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hi i need the wordpress version of this theme. i don’t what is wrong with the link Page Not Found

Just love the colour scheme of this theme and looking to get the Wordpress version but WP link doesn’t work and the developers website is “under construction” for 2012?

Is the WP version still supported and/or available?

Looking for the Wordpress version!!!

Welcome mihertheme. please answer me, I bought your theme organic (http://organic.cssmixer.com/) – it was removed. I suffer on it for over a month. I’m from Russia, I write in Russian page “conacts”? – Already shoveled the entire pattern …

Love this theme! Unfortunately, I lost all of my edits on this theme two days ago because it is not compatible with WordPress 3.5.1. Host does not have the capability to revert to previous version. What are the chances of getting an update so I don’t lose months worth of work?

The same issue I have guys, I bought Inspiration Premium Wordpress Theme last 2012 September and the theme is corrupting… :/ Do you have an update for Wordpress 3.5.1?

Same problem here with the Inspiration wordpress theme that is no longer for sale. “MixerTheme” can’t just sweep us under the rug. We paid for a theme that corrupts the WP database. I have an angry customer and have wasted hours rebuilding the site - twice - until the web host helped to determine that the problem is with the theme. I’ll personally never buy from MixerTheme again.

great theme. Baught te theme yesterday. I have a questin. How can i change the menu color?


Hi again,

Another question. The slider is beginning from left. the slider must beginning from the right en stay stable. It’s going atomaticly to left. How change that?


    oooh and i want to disable the mobile version. thanks

    Is there a way to customize the home page carousel images to different hpyerlinks?

    Hi I bought your beautiful theme but i have a problem with the contact form on contact page. it doesn’t work when i click on submit button. I may be a problem with the contact.php and image.php because when i click have the code of the php file that appears .


    Hi Purchased this theme v1.2 before but now in my download area it says “This item has been removed by either staff or the author ” and now I see there is a version 1.7 why can I not update the them? With other themes I can always update to the latest version.


    Is there any chance for a Joomla version?

    It seems that the author doesn’t provide support anymore.

    yes seems so, no one is answering any of the comments. I am thinking of buying this theme. could anyone advise is it good to go? many thanks

    i just installed the theme but it says stylesheet is missing….can anybody help?

    Does anyone know how I can download the latest version of this theme? I have an old version.

    Not exactly satisfied with this. Sent MixerTheme an e-mail over 5 days ago have not recieved a response yet. Support for this is horrible.

    E-mail was as followed “I recently purchased the Inspiration xhtml template from themeforest. I thought the design was wonderful and what i was looking for but I have to say after buying it quite disappointing and I think your post on themeforest is very misleading. It doesn’t fully explain how to edit the template the template is FAR from being easy to customize compared to most the templates you can buy on themeforest these days. You put a light and dark folder in the zip file yet they are BOTH light only. The psd file doesn’t have comps for both light and dark… only the dark which makes no sense considering the two folders you added are both LIGHT even if one says dark… Overall I’m not satisfied at all great design, terrible packing, terrible guide and not easy to customize at all. Furthermore since you removed the wordpress version off the themeforest you gave no details or guides how to convert this xhtml template ot a wordpress theme.

    This theme has “Option Panel” on “Live Preview” but it is NOT available on purchased version. How can I include Option Panel to this theme?