2- How to have two differents services on the home page. Thank you.


1. sorry two filterable portfolios are not possible,

2. services are mini custom posts, you can output these posts via [services] shortcode only – sortig is not possible.

Thank you

How do I make a portfolio show more than 4 columns by 5 rows? I have about 60 images I need to display. Thanks

This is very important to me. I am making an gallery site and didnt think there was a limit to the number of images I could use in the filterable portfolio.

Hi, you can change/increase ‘posts_per_page’ number in …includes/home_filter_4.php (or home_filter_3.php) file. Thanks

Hi, Where I can change the word “ALL” in portfolio by the word “Tous”

Thank you


you can change wording in …includes/home_filter_4.php (and/or home_filter_3.php) file – for filterabe shortcodes.

in template-portfolio.php (and/or template-portfolio-4col.php) – for portfolio templates


Hi, i got the same Problem:
“Parallax images work great on Firefox, but I am having some trouble in Safari.

In the parallax “bar” there is white space above my image (in some cases the first 2 parallax images).

Is there a way to move the parallax image “up” so the white space is gone?”
what is wrong?

Hello, can you send me link of your website? Thanks

Hi Dannci,

How do I amend the transition speed of the slider images? The default speed is a little bit slow for my images… I need to speed it up.



you can edit transition timing in …js/jquery.flexslider.start.main.js file (animationDuration)

Thank you


Hi. We’re seeing a JS error on a WooCommerce page we think it’s because of the new schema markup.


We get an error in Chrome console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of null

Something (we assume WooCommerce has recently added this link: <link itemprop=?”availability” href=?”http:?/?/?schema.org/?InStock”>?

As you can see it contains no ‘rel’ attribute so it causes the error (can’t indexof a null). So, you need to wrap that ‘if’ to check the rel attribute exists before you try to indexof it.



Oops – forgot to add this issue mainly manifests on page refresh.

if(_23.hasAttribute("rel")) { if(_23.getAttribute("rel").indexOf("style")>-1&&_23.href&&_23.href.length!==0&&!_23.disabled){ _1f[_1f.length]=_23; } }

Fixed it for us.

How are you?

I was just wondering is it possible to add a Featured Image to the different Portfolio Categories…If so can you please describe how.

Thank You Great theme you guys made.


no sorry, this is not possible.