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Well done MixerTheme! :)
I really like the positive feeling of this theme.

Thanks! ;)

Wow! Are the contact forms working?

Hi voodoogal,
Sure, the ajax contact form is included.

I’m with the Wow! Please tell me this will be a WP Theme real Soon!

yes, sure it will be in WP Theme also.
I think during the next month or two maximum.

I just downloaded this theme and installed into my wp theme directory. It says the stylesheet is missing. Can you help?

Hi sandimaki,
Because this is not a Wordpress Theme, this is xHTML/CSS template, It’s sliced up and classes are done for better implementing into Wordpress, so it’s Wordpress Ready (this is for customers, who doesn’t want to wait it in wordpress version and can make it by themselves)
BTW , its not included into a category of Wordpress themes, but included into a Site Templates category.

@sandimaki – Thats because it’s not a wordpress theme!

Hi to All!!

It would be really appreciated if all customers press the social buttons under the purchase button: “Google”, “Tweet” and “Facebook’s – I like”

Thanks in advance ;)

The level of detail is great, along with the design and code. – New Follower!

Thanks man!

I just purchased this template, is any way that you can send me control panel for it?

I use it only for the demos of my projects. Sorry, but It’s not a part of the template.

I know it’s not the part of the Theme, I was just asking as a favor. Thanks :)

Job well done. Kudos!

Truly inspirational.

Thank you

Beautiful work – can’t fault it… But for one very minor thing – wish the top navigation was a cufon also…

Beyond that – top drawer mate!

Thank you mate :)

Could you possibly add video in a lightbox to the demo so can see it working in context.

Many thanks.

sure, will add today.
This template uses a PrettyPhoto plugin, so it supports displaying the video, images, iframes etc…

Also – GREAT (REALLY GREAT ) to see a polished theme – rather than another dull minimalist design that seems to be the norm nowadays here on Theme Forest…

I love some of the more elegant minamilist styles, but the tidal wave of dull themes “all white” themes at present makes this super theme stand out all the more!


Thanks again mate!

Great Theme! I have been working with it over the last couple days.

I have one quick question. How do I loop the s3 Slider? I could not seem to find the control for this. Thanks!

it’s already looped there, I’m not sure if I understand your question properly…

My bad! I guess with working in the theme I have inadvertently changed something. NP Ill just work back from the original download. Thanks Again!


I just bought this, love it!

I’m new to this so forgive me this is a really lame question. How do I change the logo? I have replaced the logo.png file with my logo and it displays ok in design mode (MS Expression Web) but when I preview the page in the browesr the image isnt displayed and i just get an empty image box.

Please help.

I think you should clear cache in your browser, then the new logo will be displayed.

Thanks, I renamed the file and then it refreshed.

Can you help me out with something else please? I am trying to change the font color of the h2 tag. I have made the change in styles.css and when I load the page the headings are changed to the new color momentarily, but then the screen refreshes and reverts to the standard black color. I guess this is becasue there is some more css code overwriting it at some point, but I cannot find it.

I have spent 4 hours trying to find it and I am pulling my hair out, please help!

Like I said, I’m a novice at this, so forgive me for asking stupid questions but I think changing a font color should be quite easy, even for me!!

thanks Mark

You can contact me via contact form on my profile page to get more in depth help.

Hello. My mate bought this template yesterday and we worked on it over hours. We´ve now tested it and got problems with MS Internetexplorer. How do I erase the mistake in code?

Ah Sorry! The script were disabled! Great work!

Great! Thanks ;)

Sorry, all items used in the template are embedded with the file that I download if I buy it?

And of course, is an amazing job. Very Good!

? would like to ask about a problem ? can not control the lightbox in the galery column

for example ? just wanna see 1 picture when lightbox works but there is linkage.how can ? eliminate the other picture

Sorry, how can I know if you’re buyer?
There is no label “buyer” on your box…
Do you ever read the documentation on how to use and control a PrettyPhoto plugin?

hey AUTHOR ? payed for it already ? just asked simple question please help me

If you’re about thumbnails on a lightbox when it opens, so you can eliminate of them if you will set the attribute overlay_gallery to false on js/common.js (line 342)