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Has anyone tried any ‘related posts plugin’ for this theme to show related questions (posts) under a question. I believe, such related posts below the questions/answers will help to increase user enagagement and better indexation of pages by search engines.

Yes this plugin will work and should help with ranking since you are increasing page linking and keyword density on each page.


Can you suggest one such plugin?

I dont have one that i use persay:

here is one from doing a google search


Hi, Just small ask. I have an error during instal the theme! ‘Broken Theme – Stylesheet is missing’

The error messages (after installing):

Warning: fopen(/home/... /public_html/ ... /wp-content/themes/instant-qa-files-all/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ ... /public_html/ ... /wp-includes/functions.php on line 4284

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/ ... /public_html/ ... /wp-includes/functions.php on line 4287

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/ ... /public_html/ ... /wp-includes/functions.php on line 4290

FYI , I already:

1. Download the newest version of your InstantQA (yesterday; via download link in my themeforest account) // As you said, the theme is included the TAG and WP 3 .1 features

2. Upgrade the WP into 3.1 (before install the theme)

3. FYI : - I use cpanel - I already activate the theme - I installed the theme in my ‘sub domain’

Kindly need your advice. Hearing you soon

Best Regards & Many thanks

It sounds like it was an error in you uploading of the theme.

I would delete the theme folder and then re-upload the theme to the themes folder.

This should solve the issue. Sometimes when you upload via FTP or cpanel it doesn’t upload all of them or there is a stall in the connection etc which doesn’t upload all of the files correctly.

The errors you are getting are not from the theme and more of your server… let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks a bunch

1. How can I integrate the Anti-Spam-Plugin SABRE ( or a equal plugin?

2. How can I activate the admin bar?

1. Can you recommend a Captcha Plugin?

2. When I write as Admin (About Us Page) numbered lists are not displayed. Bulleted lists are displayed… What can I do to get the numbered lists?

I found a solution for the lists. I insert this:

.post ol {list-style:decimal;margin:0 0 15px 30px;}

Can you recommend a captcha plugin for this theme?

The thing is that most of the plugins out there attach themselves to the comment form hook. So adding this to a registration would be a bit more then just installing a plugin. You would need to create a hook that can be triggered by the plugin and add an action to the new hook.

I know this isn’t probably what you are looking to hear, but it is my only suggestion at this point. I personally don’t have the time to write something custom for you. I wish i could, maybe in the near future…

If i had to recommend one it would be either of these:



Is it possible to disable answers for specific users? We only want employees to be able to answer questions as the answers MUST be correct.

What are our options for your theme? Will it work for us?

With a little code modifications you can make the answer form only viewable by selected user types. If you buy the theme i can help you with this..



Hi Eastern,

Just purchased this theme, very excited about it. Unfortunately, The “Sign Up” function doesn’t work. It just stays at the homepage. My wordpress version is 3.1, can you help me to solve this problem?

many thanks,


Can you contact me via my profile page with the url to your site.

I may need an admin login to check your settings.



Can someone please tell me what code/loop i need to list unanswered posts?

Mail me or write here.

Thanks :)

Sorry, but it looks like the loop don’t want me to only show 10 posts. Could you give me an code example for this?

Sorry trying to understand, Do you want to only show 10 unanswered questions? So limit the query to only 10 results?


No the query wont give me 10 questions even if i set the loop to do that :P

But never mind i will fix it later :)

Dear All,

Kindly need your advice for my bellow questions:


How to connecting my index.HTML (preloaded/intro site; flash page) to your theme? is that OK to create a link from “index.HTML” to “index.php” (use a href tag)? Or you have a special rules?


Is there any special rules to use the adsense or any affiliate code?


May I know how to set an email notification system for every post that just answered? FYI , I use cpanel as my hosting.

Best Regards & Many Thanks


1. This should be fine to just link to. No special rules.

2. No special rules for ads, just need to get the code from google or other source and make sure it is the right size. Plug it into the corresponding box in the instant-qa admin panel.

3. This can be done with a plugin. Check out



Thanks a bunch


I have the following issue:

Members of my website receive an email notification which contains personal details such like email-adress, whois, and IP number of the commenter as soon as the question has been answered.

This actually means that I can not guarantee the privacy of my members.

I still want the members receive the notification email, but i need to modify it. How can i manage this?


Are you using a plugin to deliver this info?

If you are not then you are seeing the admin only emails that have that data. Users wont see that extra stuff that an admin would see.

This theme doesn’t do any of that type of delivery.



That’s a quick reply :-)

No, i don’t use a plugin to deliver this info.

And it doesn’t concern the admin only emails. I just became member of my website, by using a brand new email address. I have asked a question, someone gave a reply and I received the details of the commenter!

I can send you a screenshot of this notification if you want to.

Thanks again!

Can you message me via my profile page with a link to your site.



This is what i have done from using this awsome theme Q&A as a start :)

The site is in Swedish but you can look at the design.

Thanks for giving me so much inspiration esterndesign :)


Why I always have a problem with the installation? Now the error message is “The plugin does not have a valid header” (it’s that because of the WP jet pack)

FYI , I already use the latest download file (19 Mar 2011) Kindly need your advice

Best Regards & Many Thanks

This sounds like a plugin issue not this theme. I would deactivate the plugin / plugins that you might think to cause this issue and see if the issue still exists.

Not all plugins have been updated to use the new WP 3 .1 code either. This theme is currently fully supported by WP 3 .1.



Thanks a bunch


Just small ask, in there is a “register” link. May I know the main function? have a same function as register a new member? or It a direct access to admin site?

Kindly need your advance

That is the regular wp register. This will still work but when users are signed up they will not get a point added to them and their default user icon will not be set. I use a custom function from the sign-up page that handles these and then registers them.




Just small ask, what is the correct structure for the Permalinks:

1. / category / postname /


2. “ category / postname /

Best Regards & Many Thanks


May I know how to change the font size in the “CATEGORY”?

Many Thanks


In default LEFT menu

How to stop the hyperlinks for the CATEGORY LIST ? I’m mean, the hyperlinks are only for the SUB CATEGORY LIST (All in the default LEFT menu)

Best Regards & Many Thanks

I guess i don’t follow you on what you want to change.

Could you be a little more clear on what you want changed with the left category menu items?

There is just css to change them, you could look at the page source code and modify accordingly.

Thank you,



OK! Now I go to the “sidebar-left-categories.php”. can you guide me, how to modify the FONT SIZE (for the CATEGORY LIST ) in this area?

Best Regards & Many Thanks

Hi, Great product. Thanks I have some issues regarding the parmalinks, can i use a 301 redirect plugin to chane the internal links? my pages direct to 404 pages while in the “Edit” mode i can see the actual parmalink and it works. I would like to change these links.


Make sure that you are using the most recent version. I had placed an update about a month ago when wp 3.1 came out.

If you read back through the comments on this theme you will find the discussions on how to fix this bug.

Let me know if you have any other questions.




It’s that possible for us to create an another sidebar (for the widget purpose)?

And it’s that possible… to put the new sidebar (above) in the LEFT side?

Maybe on the top of/before the “CATEGORY MENU ” OR in the between of “CATEGORY MENU ” and the “60×160 – Ads”

Kindly need your advice

Yes you could just register another sidebar where you wanted to place it:

This tells you how to do that easily:




ap Purchased

Hello, quick question.

1.) In My-Account “My Recent Answers” tab. How can I limit the number of answers that show up? Also, How can I specify to show only answers in category X.

And, will pagination work?

Best Regards

This is set to only grab the last 10 answers.

You could change the wp query to either be just a category or another count.



ap Purchased

Edited my question, left what I still need to figure out.

Thank you.

When I tried to install on Wordpress 3.1 I got the following error:

Warning: fopen(/home/qw3admin/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/qw3admin/ on line 4284

Screenshot at

On the themes page, I get this error:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

instant-qa-files-all Stylesheet is missing.



Just try uploading the theme folder not the whole zip file you get when you download from TF.



Also I deleted the theme and re-uploaded, as suggested above, but it didn’t change anything.