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Hi There,

Hope you can help, i want more than 1 set of banners on the homepage, at the top under the slider i want 3 banners side by side and then further down the page i want another set of banners. In the Insignia Theme Banners module i can only create 1 set of banners but i need 2, i’ve tried using the default banner module by opencart but they don’t seem to display properly with this theme, i have been using opencart for a while now and i usually just use the default banner module.


Hello! Please write a ticket on tooniu.ticksy.com Please also include YOur shop URL. Tooniu

super nice;

Thank You GrafAS:)

Hi Tooniu, Id like to know how to get the footer to work, after installing its total empty.


I’ve answered you on ticksy.com Regards Tooniu


i?m interested in your theme , but i need that product list in category to show in list and not grid, in very small list, like here: http://bemko.pl/pl/produkty/1.

Is that posible, can yout do that. Also i need that background to be blue, like in example.

Hi. Sorry for taking so long to reply but Tooniu got car accident and he is currentyl unable to work. I’m taking care of his themes. There is no problem in modify to have small list and blue background. Regards TOoniu themes