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I love the warm feel to this template, I would prefer to ahve a larger imnage slider – possible full width of the header. Would this be a possible update for future versions?

That saide, it’s very nicely designed. Good luck with it!

It is possible, Thanks sticker :)

Nice Work Dude. But problem in main menu items with dropdown. When you go to sub menu, it removes the rightside curve from main menu item. Jus check “About” take mouse to “Full Width” and you will see rightside curve in “About” goes away.

Rest great job :)

Yeah I’m aware of that bug but I didn’t find a way to fix it :S.

Is it possible to make this site with two languages? English and Polish?

Well you can have someone translate it for you but I don’t know any polish.

Do you plan a WP version of this theme?

Yes A wordpress version will be out soon. :)

I really like your themes. Insight is the first theme I purchased without using the wordpress platform. I’m just a little confused about installing the files for your theme. Do you have any instructions regarding installation of insight? Please let me know, this would help out so much. I know I upload the files to my public_html folder but do not know where to go from there. Thanks for your time, Dan.

Hi Dan :)

I’m glad you like my theme’s and you might be happy to know that a wp version of INSIGHT is going to be live in the next few days :).

Now I didn’t understand what is the problem exactly. Did you read the documantion ?

You don’t know how to upload the site or how to edit the content of the site or what ?..


I read the documentation and wow. Some of this is a little over my head. I know the basics of html, this is very different for me. I do need help with uploading and editing the site. If its not too much can you help me out:) I would really appreciate it, thanks, Dan.

Nice Template.

It’s featured in our Blog here

Cool :)

Really enjoying the template! I do have a question:

The logo .png I’m using is slightly larger than the included one, and it’s crowding the nav elements to the right of it.

I’ve attempted to edit both the .sf-menu class in both the style.css file and the superfish.css, but I can’t get the nav to scoot over to the right.

Would you have a suggestion or solution?



Hi Sandoer, please send me an email from my profile page with your wordpress login and password and a link to your site. And I’ll try to help you out

Thank you so much for responding so promptly! That works perfectly!


is there an html version with the awesome 48 shortcodes of WP version? thanks. Fabio

Not at the moment Fabio, but I really recommend getting the wordpress version it is much more easy to manage.

Bluz -

I purchased your template several weeks ago for a client. They really love it. However, I get a JS error in IE8 which indicates:

Message: Invalid character Line: 1 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI : file:///*/HTML/js/hoverIntent.js

My knowledge of JS is less than novice, so I don’t think that I could diagnose this myself. Can you point me in the right direction?

P.S. I would also love a fix for the menu cut-off issue mentioned previously if you find one! :)

Just delete that specific line and that will be fixed

Yeah, that was it. Thank you.


I’ve just been contacted by a couple of clients that came across the same problem.

When sending a message through the contact page, they received an error when using a question mark (?) in the message. When they deleted the question mark, the message sent fine.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be getting a lot of messages containing question marks, and don’t want to have the potential clients give up and not contact me. Is there anything I can do to have those messages go through?



I have purchased your template

But I have the problem in the menu that said beauty user.

Can You help me?

Thanks You!

Hi abejas,

1. I didn’t understand your question/problem.

2. I no longer provide support in the themeforest comments. please visit my support forums

3. Register in the forums and and After I will activate your account please post your question in the appropriate forum.


Breadcrumbs would be nice they can be placed in the slider on all pages except home

You can easily add those with a 3rd party plugin.