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Have anyone tried using Disqus with this theme? Would love to hear about your experience, or even better, see it in action! :)

Thanks for the great theme.

One question before making the purchase:

Can I make posting questions and answers available without require login or member registration?

Or, people who does not register or login to be listed as a default “Guest” user?

Thank you!


Not out of the box. You would need to modify the code to allow both. You would need to put a check in there to set it to generic user when a member is not logged in.

It becomes iffy when you go down this path though. Then that generic user gets a large point count and a large profile with questions and answers, etc. ... I guess you could remove these from showing but again this is more logic.

It might be simpler to allow answers to be posted without an account but again this functionality is not in there and would need to be coded to handle this thought.

Then if you have the system wide open you need to worry much more about spam and moderating the content that is posted vs the semi closed system that requires registration first before taking actions.

Hope this answers your questions.




Can I add and FCK HTML Editor to let users ad imagens to the answer?

Adding an tinyMCE editor or something similar is possible with some work. You can install it and let it know what textarea you want to have it show up on, and for this example you would use the comment form.

The thing that you will need to change is the add an answer function. This strips out any html elements and sends plain text to the db to be stored.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind when doing this (and the reason i dont have them in place) is that any information that is entered with a tinyMCE will go into the db, so now people can potentially send sql injections, bad html (which could break the page layout) and spam your site with pics, etc. So technically this could be done with some coding on your behalf but there are some things to think about before doing so.



Thanks for your quick reply to my previous question.

May I ask for your help making users to login with an option to either use their email address or user name ?

Thank you.

So you are saying that you want the log in form to either except a username or an email as the field to get into the site?

What is wrong with just having the username? If you don’t mind me asking…




Fantastic theme. How can a user change it’s own email?

At this time there is no way to do this without an admin doing this for them in the wp-admin

You could put in an addition to the edit profile page but you would need to code this in and then do some checks to see that that email address is not in the user base already. This is a primary check for creating new users into the system.

Technically could be done but not out of the box.

I have noticed something.

I deleted a question which had a answer. now under my profile in recent answers the answer shows up which then links to the old question which was deleted.

Why was the answer not also deleted?

This could potentiating leave your site with many broken links which search engines are not keen on.

Anyway of fixing this?

Hi cyberpedz,

Make sure that you delete the post (question) from your trash. Wordpress will keep the comments (answers) until this is empty. Then you will see the rest of the site update.

A post is not truly deleted until you empty your post trash. Emptying you post trash will also delete any comments that were left for that post.

Thanks for the question.



Perfect thank you

if I wanted to add the ability to upload files ?


Your question is a bit vague but i guess you are referring to adding the ability to upload a file with a question (photo, video etc)?

First off this is not available with the theme when you bought it. You would have to code it into the theme. Not super hard but you would need to know what you were doing (be a developer). Not just like activating a plugin or anything.

To achieve this you would need to use something like tinyMCE which would put in a wysiwyg type editor into the text area of the question form. There are many options that you can set with these add-ons, and one would be a file upload option. This would get the content sent to the function to post into the database but you would also need to modify the add a new question function to allow html tags to be posted.

The theme currently only allows you to post text in input fields. Any other html, css etc tags will be stripped out and reduced down to just the raw text. This is a security tactic to prevent code entered by users breaking the site and hacking the database. You will find that when you don’t control this you will be modifying a lot of question code or having security risks.

There are other ways to do this but with much more code to get the job done.

This is beyond the technical support for this theme and is more of a feature request. Something i might consider for the future.

That is my two cents on the subject.



I have another question how can we make links clickable?

When a user posts a new post with a link in it you can not click it how can i fix this as this is sort of a must for the sort of site i have.

To Allow links to be saved to the database you will need to remove the tag stripping part of the add_new_question function in functions.php. This will allow html tags such as links to be used.

I warn you that this could potentially open up opportunity for spamming and improperly set code that could break the page structure of the site.

But this will let you get the links working.



hmm ok i might have to leave that then, also is there anyway that we could set to send users emails when they have a reply to a question?

I think that there is a plugin to email users when they do actions or get actions.

Not sure the name off the top of my head but i would check


ok thanks just noticed about the links thing it seems i can posts links and they are clickable, is that because i am admin.

Is it really a big security risk to enable clickable links? i know it might open up to spam a bit but just wondered.

It is a little more then just saying that links will work. What it will do is allow all html tags to be entered into the text area. This is where the concern lies. Then someone could put in open tags, sql js code etc.

You could do some logic to strip out certain types of things and only allow links to be posted but this requires a bit more work to do the weeding out.

Thanks for the response!


hmm see what you mean more hassle than it is worth. what about adding another field under the title for users to add a link would i still need to change those bits.

basically my site is a social promotion site so users can post there facebook page and ask users to like it or follow there twitter etc etc..

so the links are sort of important to the site idea.

Yah this is a better route to take.

It would take some coding to do but is pretty straight forward. The nice thing is that you could supply them with a simple input for this.

Passing it through to the form is easy and storing is easy. Just have to add the logic to the single page which would display the url and possibly make it a link automatically.

This way you could scrub the text to make sure it is clean for the db.

Just my 2 cents.




I want to modifie this page (profil page)

What is the page that I have to modifie?

NB: I don’t talk here about this page

Thanks in advance :D

THis is found in archive.php

You will find the comment in the code that signifies where the profile code starts.



Thanks a lot for your quick help and reply.

Hello again,

I want to add an option which allow members to upload and resie their avatars, and then an option in the space member to change their avatar.

NB: This the page en question where i want to do the upload from: /edit-profile/

Thank you

Hello again,

I want to add an option which allow members to upload and resie their avatars, and then an option in the space member to change their avatar. Could you do it for me and I will paye you?

NB: This the page en question where i want to do the upload from: /edit-profile/

Thank you

What is wrong with the gravatar feature? This would cover the need without needing to manage them on your site.


Just a few questions:

1) Does this theme email the original poster when there is an answer posted to their question?

2) Can a member join using their facebook or twitter login?

3) Can I, as an admin, edit the member’s questions for grammatical errors or other changes after they’ve posted?

Thanks in advance!




Thanks for the questions.

1.) This can be done with a plugin. Not included with this theme out of the box. 2.) This can be done with a plugin. Not included with this theme out of the box. 3.) Yes this is just like any other worpdress post. As an admin you can manage posts and comments (aka questions and answers).



Thanks for your reply and support. Much appreciated.

Hello ,

I am not able to figure out ,the following things

Can users redeem the points directly for gifts from the profile ? Can we make the categories collapse ? Can we add additional pages after from the standard pages ? How to add Captacha ? Points systems where can we manage it ..?

Its indeed a very great theme .

Regards Vinay


1. Users can earn points but cant redeem them for anything.

2. If you track back through the comments for this theme you will find someone has outlined how to use a tree type categories menu plugin.

3. Yes you can add as many pages as you want. You just need to link to them where you want. You can manually add them to the navigation as well.

4. Where do you plan on adding captcha? Please elaborate a little more please.

5. What do you mean by managing the points system? Please elaborate a little more please.



4. Where do you plan on adding captcha? Please elaborate a little more please

Captacha for Signup as well as posting new thread and comments

5. What do you mean by managing the points system? Please elaborate a little more please.

Changing the value of points for each questions and answer change or update the points manualy These are just examples ..

With good pointing system the theme could me really wonderfull

- You would need to manually add in these catpcha form elements to these three touch points. I think that they would not affect the form submissions since it is just js on the client side. I think that there are plugins out there that will allow you to (manually) put captcha form elements where you want.

- If you want to change the global setting for the amount of points that are assigned for questions you can do that. Currently it is set to 1 point for each action. You could easily update any user’s point score as an admin. I have commented to users in the past about updating a user’s point count via the functions.php page. I can show you how to do this if needed again.

Thanks for the questions.



I have just upgraded it to wordpress 3.1 and it seems to be breaking the permalinks. I was using the category/postname as the permalink but not working after the upgrade. Now the permalink is changed to postid-postname and the posts started appearing. However, the categories are still braking. Looks like something to do with archives page template

This is a multisite implementation and you can view the same at

Can you throw some lights and is there a upgrade plan to make it compatible with 3.1?

Thanks for the quick response. I have another set of blogs running under the same url using the multisite feature which does not have the issue with category permalinks or an other permalinks. Please check

So it has partially to do with WP while mostly to do with the theme and potentially with the hard coding of certain things

Did you get a chance to do any of the two things that i suggested?

- Re-Save your permalinks page to build your .htaccess file

- Disable any plugins that might be causing this is to break.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated in trying to decipher the issues.


The funny thing is that i don’t have any hard-coded links that would cause this type of category issue. I use all WP functions that generate the links to categories, and posts.

Hey, The pages are breaking and i guess you have been making us wait from around a year for a never version. I guess its time now. Each of 300-400 customers are looking for a version 2.0 may be and meanwhile a full fix.

If we change permalinks then the rankings would be lost for sure.

As stated before i will be looking into this later tonight when i have the time to asses the changes needed.

You shouldn’t have to change permalinks.

It is not just this theme it is globally that people are having issues and IMO a mistake by Wordpress in not assessing this stuff before pushing code that would affect 1000’s of sites.

I would recommend that you stay at 3.0.5 for now and i will get back to people later tonight with hopefully a fix and information.

Try my recommendations stated to a previous user for now. Resave your permalinks page and or disable any plugins that might be causing the issue.