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This template looks very exciting and original! A few questions/suggestions about features I’d like to see were I to purchase this template:

Is there a way to “moderate” questions – to require each one to be approved before it is posted?

I’m also of the mind that quality beats quantity (albeit, not in numbers). I can see how with the star rating system (which is great, by the way), it would be easy for members to get into a habit of posting monosyllabic or extremely succinct and borderline useless answers to questions. I’d like for there to be a way for users to be able to vote on the quality of an answer (as is done with comments on YouTube, wowHead, etc) – and even better, have the star rating system based on the amount of answers which have been ‘promoted’. Is this doable?

Registration on the demo seems to be disabled – can you provide a dummy login to check out the template from the registered user’s point of view? Or did I overlook this?

Great work!

Hi Scylderon,

Thank you for the great feedback.

My initial goal for this template was to get a strong example of a q&a site. A good foundation that i could work on to build something interesting. I have many ideas along the lines of what you were talking about for my next iteration. It will be a more robust tool for the users and admins of the site. These will include things like, monitoring questions and answers by the community, report functions for poor content. Sorting of the voted answers and much more.

I disabled registration to prevent spamming but i can give you a log in if you message me via my profile page. I was contemplating keeping it open.

I think the key features that i wanted to achieve with this template were getting a custom user experience that people could ask questions and post answers along a niche subject matter. Having a ranking system for that content and have some custom member options to add some value to come back to and allow them to stand out among the other members.

At this point all content will need to be monitored my an admin and filtered by hand.

Take care and thanks again.

- esterndesign

After looking around on CodeCanyon, there’s a good Thumbs Up/Down script that integrates with WordPress – I wonder if it’s something you could integrate into this theme and have a nice headstart on the ideas I mentioned?

Hey Scylderon,

Things are progressing along quite nicely.

That is a great script but it is a little feature bloated for what i need. I wrote my own rating system for this part.

Thanks for checking back.


Awesome work, very creative web app you’ve put together. Love it!

Just curious, did you customize existing plugins at all or was this all handwritten logic?

Well done!

Hi, Chrisfay,

Thank you for the compliments!

All of the work that was done for this theme uses custom functions and forms that i wrote from scratch. I tend to avoid plugins when i build themes. They can be unreliable and if someone doesn’t update them they break sites. Also they are usually stuffed with WAY to many options that i dont need. But keep in mind that most plugins you want to add to the theme will still work great.

I use many of the built in functions that wp has. This also allows the site to use the protection that wp provides right out of the box. The key thing that i did is to not modify the core code and leave the functions in the theme functions.php page.

It was pretty easy to get custom actions once you dig into it. I set out to try to take the whole wp-admin section out of the users view. Only admins have access to it.

Thank you again for the compliment!

Stay tuned for great things to come!

can i see the backend?

You won’t let people ask questions to see how this theme Works?

Hope you do cause it seems great theme, but we can’t test it now.

=) @dmanzur

Ok i have opened up a member account for demonstration:

See the theme details page for login info (at the end). New registrations will still remain closed at this point.



What’s the advantage over just using a forum? Wondering what your thought process was for creating this. Wonderful design!

A forum is a great tool for discussion but if you think about the forum method it can become overwhelmed with info that you will need to parse to get the data you were looking for. If you simplify the concept into a Q&A method you can get clear answers to your question.

And when you take this theme as an example you can achieve almost any niche content based answers site that you want. One reason for this theme is that a site like is a big conglomerate of answer subjects and those users are probably not providing the best answers in sections that they are not fluent in. You can take this theme and build, for example a “Travel” only Q&A site and get users that are more interested in that subject asking “Travel” questions and answers. The rate of content population should be better. And people with great niche domain names they can stand out against those big sites and probably rank higher in search engines with the correct content.

I found that i use Q&A sites more then forums these days. Q&A sites could be the new forum!


This is absolutely brilliant – congratulations!

Envato should add a new section for “Wordpress Apps” – to showcase Instant Q&A!!!! (and encourage more Wordpress apps like this – and increase your price!!!)

A few things are necessary before this can be deployed successfully in the real world IMO , as you discuss for the next iteration…

1. Admin moderation option – questions and answers screened prior to publication

2. Flag as inappropriate button (puts question/answer (unmoderated) to pre-publish, awaiting moderation by admin

3. Option to attribute points only for best answer – as selected by moderator or questioner – requires user voting for best answer

4. Share button (maybe via plugin – syndicate to Twitter/FB/email)

5. Subscribe to answers (to a particular question) by RSS /email

Finally, a personal request – but one I think would make this theme fly – Register/Login via Facebook Connect/Twitter (site registration is so 2009 – and such a barrier to use for these sites….)

With these options enabled for V2.0, I’m sure you could increase your price for a whole lot more!

Let us know when next iteration/Instant Q&A 2 will be out!

Thank you marsattacks,

Most of these features and more will be in the next version.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts!

Stay tuned for great things to come!


Great theme!

Can everything be customize to fit taste?

Do you mean can you change images and colors?

You can change the color schemes to the other ones that come with the theme. Or you could create a new color scheme. More color schemes to come on soon.

Structure and function repurposing sounds like duplicating/copying my hard coding efforts. I would defiantly frown against an action like this and the Themeforest team would probably agree. Maybe this would qualify for the extended license if i decided that i would like to provide that option. At this time i am going to be providing the regular license.

Hope this answers your question.


This is just “unique”. I can’t believe it is only 30$. I think you should ask for a price raise. Good luck on your sales :)

Hi, how easy it’s to translate to another language?

Also, any ETA for the new version?

Great job!


I don’t much experience with language translation. Probably a plug in could handle this.

Just to clarify things, when i mentioned another Q&A theme, i was speaking of a much later release. I was agreeing with most of the comments that they would be nice features to have. I have not set a date to start this new version yet.

Please download and enjoy this version. It will be well worth your time.


Very nice theme! Are sub-categories supported at all? If not would love to see that.

There is no sub category support at this time. sorry.


I really like to buy this template. But I have few questions before I buy.

1. Can i change the theme ? Like, 3 column to 2 column ? And some text to suit my needs ?

2. Can i disable some function there ? Like Star points ?

3. Will it be ok to install other plugins ? Like facebook connect ?

4. Can user able to still login to wp-admin ?

Thanks for your great work.

As long as you are not taking my code base and selling it as a new theme. I would try to keep it as close to what you buy. Once you start modifying things i wont be able to help you.

To Disable things you will need to know a bit about coding but it is possible. Again not recommended.

Plug ins should be fine to install, i have not tested a ton… but the hooks are in there to accept them.

Admins can get to wp-admin/, members cannot they get redirected to my-account/

Hi esterndesign,

Thanks for your great reply. Don’t worry about the reselling things. I won’t do it for sure. I want to change two column because it’s too narrow for the content with three column designs. I bought it before you reply because I have excited to look inside.

After i installed and take a look, I found one thing that, user won’t be able to edit their post which is quite bad. If edit feature will be available, template will be perfect.

Thanks again for your hard work and anyone who want to buy, please buy it. I highly recommended.

I will be looking forward for edit question feature in your upcoming version.

Wow very nice theme :)

hello, it’s can be posible to have a page blog? like company website blog? thank you..

You would need to create a new category for those blog posts to live in. And then you would need to exclude that category from all of the places that the WP loop writes out the questions and that category’s name (many pages).

hi, good job. i know u have big plans for this theme in the future, but in the meantime, can u add subcategory support? this will be very useful and practical for most of us. i will buy if u can help me add this. thanks.

I did not design the template to have full fledge sub-category support but they will still work to some extent.

Sub-categories will show up under their parent category in the main Categories box on the left. They will also show up under the “Ask a Question” category drop-down, but will not be shown directly under their parent categories in that drop-down list.

They will create the correct section pages for those sub-categories too.

Hope this helps. I have applied an example to the demo site. See the “Deals” Category now has “Last Min Deals” as a sub.

You could easily style this section to better suit your needs.


I added this to the FAQ section for this theme.

thanks for the quick response.

Just add these two styles to the style.css file:

#leftCol .children {padding-top:15px;}
#leftCol .children  li {border-top:1px solid #ccc;border-bottom:none;}

This will style the sub categories for the left categories box.


i have 3 problems:

the avatar don t show and next when i go to (lost password page don t see the page )

and when i edit a page from Wordpress and i Save i receive a blank page and is telling me The requested theme does not exist. and to save i need to edit from cpanel the files…

1.) When you create users from the wp-admin section they will not get a default avatar. But when a member signs up they will get one. Since the wp-admin create user doesn’t use my function to create a user. So in your case the admin wont have one but you can simply add this line to the functions.php page at the top:

update_usermeta(1, 'user_default_icon', '1');

And just replace the first part of the function (which is 1, now, (1 is admin)) to any user id you want to add via wp-admin/. After you add this and goto the home page to load the page, then go back and REMOVE that line in the functions.php page. It will set it to the db.

2.) Since you are changing the language to Romanian you will need to make sure that you change the urls to match the translated page slugs. You will have to do a bit of changes for the site to work correctly. It will be best to go through and check every page for the english instance and change it with the corresponding Romanian translated words.

3.) What page are you trying to edit then save? I just did a test, created a new page “blog” and then went to another page, added some copy, saved (worked fine). Then went back to the blog page and added some text and then saved, it worked fine again. Please explain what you are doing?


for point 2:

see this

  • user_login ?>” title=”My Profile”>Profilul meu
  • Contul meu
  • Intreaba-ma
  • Schimba parola
  • Editeaza profilul
  • Iesire
  • i think every think is corect….?

    for point 3 to edit and save theme page…

    2.) I dont really understand what you are saying here, but i would just make sure that your translated text is the same as the page slugs. and you change that text everywhere.



    Just make sure you change all of the instances in the pages.

    3.) I still dont see this issue happening in my testing environment. Can you send me a link to where you seeing this error? I did some more testing and cant reproduce this. What page specifically are you modifying?

    /contul-meu/ is my ccount … but don t work :(

    to see you need to acces my wp admin so..please send me a response to my e-mail to give my info date login…

    from where i find to translate Find a Question: ?

    i dont see a message contact form, Just send me a message on my profile page and i will email you that way. I would like to continue with conversation via email.

    Find a Question (search form) is in the searchform.php include.



    Very exciting and original! I have one question!!!

    I can have more than 2 Sponsors?

    You could always just hard code them in the sidebar include if you wanted to include more then 2. I just have 2 dynamic ones from the Instant Q&A Admin menu that you can set.

    If I buy this can you send me a sample or something like that of how to add that code, so I can add more sponsors in the future… I am just a Graphic Designer…

    I will get this file today.

    I will add an instructional FAQ for this. Check the FAQs section.