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I would like to add some static content to the homepage. Nothing I add to the page designated as the homepage shows up. Please advise

Please send me a message via our profile page, I will send you the modification.

When inserting an image into text with a fancy boarder ( 6px) the boarder overlaps the text. Making the width and height larger helps fix the problem

[image url=”/market-demo.jpg” raw=”true” alignment=”right” margin_left=”0” margin_right=”0” margin_top=”0” margin_bottom=”0” border=”smallBorder” shadow=”1” lightbox=”/market-demo.jpg” icon=”magnify” iframe=”photo” width=”380” height=”182”]

Sorry, I don’t understand well your question. Can you post the link to your site and describe in more details about your problem? By the way, please login with your account that you purchased our template to ask for support.


And Pinterest ICON to social media?

Currently, theme doesn’t support Pinterest ICON. It need to customize the theme.

Hello. i have a problem with the titles. I write with small letters and they show in post big. What can I do;

Please submit a ticket on our website to get support. Thanks