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I’m getting a weird output when I send the email from Constant Contact. Can you let me know how to tweak the code to make it work with their software? Thanks!

Hello jhdemicco,

I think it is possible that Constant Contact strip some of the CSS in Instant. Please post me a screenshot in new ticket in our support forum >>

So we can help investigate if it is our issue or the software issue.


For all those people who have problems with this email template because its responsivity does not work, I could solve the problem as follows:

I went into and there I put all the code of the template, click the “Convert” button and then copied the resulting code in Mailchimp, Sendy or other.

I think this is an essential step because popular email clients like Gmail strip out CSS in the <style> tag. Hope this helps.

Good Luck!


Hello David :)

Thank you for purchasing our product! Hope you like it.

I’m not sure if your method will break the layout in desktop version though. You may want to check about this.

Hi there!

Yes I like it! awesome work!

Looks good in desktop version after following method above.

Thank you David! :D

This sounds very interesting. If it works great, we will implement it in the next update! :D

Love the template!

I want to use retina images, which I usually do by designating height and width half the actual image size.. When I do this in the template, the responsive version makes the images huge. Any way to work around this?


It works properly in the footer, but not in the header.

This is what is causing it: class=”table600con”

Hello kat,

I think it would be better if I can see the code :)

Please pasting the code in our support forum here:

Are all problems mentioned in the comments sorted out now? Does the template work in MailChimp without problems? Is it responsive on all platforms?

Hello torb,

At the moment this template can be used with MailChimp and being responsive without any problem! :D

However, some functions in MailChimp like reorder blocks seems to be not working in MailChimp, which is not a problem because you will reorder block in Template Builder before importing anyway. :)

Do I have to set up a local web server to run the Template Builder, or do you have an online version?

Hello torb,

Sorry for the inconvenience. At the moment, there is no online version available yet. You will have to setup local web server to run.

Good news here: We are going to release the new version of template builder soon which will be online version. :)

Hi, Can I use this template to send mails from outlook? Can i get a demo html file which i could import in outlook? Does it use inline css ?


Yes, it can be sent from Outlook and it is using inline CSS.

You can find the instruction on how to send HTML email from Outlook here:

Hi, Can i get a demo Html file of it so that i can try to view how it looks :)

Thanks :) My Email is:

Is the template builder on your server or on my localhost?

Also can I make my own modules inside the template?

Hello roshantoy,

Thank you for your interest in our product!

Template builder is on your localhost :)

And yes, you can make your own module if you can edit the template builder’s code. It is based on Javascript. We didn’t provide the step by step instruction to add your own module in documentation.

hi, firstly – great code!!! i have amended to my content, but the company sending out email has comeback to me with the below errors, can you please advise? 1. The buttons are using height instead of padding. Padding should be used in the td tag instead. 2. The social icons need to be in table with padding in the td tags. 3. Images have a width set to them, something that is difficult in responsive emails to fix

Hello dazza,

Thank you for purchasing our product :)

As far as I know, padding and img tag without width attribute will not work in some old email clients. That’s the reason we have to do it that way.

However, feel free to edit the code as you like :)