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Clean and Nice work :) GLWS

Nice work! I like it ;-)

Thank you :)

First of all – really good looking, minimalistic work!

Before I’ll buy it, I have one big question: Is it possible and EASY to create new/more layers/sites for example one for all my social networks or another one for some other informations?

I assume that with layers/sites you mean adding custom tabs (like Resume/Portfolio/Instagram/Contact/Something else)?

That is indeed easy to do and is described in the documentation that follows the template. I’ll help you out if you have any troubles with this!

This theme was exactly what I was looking for ! Nice work.

I have one question regarding the quote box. I removed the “customer satisfied” image and I would like to have a full width quote box. How can I do that ?

That would require a customization. You would have to modify some CSS and get larger images for the notepad (see img/misc/notepad which have been sliced from the included PSD).

Would it solve your problem to keep the width, but to center the notepad? That might look better than making it very wide, but it depends on how much text you want to display…

Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem by putting other images to fill the void.

Ok, great!


I finally put the website online and it looks really great ! But I have a problem with the contact form. After two hours, I got spammed with more than 20 mails sent from the website. I temporarily deactivated the contact form and I’m currently integrating a captcha system to it. The problem I have is that I’m not good with CSS stuff and I don’t know how to properly integrate it to the template. An update with a nice and reliable captcha (or anti-spam system) like the “Slide to unlock” one would be really nice.

Regards, Rafael K.

Hi Rafael,

I’m unfortunately not planning on integrating a captcha to the template, so you might wanna consult a developer to help you with this. I can help you style the captcha once it is integrated to your site, so that it is styled in line with the rest of the form.


Thanks for your answer. I finally managed, after a few hours, to get something nice and responsive with reCaptcha and some customization, you can see it here.

Great job – looks great! I like your pictures on 500px btw!

Hey! :) Your theme looks great, but I am having difficulties with the portfolio tab. If I click on one of the tabs (like Vimeo, YouTube etc.), the tabs simply “move” a little bit down, but the actual content is not loaded.

This only happens on my local version though, in the Themeforest demo it works fine.

I already tried redownloading it :/

Do you know what could cause that error?

Hi there,

Can you give me the URL to your site so I can take a look at it?


I cant install this theme—getting broken theme error and missing style sheet error. any ideas???

Hi there,

My guess is that you are trying to install this as a Wordpress theme. This is a template thought and not a Wordpress theme.


Hello, Nice work on the theme! I have a question. Is it possible to use separate files for the portfolio instead just one? Any ideas how to do it?

Thanks in advance. Regards, Bobi.

Hi Bobi,

Do you mean having another file like portfolio.html? May I ask what the purpose of this would be? So that I can understand what you are trying to do… You can contact me via my contact page here: http://themeforest.net/user/graphic_dev


nice work good luck with sales!;


Did buy your theme InstaCard end install it on cpanel. Only issue is yhat i cannot change content etc.

With platform will this work ? drupal ,or WP ,or something else.

Regards, Matt

I found a designer who wants to add this Are you agree if developer use that he current version for adjustment. so we can test ,before i buy the extended license? Otherwise I run the risk that it does not work and I can always keep the current version. Please confirm.


Sure no problem. You only need to buy the Extended License before you start charging for anything on a live site, so you can use the Regular License for testing purposes.

Good luck!


Thank you will inform you ,maybe you can check the website before we buy the full licence,after that we go live.

I want to add another page that functions like the portfolio page on your instacard theme. is this possible? I want to customize another tab that functions the same way, 4 item tabs, that pull off a different html file.

This can be done by some customization. Please send a message via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/HelloDetail so that I can respond with a zip file where I have added another tab.