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What is; data-place=”3”? What do the numbers represent?

Thanks :-)

That value works the way as on example below:
you have a row with 4 columns (each one has the same width for example 250px), but you want to create the row with 2 columns where one column will be 250px and another will be the same width as another 3 columns, so you must then to place a data-place value of “3”.
Hope it was helpful, in other way please see examples on fullwidth page and only then you’ll be able to better understanding!

Hi, where can I see examples of the other columns? On your preview it reads; “And Many Other Column Variations Also Available…”

Looked in the docs but nada :-)


There are no others, you can create them by your own needs ;)


Just want to change the Cufon for the font, actually I want to remove it.

Can you tell me how.



Hi John,
Just do the following things:
1. delete the lines below for each html file: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/cufon/cufon-yui.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">Cufon.now();</script>
2. then open a file called common.js and delete lines below:
    // Cufon Font Load
    //Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4', { fontFamily: 'FrancophilSans', hover: false, color: '-linear-gradient(#ffffff, #bababa)' });    // Only for dark theme color
    Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4', { fontFamily: 'FrancophilSans', hover: false, color: '-linear-gradient(#727171, #020202)' });    // Only for light theme color
    Cufon.replace('.big_btn', { fontFamily: 'FrancophilSans', hover: true });
    Cufon.replace('#fsb h3', { fontFamily: 'FrancophilSans', hover: true, textShadow: '1px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)', color: '-linear-gradient(#FCFCFC, #B8B8B8)' });
    Cufon.replace('#fsb h4, .gallery h4, .partners h4, .header_full h2, .header_full h3, .overview h4', { fontFamily: 'FrancophilSans', hover: true, color: '-linear-gradient(#ffffff, #bababa)' });

Hi Alex is there a way to freeze the main navigation on top so that when we scroll down the main navigation stays at same place

I think yes, but you should be an expert in css to make this properly.

Hi Mixer

Thank you, kind of figured it out myself with a little trail and error

Apologies for delay getting back



Glad to hear that! thanks!

In very small issue that’s bugging the hell out of me, and I am sure its something I am doing but cant for the life of me figure out …

I have looked through all style sheets to see if I am missing something !

I want to add a PDF download (no problem) .... but when I assign an icon image to the end of the PDF download for a visual for site visitors, it wont display, not matter what configuration I use

I am adding this

<a href="XXX.pdf" target="_blank">PDF Name</a>  <img src="icons/pdf.png" width="32" height="32" />

I have tried this

<a href="XXX.pdf" target="_blank">PDF Name</a>  <img src="../../icons/pdf.png" width="32" height="32" />

But the image will not display ….

The path is correct, you can download the PDF , but where the image of the PDF icon should be …. Its is not displaying

I am wondering is their some style attributed to images in the css that I am missing, cause this is really doing my head in.

Hopefully you can offer some light, oh and just to add, I don’t for a second think this is a problem your side, I am pretty damn confident I am screwing up somewhere, but this is basic stuff I have done lots of times previously … I just cant for the life of me see what I am doing wrong



I’m sure the problem is in path to image. Can I please know your link to the webpage where it doesn’t display?


Navigation Hover effect and drop down not working in IE. The site linked to above was started months ago and client stopped following up until now. Point being that you may have address this with an update already. If you have please advise on what changes were made/files i need to replace.


I bought the Inspiration html package and not sure how to use it, I couldn’t find any guides for it, I thought there would be a basic template/s that you simply added or changed the default. eg. I wanted to change the default pattern but can’t find it in the code or a css.


This is an excellent theme. I am using the animated accordion slider. The link you provided in the Documentation does not discuss animation, the example from that source is not animated. So how would I slow done the animations time cycle?

Thank you,


I have an odd problem. I’m updating an existing site and have added a few pages, deleted others, etc.

The top items in the main nav menu work, but all of a sudden the lower (sub) items in all the menus are now unreachable. In firefox, hovering over the links shows the correct link url. However, clicking them takes you to whatever the top menu item url is. Oddly enough, it doesn’t affect IE.

The pages validate without errors. Obviously, without knowing what the error is, I’m not going to upload the pages..I don’t want whatever the problem is to affect my current site.

What could cause this to happen?

As an update, I’ve transferred my files to an older pc which uses firefox 6.0 and there is no problem with browsing whilst the files are on my pc. The problem occurs when previewing files with the latest version of firefox (14.0) which is on my newest pc.

Is there some sort of incompatibility issue you’re already aware of? Brian

Can you please tell me how to fix the Navigation menu, for files that are saved into different folders?

You can see my problem here-


Sorry here is the link

lol sorry ok lets try that again


Solved the roundabout image slider issue!!!

Just wanted to help people that have the same problem as I had with the roundabout slider (images loading horizontally on the detailed portfolio page, thus covering the portfolio description).

The problem lies within the roundabout.css file. Where it says :

.portfolio_rotator li img {display:block;}

This needs to be replaced with:

.portfolio_rotator li img {display:list-item;}

hope this helps and that the author updates!

Thanks antipasti5000, I’m really appreciate that!

Hello, Thx for this great Template!

We would like to add a filterable option to the gallery explaned by this tutorial: http://mazeofminds.com/533/filterable-portfolio-powered-by-jquery/

So far, everything is working fine, but how we have to change the script to get the same prettyPhoto effect after set a filter? We added the lines of code like stated in the tutorial at the end of the Includer.js

Hopefully you can take a look at our gallery page at and give us a hint how to fix this: http://www.junior-grand-prix.ch/tmp/inspiration/gallery.html

Maybe you can include this feature to your template ;)

Best regards and thx for taking a look at this Rolf

This feature is already realized in our wordpress version of this design. You can use it if needed. Current version ov thus template doesn’t use this script, so all customers should include it by their own if needed. Sorry, but we can’t help all our customers to customize their websites because of our overloaded schedule. And thanks for understanding.

Hi Guy, awesome theme, but i have a problem with that mess of java. I want to intergrate the mb.extruder.

Everytime when i do that, some other things doesnt work anymore, like the navigation. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? is this because jquery 1.6 that you were using in this theme?

can#t handle anymore….

Try to play with the order of scripts which are including into pages.

Sorry but orbit slider doesn’t work http://www.valrilateinrete.it/aa.htm

How can i fix it? Tks

Hello, I purchased this template and I am having an issue with sub-directories…...When I have the files in the root of the site the template functions as expected…When I put the files in a sub-directory the menus stop working and the formatting gets all messed up. I have tried to change the .css files to resolve the css paths using relative and absolute naming without success. Please see examples below.

Working Fine: http://www.herotechs.biz Not Working: http://www.herotechs.biz/free/free-computer-inspection.html

antzwebdesign wrote you about this above and never received any response. Anthony works for me. Please respond as this is frustrating. Thanks:) -TKM

Nevermind..After a number of hours we resolved these issues. -TKM