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WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Inspiration wordpress theme just disappears – no support anymore – no refund – no alternative – no voucher for other THEME


I was looking to update my WP and now the WP version is not available any more

I really liked the style of this theme so I purchased it a few months ago for a trade journal website (using the dark version). I have limited HTML abilities but a lot of patience so worked through most of my problems I had, but as some of the commenters have said there are some issues with this theme. For one, I could not get the cool navigation drop-down lists to work - whenever they dropped down they corrupted the image below. (Probably a skilled programmer could have fixed that easily). But that is OK I just deleted the drop down links from the menu and used just the top level revolving “boxes” which is cool too. But I especially liked the look of the text and background color, layout etc. Few themes on this site look this “slick” and professional. My main comment however is to anyone considering purchasing this - if you think you must have support from the author, then I’m not sure it’s a good purchase, but if you can work around any issues then I’d recommend it. Again, I do like this and it worked great in my website. Thanks!

I’m not sure why half the text in my comment above has a strike thru line. Please disregard the strike thru.

I purchased this in one of the envato bundles and was very happy with it….until the latest Firefox update…now the CSS is erratic. The navigation doesn’t work properly unless you refresh the page after your first click. Also some other minor glitches….

This theme is outdated and is not supported by the developer. There are multiple JS problems and Envato has not responded to my complaints about the lack of support.

I got this theme in one of Envato’s annual “bonus” compilations.

Now I understand why….it is a piece of Cshitt .

Do NOT buy this theme unless you are an experienced programmer and can figure out all the script problems.


Why do none of the JS sliders work properly? No matter what I do in the js files, nothing changes. They act as though they are all broke. Any suggestions?

Okay, widget contact forms are not set up correctly and do not have adequate documentations to fix them.

HELLO? Is there any one here (crickets).

Need a little help (echo)......hello? I do not think there is any support AT ALL for this template. A take the money and run scam.

Excellent Jobb :D I like your work :D Good Luck with sales

I purchased this theme because I thought that it was beautiful. Unfortunately, 3 of the CSS files were not included as they should have been. I am out $15.00 and the theme is completely useless to me.

I submitted a request for customer support but to this date there has not been any response.

Like this one a lot!;

Hi, I bought this template and there are some difficulties with the navigation under firefox. You have to refresh the window before it will work properly. Any suggestions, what to do?

Thank you.

hi, how come that you make an update without making the theme responsive?

Hi I purchased the wordpress theme for this back in 2012, and we are wanting to update it, however I see this is no longer supported, can you please get in touch to let me know how I can get this theme on the latest version of wordpress thanks in advance Jenny

Hi, I’d bought your Wordpress inspiration. Great theme worked fin so far but now I want to upgrade my WP from 3.3 to 4.6 -> any issues ? Or should I go for your html version (but no idea on how to convert to a WP theme…

Here arte my license info :

This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market.

Licensor’s Author Username: MixerTheme

Licensee: Sylvain Mossière

Item Title: Inspiration Premium Wordpress Theme

Item URL: https://themeforest.net/item/inspiration-premium-wordpress-theme/1047959

Item ID: 1047959

Item Purchase Code: 30dd4419-c243-4f2c-9938-23f5b28955ef

Purchase Date: 2011-12-20 09:13:05 UTC


I while back I purchased the Inspiration theme. Is there a way for me to update to the newest version? How did you do the background with the orange stripe across the screen? I would like to use it in a flyer.