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Looks nice! Good luck with the sales ;)

Thanks mate, much appreciated! :)

Without comment! Very good work, like your others works.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Much appreciated! :)

Thank you! :)

Live preview doesn’t work, at least in Firefox.

Thanks for the heads up mate! :) That’s why we provide QR codes. Making iframes run flawlessly can be tricky!

So… I purchased your template today. I must say, I’m impressed. It really seems like you’ve thought of everything. All those icons and page configurations! My very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS has been more than enough so far. I’m really happy with this, since I will ultimately be converting to the extended license. Really great job. Let me know if your company goes public so I can buy stock. :)

Thank you very much! This is one the most amazing comments we’ve ever received! I’m extremely glad you like it so much! We’ve just released another one!


I’ve been looking at your mobile html sites and they are all awesome!

Do any of them include the option to use GPS turn by turn directions? And do any have the option of being able to have a loyalty reward scheme built in?

If they do, please could you tell me which ones, and if they don’t, would you be able to develop one that did?

Many thanks for your time!

I know these are Native apps, but is there anyway you could create a loyalty option like on here:


I would pay for it if you could.

I’m only a front end guy, but you can get in touch with our WordPress developer and back end expert Cosmin. Send him a message through that link, mentioning this conversation and explain what you’d like done! Maybe he can assist you for a freelance fee! :)

Thank you, I’ve sent them a message :)

I have question about Tablet version and Phone version

Does this template include a mobile redirect script? To redirect to Tablets. Or is this simple responsive

If not, can you suggest a mobile redirect script? I have a desktop website in place and wish to use Insta Nav for iPhone and Tablet users. I need to redirect them to the alternate sub-domain using Insta-Nav

Is there a wordpress version of this template?

We don’t have it planed at the moment!

Hi guys! GREAT template :) Just noticed that if clicking on an image in any of the galleries, the image opens but gives you no options (freezes) to swipe, go back, etc. when using an iPhone 5 and opening the template directly with your “add to” homescreen button :( (with iPhone 4 it works 100% via “add to” homescreen button). Any suggestions? Regards, MJG

Hey there. Thanks for your purchase. Works like a charm on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. I don’t see any issues here! :|

Yes, It’s working fine if you use your browser directly, but have you “Add to Home Screen” on iPhone 5 and then tried to open/enlarge any gallery photo? Test it as mentioned and you’ll see what I mean – images freeze :notfunny:

Hi again! Sorry, just read the template’s gallery info and noticed that the galleries will not respond if in iweb app mode (“Add to Home Screen” function) – My mistake, I apologize – GREAT template :)

Hi there, Thank you for this theme, I really enjoyed working with it. However, there are some bugs I would like to point out.

-In custom.js, you need to add handler for ”.deploy-submenu-four” class, and adjust the other handlers accordingly.

Additionally, could you please explain what is ‘data-dummy’ attribute in contact.js? I see you use it a lot, but can’t understand why?

I’m trying to enhance your contact form validation and handling. In particular, I want fields to highlight in case of error and also have Google Analytics event handler on successful submit…


Additionally: I figured that you don’t seem to have css for ”.fieldHasError” class. I added to style.css: .fieldHasError{ border: red solid 1px; } for a quick fix.

Edit: .fieldHasError{ border: red solid 1px !important; }


I am very new to web development and have a question. Can i use this theme for both as a web application and mobile app? If i want to see this theme as web pages in browser, where could i see that? I do not want to see that iPhone image as been displayed here.

It is not a theme.

Hey, Enabled, it looks like your work is very good!

I’m not sure which template is better for me (Instanav or The Drawer) and maybe this question helps me to decide:

Is it possible to keep a fixed header as The Drawer does, but in Instanav? It would be great!

It would be really interesting!

Thanx! Keep the good work!


Thanks for the kind words! Instanav already has a fixed bottom navigation! Instanav is for tablets too, Drawer is only for mobiles!

Hey, Enabled. Thanks for the quick response, but my question was about the fixed header, not the bottom menu. Is it possible to have a fixed header with a logo in instanav? Thanks!

Nope! Only by changing the code! :)

Hey Enabled, I can’t seem to get the add to home bubble to show up on my iDevices running ios7 and older i have debug on in my ipod touch and says there are javascript errors on line 49 and 497

Thanks great template as always

The tap to call and tap to text are basic hrefs provided by the Safari Manual, “tel:+1 234 567 890” and “sms:+1 234 567 890” , they should work without a problem. If they don’t, Apple changed them, but I recently tested them so they should work!

Oh yeah they work perfect if viewing template in mobile safari browser just not after launching in full webapp mode from the home bookmark, maybe there’s a work around? I could really use this for a client that wants to launch a voting app to her fans on a reality competition show right now. Thanks if anyone here has any suggestions.

If this helps Safari Configuration, but I don’t think there is a different structure for WebApps, it wouldn’t make sense.

First off…great template. I have a quick question. I am using the drop-menu item from your framework. I am putting more than one on a page. The problem I am having is that when the first one fires, it drops down all the ones underneath it. Is there a way to make them work independently using your code? It seems like if you fire the second one, all the ones underneath it fire. And so on.

Any help would be appreciated. That is all I lack to completing my site with this great template.

can I send you sample code?

are you calling a DIV a container? I have a (DIV class=”one-half-responsive”) and (DIV class=”dropdown-menu”) around each one.

I got it figured out….thanks

On Adroid Phone V2.3.4 we are unable to click on any sub-item on all Bottom dropdown menu …tested on 2 differents device.

The description states: Requires iOS 5.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher, Latest RIM, Windows Mobile 8!

I recently purchased this template and must say it is everything I expected and more, great work ! Just one question, I would like to have a numeric (math) ReCaptcha to fire before an email submission. Do you have the code to accomplish this?

Hey there, we’re very grateful of your kind words and we’re really glad you like it! We haven’t included a ReCaptcha system because it’s based on images, images that will probably need to be resized due to the different screen sizes mobile devices have! That could lead to some nasty inconveniences for people to be unable to send messages due to incoherent text! Our template is coded to the latest code standards, so if you do wish to add such a system, I’m pretty sure any from CodeCanyon can be implemented in the contact page! We don’t have one of our own that uses recaptcha. Thank you again! :)

how could i make the slider slide automatically ?

i want to remove the buttons and let the slider run on its own

In custom.js, where the bxslider is called out, add the option auto:true, and it will automatically start! :)

how to change submenu width for mobile phones ? I mean when i write Long word at submenu, it doesnt show complete word. for tablets. its ok. width enough but for mobiles ? Where should i change ? thank you

wouw perfect sup :)

Sorry, we’re getting back to you right now! Your comment did not show up in the dashboard! A billion applogies for this! We usually reply in tops 72 hours!

Your theme look so nice,I’m interest to use for my mobile web project which will develop using ASP.Net MVC. Are your theme suitable for that tool?

Hey there! This is a Site Template, not a Theme. Cheers! :)

Hi, very good work If I buy the template, can I add more than 5 item on the bottom menu or it’s the maximum. And in case I’ll have 10 items, how can it work ? Thank you

Hey there, and thank you for your question. Instanav is limited to 5 icons for a reason, the smallest screen on the massive market now is the iPhone SE and that has a 320px wide resolution, therefore, 5 icons look great on it, adding more will squeeze them to oblivion, that’s why we generated the vertical menu. A great solution for this would be for you to have 4 icons and then a More icon that will house the rest of your menu. Adding a scroll to it for example is counter-intuitive since no apps or commonly used user aware apps have this system and you can end up with users not seeing the rest of the menu. Cheers!

Hi, i am looking to purchase “Instanav” them, it looks pretty cool. I checked the landscape view on mobile device, but the bottom menu bar seems not working under landscape view, is this something that you coded purposely? Thanks.


Hi, just wondering whether this is a wordpress theme or not? Thanks.

Hey there. That is mentioned in the item description. No, it’s a Template, as the title states.