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Hi there, thanks for the great theme!

I’ve got two questions to make it even better; - The ‘featured’ box on the left, the photo is not clickable. How do I make it clickable? (all other photos on the frontpage can be clicked, so I want this one to do as well) - The links in posts are the same color as the content, what do I change/add in CSS sheet to make them a different color?

Thanks in advance for your quick response.

Hi, Is there any news on the infinite scrolling update? Thanks!


Please wait until early next week (I think on Tue), I will update with infinite scrolling and adding some other options also.


Great, will be waiting..

ps. have you checked the theme on iPad (mini)? it does not work very well, blocks are shifting through each other, background is scrollable etc.

Have you updated new version? I think it can fix this issue

hi, the shortcode generator did not work. I select the shortcode type, but there is nothing to display…

Can you please send your site URL and login credential to kopatheme@gmail.com

i have sent email to you. please check it. thanks.

Great concept, but please give the option for better CSS control via some sort of mechanism that controls the background images and color. Users aren’t going to want to hack the CSS.

We will add this option in next update

Hi Kopa, really nice theme. I’m not sure how to put the LATEST NEWS section on my website: www.insidewomanmag.com. Please help and thanks.


Hi, Please see this link: http://kopatheme.com/forums/topic/how-to-create-latest-news-in-home-page-as-demo/ There is a video tutorials for you

Never mind I figured it out. Thanks

Hi, are you going to add related post like in other of your themes?


Thanks for your reply,

When will it be the next one? more or less?

Also I am very interested about the infinite scrolling that I saw a comment that you were going to add. is it done already?


Hi, Currently, infinite scrolling is included in the theme

ok thanks I will update it


Is this template using featured image or the first image of the post for the thumbnails.

Many thanks

Hi, Yes, it use featured image of the post for the thumbails


any news about the releated post feature?



Can you please wait for next update? I am sorry, we are currently a bit busy so we have not updated yet. But, surely we will update the theme with this feature.


Hi there,

Is it possible to change the location of the horizontal menu: it’s above the logo and I want to place it underneath the logo. I am looking forward to your response!

Best regards

Yes, but it need to change the code of the theme

Thank you for your quick reply. I am glad it’s possible. After I purchase your theme, I am gonna try to change the menu (and if I don’t succeed, I will get back to you!).

Hi Kopa,

Please send me the theme with an option of a header.


Hi Kopa, Good day!!

I have a problem with my template. I´m create a menus on the header, this menus send me to other pages, for example (menu Videogames -> page Videogames).

I need to show related notes with this menu only in this page, but i cant show anything. I need show post as a example page http://kopatheme.com/demo/inspiration-wordpress-magazine-theme/

I’m create a home page and i dont have any problem here… the problem is only in the other pages.


Can you please send me your URL and login credential?

Thanks!! But i found the problem and already working!!

Thank you!


I would like to keep my old size images in your theme. The size was (width = 640 px) for featured image and post images. What do I have to do it?

By the way did you add the related post to the current version theme?

Thanks in advance.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpadd_action() in /home/.../public_html/wp-content/themes/inspiration/kopa/functions/add_js.php on line 1


Guys I requested that you check why your theme is not working on my Galaxy S3 and not just that but on all the phones. Kim said that it was fixed after I send through the log in details and it’s still not fixed. Please. Most of the readers use a phone and it looks terrible!

Your help here will be appreciated very much.

Hi, Please wait, we will check it.


I have checked again with Galaxy S2 and iPhone but have not found the problem. Can you please reset your mobile phone and try again?

I also want to disable or delete the comment box- what is to comment out the line code? I removed and it didn’t work?

Don’t you guys have video tutorials for your themes? This would help

Please visit this llink http://kopatheme.com/forums/topic/issue-disable-comment-not-working/ From now on, please post your question to our forum.


Hi, can I put ad banners (google adsense) on this theme? Where can I put? I don’t see any place for me to put.

Yes, the theme has widget to put Google ads to sidebar

I can’t get the theme to install – other themes will install but this just says

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpadd_action() in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/themes/THEME/kopa/functions/add_js.php on line 1

I am assuming you uploaded theme file to your host without zip the file causing this issue. The code phpadd_action that you see must be php add_action Please upload zip file to your host and unzip there, don’t remove any file because it will cause malfunction By the way, please post your question to our support forum instead here to help us support you better

The instructions say to upload and unpack however you want! But yes the theme loads if you upload it as a zip and then unpack in cpanel file manager (a bit cumbersome though)

If I delete “add_js.php” the site loads – please advise