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Great work! Maybe I overlooked but is there any contact page form that visitors can fill it out to contact the site owner? Thanks.


Not by default but you could create a new page and use a plugin like Contact 7 to do that for you. Then just add that to the navigation.

It is pretty easy to do.

Is there is a way for the person that ask a question to get a email when there question has been answered?


There is no support for that feature with this theme but you might be able to have this happen with a plugin.

thank you for all..great support

Thank you. Glad it translated to Romanian with not much effort! It was nice to see it live and in another language!

Hope you enjoy the theme and thanks again for your purchase!

Can I use your Q&A engine with this theme:

or yours need it’s own separate wordpress installation?

The Q&A functions NEED to stay with my theme. Please DO NOT copy the functions into another theme.

Sorry, as i stated to another member, This could happen if I offered the extended license, but at this time i am only offering the regular license.


Sure, I will not copy the functions to another theme.

Is it OK to change the color and design of your theme to match my web site colors or to what I like, etc?


You can create another color scheme that would match your site colors.

You can use one of the PSDs provided to create this. The required files for each color scheme are in each color scheme folder. With a little work it is pretty easy to do a new color scheme. Just make sure you have all of the images (sames size) and the css is correct.

If you want to have it show up under the Instant QA menu then you will need to add it to the defined section in functions.php. Around Line: 77

I will be providing more detail on this subject matter soon at :


When will you add the facebook connection ? do you have a date ? I will buy this theme in a second if this feature is enabled.

No date set yet.

You have done a very nice job so far, keep it up.

“No date set yet” is OK, but will you add the Facebook and Twitter connections in next version?

I will buy it if Facebook and Twitter connections will be added in next version.

Also these future add ons would be great selling points: Forget password, Tell a friend, Recommend Site, Admin moderation, Flag as inappropriate, attribute points only for best answer (voted by users), Share buttons (social share), And more…


1. If we buy now, will we get future updates, too?

2. Has this yet been tested with WPMU ?

1.) I dont know at this time. It should be easy to upgrade to the new version.

2.) I have not tried MU.

Hi esterndesign,

I want to display author avatar at single page like index page ? What code should i add ?

Not sure what you mean? The avatars work on the index.php page when a new member signs up.

Estern this is a fantastic piece of work. Great job buddy.

You should consider integrating this as a plugin / module to other software like joomla, drupal, php fox etc.

Hi esterdesign,

What i mean is at about blog post page which is single.php , I want to display the author avatar there like index page which shows avatar. Thanks for your quick response.

Look for the code that writes out the avatars. You should be able to use that.

I wont have much support for modified pages.

Can you please show a demo of the rest of the color choices included?

I have uploaded screenshots of the three color schemes that are included with the theme.

You can get a good idea of what the site will look like when you change to each color scheme:

Blue Meadow – Drk Blue

Green Leaves – Green

Blue Bird – Lt Blue

More color schemes will be available soon that can easily be added to this theme. They will be posted on .


Hi esterndesign,

I think there’s a bugs at posting answer. After posting answer, form should be cleared, but inside the form, there’s still have the text which have just posted.

This is not a bug. I save the textarea data that is submitted so that if a user had answered that exact question before an error message is shown and they wont have to re-type what the just said. So when the form submits successfully that post data is still set from before, that is why you are seeing this.

Hi there,

Amazing theme, one of the best in here.

Just a point – when a user goes to edit their profile they cannot seem to change their email address – I think this option will be essential for long term members.

Thanks for the feedback

1.When will the new and improved version be released? 2. Is it easy to change the entire site to another language?

1.) No release date yet.

2.) Yes it can change to a different language (not instantly out of the box). I have personally seen it used on Romanian and Spanish sites. With a little work i would think any language could be done. Just need to change instances throughout the pages to the new language.

@ esterndesign

I don’t see anything about the WordPess version which your script is compatible with, so I assume your script is compatible with all WP versions. Please let us know. Thanks.


I built this theme under WP 2 .9.2 It is stated under the product description page on the right.

My bad, I didn’t check that. Thanks.

Do I have to install WP first and then upload Q&A into themes/ folder or I can upload Q&A files together with WP (I haven’t installed WP yet). Thanks.

Yes Install WP first

Then upload the theme to the themes folder.

Make sure to follow the directions that are provided with the theme.

Thanks Eric. Will follow the directions that are provided with the theme.

Appreciate your help.

First, great theme! I’m really excited about using it.

I’m adding content to the About page and have noticed that the paragraphs don’t separate. It makes the page look awful.

How can I fix this?

You can add this css to the bottom of the style.css page:

.post p {padding-bottom:10px;}

That should separate out the sections.

It’s there and the About page still isn’t working. It isn’t accepting any of the html formatting code. It does accept the H tags and that is it.

The about page is a mess without proper formatting.