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Additional comment to the previous one. The issue seems to be in the SliderBg class. I tried to solve it but I could not. Thanks again!


Yes, please read your previous comment.

Hi, I had been using your template and I really like it, but I have an Issue with Safari on my Ipad. The links on the header have to be clicked twice in order to be able to change pages and I have been receiving some complaints about this. Can you help me out? It’s working fine using Opera. Thanks, Eliza

Hi Eliza,
Please let me know what version of this template do you have? So I’d be able to make you a proper suggestion. Because my last release was updated with this thing.

Hi Alex,

I could reduce the horizontal scroll significantly. Though I couldn’t reduce it at all, at least it is the same as the subpages. I had tried modifying the margin-left in SliderBg without success, but now I reduced the width of SliderBg and it worked!

Thank you! Hugo

Hi Hugo, Nice to hear this from you!
Can I get a link to your website just to take a look at it?

Hi i am new web design please forgive me if i am wrong some where, i am trying to change the logo with little bigger one but the logo goes above the main menus is there a way to put it in the same line

Yo can decrease your logo size and upload it again. Can I get your website link?

Hi Alex,

Here I go http://vocacionytrabajo.com/abril2/ It is still in the process of development.

Thanks for your time! Hugo

Hi Hugo,
Nice website you have got ;)
Best wishes!

Hi when i try to send a message using the contact form from contact us page this is the error message i am getting can u help me out with this

“Attention! Please correct the errors below and try again. The verification code you entered is incorrect.”

but the verification number which i enter is correct

Hi Valdentechnology,
Can I please have the link to your website?

Thank you very much, Alex! :)

Hi Alex the link to my website is www.valdentechnology.com

Thank u

For some reason your website doesn’t load. please remember me what question you’re about?

Hi Alex i am hosting my website from my office computer, i am going to keep the system on u can try now, the link is www.valdentechnology.com


Hi Valdentechnology,
Can you please remember me what the problem do you have with it?

hi author, does roundabout slider automatically returns?

Hi baristr,
Sure, you can manage it if you need all the options there.

Hi Alex,

Great theme. I have one issue. When using the coin slider on the main page, and it loads the very first time for an end user, there is a brief flash of all the quotes from all the slides before the slider loads. My customer doesn’t think this is very professional. Is there a way to hide this? Perhaps load the text from another file; or insert directly into the javascript? The site is: www.epicagents.com

Thanks and keep up the good work, Chris

Hi Chris,
As I can see your website loads fast without any flash. It may happen only if visitors have not quite fast internet connections. Any other thing?
Nice website you’ve done BTW ;)

Hi Alex

Only issue I am having is with the transition speed of the Nivo-Slider.

The transition speed from one image to another is defaulting back to three seconds after the first image, even though in the settings I have changed it to be 8 seconds

animSpeed: 500, // Slide transition speed pauseTime: 8000, // How long each slide will show

Now rather than bother you as I see you have your hands full answering other quires, I looked on dev7studios to see if there was something about the issue there.

On their website it indicated

“Make sure you are not changing it in jquery.nivo.slider.js, but in jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js”


I see that in your template you don’t include that the jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js , so I downloaded the file from their site and added it to Nivo-Slider folder and included the .js location into the index header, then proceeded to configure the transition speed within the jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js

I cant get it to work, if you could offer any advice, it would be appreciated



Hi John,
The Inspiration template has already nivo slider’s script included. and to change the speed please see the file called Includer.js (lines 164-170).

Hi, congratulations on your template inspiration. I have already created web content. How I can switch to the new v1.7 template without changing the content of the web?. Thank you. Saudos.

Hi Saudos,
If you’re capable with html/css you can just compare the files and then rewrite them. In other way there is no way to switch it to the newer version because it’s just html template, but not a wordpress where all the content is in database.

hi, I bought this template and it is great. just one complication. I need to use it as UTF -8 compatible in Slovakia. All html files I convert to UTF -8 and body text is working fine with UTF -8 text encoding BUT H1 and H2 headers do not appear some letters. The missing letters are not replaced with some other letters they are simply missing and the word is shorten. Any help? Thnx

All the headings are done with help of cufon font script, and it seems that font family doesn’t support your language’s special characters. All your need is to exclude that cufon script o? find the new font and then re-generate a script for it.


I am interested about your great theme, but I see the NIVO SLIDER is not automatically sliding rather I need to click on the next or previous button to roll on.

I have read your earlier comment where you mentioned : The Inspiration template has already nivo slider’s script included. and to change the speed please see the file called Includer.js (lines 164-170).

I am confused whether this includer.js file fixed the nivo slider not to auto sliding… is this includer.js is necessary for nivo slider?

I need to procure this template that is why I am worried to know about the facilities of auto-sliding of Nivo Slider.

includer.js contains all the initialises for main scripts where are the values can be changed (slide delay, speed or any other.)


First I’d like to say this template is awesome thanks for all the great work… but i am having 1 small issue while testing on iPad and i assume iPhone

When testing any of the index pages they load incorrect and not full page.. like the other pages do?? also how do i go about editing the google map location on the contact page thanks!!


Hi Seann,
Unfortunately this template is not fully iPhone/iPad ready except iPad’s wide range.

it loads perfectly from the live preview on this site…? there must be some kind of fix? No..?



fmp Purchased

We just discovered this template does NOT work in IE7 , columns are all whacked. Tested from IE7 to your very own “live preview” no workie

I’ve just checked this template in IE7 as it was done when creating it and it looks fine there.

Hi there,

Can you let me know what am I doing wrong that the contact form does not work for me?


Best regards

It seems your hosting doesn’t support work with php files and it may not includes mail server. Please ask your hosting provider about that.

Hello, how can I put a slide like the example that is next to the footer on my static home page showing the last posts by category?

Sorry Marcos, but the support is only for our customers. How can I know if you’re a buyer?


How to reduce white space under columns on homepage.


Thank you :-)

Try to dig in the styles-*.css file for class named “divider”, then change margin numbers for it.