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Hello esterndesign,

It is a great template! I’m sorry if my question was already asked but how can I integrate a digg-like voting system to vote for the best answer?

Thank you!

I have seen people using plugins for ratings.

To select the best question would require a bit of coding to do if you know Php.

Currently these are not available with this theme maybe something that i might add in the future.

Great ideas.

Thank you



Due to avoid the redundancy and enrich the content

I would like to change some of header menu: 1. From “My Account” to “Term of Use” 2. From “Login” to “FAQ”

and also footer menu: 3. From “My Account” to “Feature” 4. From “Login” to “Contact Us”

My Questions are: 1. How is the way? 2. How about the LINK setting? 3. How to make “Term of Use”, “FAQ”, “Feature”, and “Contact” menu have a same functionality/attribute with “About” menu? (Inform TEXT /POST information only)

I already try to create a new page! (on dashboard) and always failed.

Best Regards & Many Thanks

HI can you please message me via my profile page with an admin login to your site and i will fix the header and footer for you.



Dear EsternDesign!

Done! kindly check your inbox

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Just fixed all of these and emailed you back!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi I would like to have a Q&A system on my blog. So the questions should be custom post types and not just posts… Can I do this with your theme? how?

thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

fdYou could either do another category for your blog posts and have those separate from your question posts or have a separate instance of wp that you could store the new question posts.

Thanks for the questions.



My avatars aren’t showing. Instead of telling, you can see the problem here:


Just go to edit profile and save the page under you username. Select a one of the default icons that you want to use. Or you can customize the icon by adding a gravatar to your email that you have paired with this user.

Any users that were created outside of the sign up form will not get assigned a user icon.



Any users that were created outside of the sign up form will not get assigned a user icon.

Ah! This is the reason. Thanks.

I have a question answer website with 3000 questions with Srandart Wordpress. Can I integrate this theme without problems there? and the site is optimized for tags. I have read that this theme does not support tags. Is there a way that the theme works but with tags? Thanks

Hi apo4,

This should work fine there are only a few minor things to do for existing wp sites that have posts that will turn into “questions”... Just need to do a one time code snippet to assign user icons to all existing members (if you go back through the comments you can find this and how to do it). And i can personally walk you through it if you want.

As for tags, this is not currently available but again i can work with you to get this support working. Just need to update the archive.php and add the wp code function to the question page for them to show up. The other part that it wont have is the input for tags on the “Ask a Question” page. This requires a bit more headwork and i would be willing to do this for a minimal fee.

Thanks for the questions

Links not working and gives 404 page error although I created all pages as told below :

Pages: These pages are REQUIRED for wordpress qa to work.

Create all of the pages below with the EXACT wording as you see it. Make sure you have your Permalink settings as / category / postname / before adding these pages.

About: (should be there from default WP install) Select Template = Default Template

Ask a Question: Select Template = Ask A Question

Forgot Password: Select Template = Forgot Password

Log In: Select Template = Log In

My Account: Select Template = My Account

Change Password: Select Parent = My Account Select Template = Change Password

Edit Profile: Select Parent = My Account Select Template = Edit Profile

Sign Up: Select Template = Sign Up

This just sounds like you didnt update the permlink format. Under WP settings there is a Permalinks section: Set the Custom Value to be:

/ category / postname /

This is outlined in the Settings section of the Installation docs.

Thanks for the question and hope that this solves your issues. Let me know if it doesn’t.



I apologize if this question has already been asked but there is no way to search all the comments here.

Will this Instant Q&A item work with WP 3 .0.4 Version? Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks.

That is the only downfall that i have found with Themeforest; that you cant search through a product’s comments.

I will confirm that this is working with the new update this evening. I will update my dev environment with the newest version. I am almost 99% sure it will be fine. The updates usually work fine. But i will make sure that we are good to go.

Thanks for the questions.


Thanks. I will wait for the green light. YaMon-

Hi yamon,

I have tested the new version of WP 3 .0.4 and it works GREAT with the theme. Feel safe to upgrade to the new version.

Thanks for your patients.



I have just purchased and installed this on my domain

I have been able to work only on the welcome page and all other pages are not working. I get this error message.

================================= Not Found

The requested URL /about/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

If you can help me with the response, I will be very happy.

Thanks very much indeed.

This is because you didn’t setup the permalinks to be the custom one:

In the installation guide it says:

Set Custom Permalink to: / category / postname /

This should fix your issues.



Hello esterndesign,

Thanks for the previous answer to my question. I managed to have the oage sorted. However, I am not finding any avatar link in the wp-admin. I dont know where to set the avatars

Could you assist?

Hi coolyce,

What are you referring to with the avatars? If you are missing them for some users that were created outside of the theme sign up form then you can go into each one’s Edit Profile that is with the theme (not in wp-admin). You can find this when you are logged in on the right sidebar. Just click Edit Profile and select a user icon and save your profile and you should be good. If you have a lot of members that have missing icons you could go back through and find the comment that lets you change all of the users. If you cant find this let me know.



Greetings and thanks for your hard work. I was looking through your questions and answers, but I can’t seem to find out how you set up the main Q/A sections ( Recent Questions and Popular Questions) How does the Popular Questions open up, and can there be other tabs/menus/options than just those two ?

This is a manual process since it is out of the scope of the theme.

You could easily change the popular to be unanswered by adding an if statement that would check the comment count before you allow the posts to be written out.

I think when you start adding 3 tabs you will find that you might run out of room on the tab top section.

What do you want tabs do you want to have and i will try to help you out and see what we can do?



Thanks again for the response. I guess, I’m looking for some instructions on how to install these tabs. A popular questions will work for me fine. I just couldn’t find any information on how to put these pages up.

They show up automatically on the home page when you install the theme.

Just like they are shown in the demo. You should see Recent Questions and Popular Questions.

Other theme pages are created but creating new page and selecting the corresponding page template. This is outlined in the Installation Doc that came with the theme.


Hey there.. Thanks for all your help so far. I’d like to add a few more lines to the “sign up” page, such as location, age, etc. Where do I add it, and also, where does the user pull that information from so that it gets posted on their profile page ??

I saw your emails and will spend some time getting back to you later today.

Thanks for the questions.



Also, I’d like if you are available for hire, to create a template page. I’d like to have a page that I can place html on top, and have the forum right below it, so that the users can look at a video, or whatever html, and then make their answers/comments directly below.. Thanks again

I notice that the theme demo doesn’t have RSS Feeds, is this something that can be activated when we buy. Love the theme.

It does if you go to /feed/ on any domain that uses this theme.

Is it possible to record peoples’ submissions from the ‘Ask a question’ input field?

This would be a great research tool.

If your answer is ‘no, this is a feature request’ then do you know where I can intercept the form submission, specifically the ’s’ GET request variable?


You could easily add in a admin only email when every question is posted.

There is always the feed that you could watch to see when people post questions.

What would you want to track with this tool?




Your Q&A theme rocks !!!

I’m want to change the text on the image page buttons. How can I manage this?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the feedback!

In the PSD that was included in the theme. You can Create a new button and then just export it.

Easy as pie.



Hi Sir (esterndesign)

If somebody ask (post) a qustion… as admin i have to get the post qustion to admin´s email.

But i didn´t getting any emails…

i have afraid to get spams..!

please help me how can i setup this. and where can i setup.




Thanks for the question.

This feature is not currently included in the theme. I have a custom function for posting new questions that pairs with wordpress functions and there is no check to see if this WP setting is set.

I think that i could easily add this to the add_new_question function if you want.

If you have not modified the functions.php page then i can just send you the new version.

Could you please message me via my profile page and i can continue this chat via that.



I just purchased your excellent theme. 1. How can I allow users to add their website link to their profiles 2. How can I allow them to login via Twitter and Facebook as seen in some other sites using your theme.

Hi qot,

You would need to add some logic to a few pages to add the website link to the theme. This is not a standard feature that comes with the theme.

People have used plugins for Facebook and Twitter login/signups. I would start by checking the wordpress site for plugins. I have not installed them myself so i cant point you to one or the other at this time. I would assume that most would work.

Thank you for the questions.




Just wanted to see if there’s any updates coming. I have read all comments and there’s a lot of talk about the next version, but as far as I can see, there’s not been any such activity in months. Would be great to know if there’s one coming, or if you will release these new features in another theme, or if it’s not coming at all! :)

Furthermore, you make a lot of remarks about only being able to change the text, not being able to customize it (except colors and plug-ins) and I just wanted to inform you that I plan to do just that. It’s in accordance with the GNU GPL and Themeforest regulations; simply put it, developers can’t restrict customization. Thus, even using this theme (as someone put it) as the “engine” on a site which uses another theme, is perfectly fine. This is made very clear in the licence; this work may be used as a part of another work etc.

But I don’t want to be rude, so I thought I’d let you know before-hand, in case there’s some special reason for why you want the theme to stay “classic”?


I do plan on releasing another theme. I was planning on doing this months back but life and work has kept me very busy. It has been started but not finished yet, in due time.

You can modify layout to suit your needs but you cant take this theme and take the custom functions and logic and use it in your own way or even think about reselling this theme. This is especially true when it comes to the regular license that you would be buying. I don’t offer the extended license at this time where this would allow you to have full customization rights to do these custom options and resell.

I would hope that you would respect this policy and the efforts that i have done for this theme. I try to voice to users that it is best to just use plugins and slight modifications due to the fact that if you start modifying code beyond the support of this theme you will be on your own, just like with any other theme that you would buy from TF.

I hope this clarifies your concerns and questions.

Have a good day.



Thanks for your response,

If you were to estimate, is this new theme a month away or more? I would not mind buying a more feature-packed theme for two, even three times the price. I could even pay you as a freelancer to add the features I am looking for. But I do not want to buy this theme, only to find that I really wanted the newer theme, and then having to re-do all my modifications. That’s the reason I am asking – I just wan’t a great site, and I am not tech savvy :-)

As for the modifications go, I don’t have any intend to resell the theme. That should be made abundantly clear. What I do want to do is extend it’s functionality to fit my needs better, and skin it to make it look unique. Having a site that looks like a clone of another site (or in this case, 300 other sites : ) is not a great thing for all people, myself included. I am looking for more of a style, but I think I can pull that off with some modding of the CSS and adding various features through plug-ins. The problem with the plug-ins is that I can’t know beforehand if they work or not. That’s why features are a concern :-)

And as far as the license goes, I am sure we’re on the same page but we use different words to phrase us. I’m not a native english speaker, so I’m sure some parts of my message is “lost in translation”, so to speak. What is licensed through ThemeForest, even the license for this theme if one reads the terms, is subject to GNU GPL . And that means one could do pretty much with the theme, pretty much anything but sell it. But like I wrote before, I am sure we’re on the same page, just different perspectives! :)

Best regards


I would hope in the next 6 months to have something ready to go out the door. But again with a busy schedule it is hard to promise a due date.

With all of the plugins that are out there on the market, you can find almost everything that you would want to do and connect it to work with this theme. Some not out of the box but most plugins allow you to active the plugins without hooks and just add the function calls on the pages you need.

Hope you end up buying this theme. I don’t think that it will disappoint you.

Have a great day.



Thank you for your reply and opinions, sir!

Anywhere I can find the documentation that comes with the theme so I can get a better idea of what I have to do to set it up, and how it will look? If there is any documentation? :-)


I dont have a link to the documentation online. It comes with the theme.

Here is a quick break-down though:

- Install Theme and activate

- Create a few Required Pages and select the corresponding page templates for each.

- Create your categories for the questions.

- Set a couple wordpress settings, such as new user type etc.

- Then the theme options are all extras you can do to enhance the theme but are not required.

That is about it. Can get the whole thing up and running in about 5 mins after you have your wordpress already installed.

If you plan on changing text to suit your language or what not.. it is straight forward where you can go in and find and replace the text that you want to change with the new text.

Thanks for the questions.



I like the theme – it’s a bit of work to customize it but it does what it should. thanks!

One question – I tried to sign-up with any absurd email and it does not check the validity of the new user. Is there an easy way to add akismet or any pre-validity check of user-email? Is there a quick way to add a line of code to signup.php to do a quick check? I know that I might confirm any new user – but a simple pre-check would be great…



Actually there are validation checks already in there:

- Checks to see if that email was used by an existing user - Checks to see if the email is a valid email address.

What are you looking to do? Block certain email addresses from signing up? This would be hard and I think that Akismet only works with comments to wordpress.

Thanks for the questions hope that i have answered them for you. Glad you are enjoying the theme!

Have a good day.