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Hi, I’m having the same issue as fernandoprofile, I noticed the console is getting 403 Forbidden (You don’t have permission to access localhost:8888/sitename/sites/default/files/InspiroB/slide/1.jpg on this server.)

The files folder and everything under has full permissions do you know what it could be?

Resolved. In case someone else has this issue: sites/default/.htaccess has “Deny from all”

Thank you so much for sharing this solution. I figure out that drupal 7.38 creates this file automatically.


Hi, I am interested in this template! It looks really creative. But I have a concern that if I bought this template, will it still work once drupal 8 releases?


Yes theme will be compatible for drupal 8 soon as drupal 8 stable version will be released.

please if you need further assistance let us know.

thank you so much

Odd Q, can you tell me the other 4 colours that you have setup, you mention 10 and show 6 – just wondering what the others are ‘out of the box’.


Yes, these features are out of the box, you can set these settings in theme settings easily, you just need to choose which one you want to use and upload images on slideshow.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.


Thanks for the reply. I was wondering what the other four colours actually are.

You are welcome!

Yes there are 10 colours see the details here: http://www.inspiro-media.com/Documentation/InspiroB/#change_color

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.


Hi, I would like to buy this beautiful theme , shall it support drupal commerce? and how I can contact with you ?


Thank you so much for your kind words, appreciate it!

Theme is not made to be, like e-commerce, but yes it supports drupal commerce (maybe you need to add some extra css classes for checkout to make the same ui)

My email address is: ardianmusliu@inspiro-media.com

If you need support, please feel free to contact us at http://support.inspiro-media.com


Greetings – I am getting the following message on all of my pages: What can I do to fix this? Thank you – Notice: Undefined variable: head in include() (line 5 of /home/myfolder/public_html/mywebsite.com/sites/all/themes/InspiroB/templates/html.tpl.php)


Please open a support ticket here http://support.inspiro-media.com and one of our agents will help you directly.

P.S have you made any changes on theme files or this issue just appeared like that?


Thank you for your response. I didn’t make any theme changes – the message just appeared recently

Does it work with latest Drupal?

Ok, so you want to remove the block/widget? From administratons menu go to structure > blocks, select newsletter block and cchange region to none.

Hi, it shows – which is good (http://bushell.net)... but if user is not logged in it shows the ‘name field’, but it doesnt do this on yours. I just cant get it to not show this field. Hope that makes sense

Got it,

Please open a support ticket here http://support.inspiro-media.com and send me your site url and admin login, let me check why it shows name field.


will not work with 7.4?


Yes InspiroB works perfectly with drupal 7.4.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Good theme, but already purchased another one. May be for next project =)

Thanks for your kind words.

Great, wish you the bests :)


Just quick asking – what file is support in front slideshow? Thanks.


The slideshow code is in template.php


My question is what file is supported ? JPG, GIF, PNG ? .MOV ?


Sorry for this misunderstood. The slideshow supports Only JPG and PNG.

Thank you so mouch.

Hi, before I purchase, want to find out how easy/difficult to add language switcher in header, going to create a multilingual site

Hello there,

Its easy you just need to enable multilingual module and show the language icons block in header

If you need support feel free to contact us anytime in http://inspiro.ticksy.com

Kind regards

how can I make a video on my main page? Just like the demo http://creattica.com/desktops/dubai-wallpaper/85581 ?


Thank you so much for contacting us.

Please take our apologies, but we’ve removed this option on drupal version due to low performance on browser. It simply crashes the browser many times and we decided to remove this option. But we really recomend to use slideshow since you will have better and faster website as well.

If you need to have videos, you can simply use the READ MORE button and add the link in the URL from the slideshow section.

If you need the dubai wallpapers please let me know I can find you the link for this background image and others as well.


I am having so many problems. I can’t even upload the logo. can’t upload sliders also. I wish you can help me including video main page as advertised: http://inspirob.inspirothemes.com/template/index-video.html.

Hi again, thanks for purchasing InspiroB theme, please Go to Configuration > Media > file system. See if file “Public file system path” is located to sites/default/files and “Temporary directory” to /tmp

Please if you need more help, do not hesitate to contact me on themeforest@inspiro-media.com


Hi! How about drupal 8? is any news about this?


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