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Awesome! Thanks for the help! Great, and I mean, GREAT theme!

5 stars from me!!!

I may have missed the info on how to create categories but I seem can’t find the info.

Where do I go to create categories? Thanks.

In wp-admin/ (main admin)

Under the left nav, section called Posts, there is a sub section called Categories. You can create new categories from that section.

I might recommend reading up on all of the options that Wordpress offers. Visit for more info.

Good luck with everything.



are members “wordpress users” ? or are they stored in separate mysql table ?


They are wp-users just like when you create them in wp-admin/ no difference. And all managed from the same places you are familiar with.

No custom databases needed. This theme uses the normal tables that come with the standard WP installation.

Hi, i downloaded the theme and tried it, is a great theme. I find a little problem whit the top menù..if I login and i click on a link in the top menu like home or about it don’t refresh the page and don’t recognise my Login, I don’t see the membre menù in the sidebar but the registration module. Sorry for my English, I hope thet you can understand me=)

please send me a message via my profile page and i will work with you. I am having a hard time understanding your translation.

I will probably need to see what you are talking about.




i install this PM plugin but don t work ok because need some customization page…will be great if you can make it..

Thank you,


This plug in will not be compatible with my theme since users are not allowed to access wp-admin sections which i believe where you would use this. You would have to do some extensive work to get this functioning. I am sorry that i cant help you with this.

Good luck with everything.


Hi! i just bought and installed the theme i have a tiny problem, in the “my answers” tab i don’t get any answer.

in fact i created two users, an admin and an author, i created a few posts, and replied to ithem. That works perfectly excepted that i have no answer listed in my answers tab…

any idea ?

can you message me via my profile and send me a link to your site. Also if you could provide me with an admin account that would be helpful to figure out the issue.


ok, i fixed it, it’s in the functions.php file on line 286, you haven’t used the dynamic mysql table prefix:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE …

it should be

SELECT * FROM ”.$wpdb->prefix.”comments WHERE

and.. voila!!!!

Oh you have a custom wp prefix.

I will updated this with a couple other fixes soon.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Seller..Can you help Install? If yes how soon and those it cost extra..Let me know so I can buy immediately. Thanks

I am sorry that i dont have any free time to help install themes.

Good luck and i hope you still decide to buy my template!.

Take Care


A great theme! Thank you for your job, esterndesign.

Anyway, How much work do you think must be done to make it multilanguage? I mean all the theme, not only the posts of course. I know I have make .po and .mo files…

You just need to change the wording to your language throughout the theme.

Be careful not to delete functionality.

I might recommend you install the English WP version and then change the text as stated above.

Thank you for purchasing and good luck with everything.


One more question please: where is author.php or user.php? I want to change some words (Member Since, Total # Question Provided:, etc) but I can’t find it.

You have 5 strars from me too!

archive.php is where you will find those.


As jeanv said 2 comments ago, there is a problem with “Recent Answers” of users, if we use custom wp prefix. I tried fix it with:

SELECT * FROM ”.$wpdb->prefix.”comments WHERE

In two lines of function.php, but nothing happens.

PD: My site is, please watch “CarlosMed Proposals”. He provided two answers but his profile doesn’t show it. Thanks!

That should work. i just verified it.

Can you provide me with a login so that i can verify that you have updated it correctly?

private message me from my profile page.


To show the question and answer count on the profile page:

There are two other places in archive.php that need this change too:

line 140

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."comments WHERE

Then the next line 141

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."posts WHERE

The rest stays the same.


Unfortunately it doesn’t show the answers. I made some new users. Iin their profiles they show always the questions, but never the answers.

Can you please message me from my profile with an admin username and password so that i can look at the code.



All set now! you just copied over some bad characters so the file didn’t know what it was. I just changed the ”” to the correct code.

Looks great now.


Excellent! You fixed it in five minutes!!

All set now! you just copied over some bad characters so the file didn’t know what it was. I just changed the ”” to the correct code.

Looks great now.



how to give the user option to upload own image for avatar instead of using gravatar. i want to buy this theme if this is available if not i will buy php script of the shellf clones of yahoo answers..thanks

That feature is not available with this theme. I am sorry. There are 6 default images that they can choose from if they dont use a gravatar. You could always customize these if you wanted to.


Am very interested in buying this theme! But need to ask how difficult it would be for me to alter the code to remove the ability for all users to “answer” questions, and only allow certain approved users to answer questions.

This would allow me to designate experts in a field to answer questions, but all users to ask questions. That is my goal.


I dont think it would be that difficult if you are familiar with WP code.

You would just need to check the user type and either show or not show the answer form based on those qualifications.

Obviously there are other code points that will need to be modified but that is the overall gist.

Unfortunately i dont provide support with modifying themes, you would be on your own.

Something that i could consider for a future release, whenever that happens. Thanks for the comment and i hope that you do end up purchasing this theme!

Have a great day!


Hi nice work, but I have a small problem: Is not working registration area, I have followed your instructions but when I go here: and I try to sign-up with a new account, it give me a blank page…

Could you help me? Thanks

Could you please message me via my profile with an admin username and password. I just want to verify that you have setup the page correctly.

THank you.



I got these warnings while installing the theme and the theme can not be installed:

Warning: fopen(.../wp-content/themes/instant-qa/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in …/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in …/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604

I made a quick google search before asking you. As far as I can understand it’s because fopen() function is disabled by some hosting companies due to security vulnerabilities.

But it seems that I am the only one complaining about this issue so far. Is it possible to find a solution for this problem other than changing the hosting company? For example, to use another function instead of fopen? What can I do to solve this?

Thank you very much for the answer and for this lovely template :)

Yes, I am able to install example themes. (And I’m using networksolutions for hosting.)

Like I mentioned before those errors are from the wp core files. I don’t use fopen in my theme ( like you mentioned there are high security risks with it) . So i don’t think that the errors are from my theme. I would check that your wp install is working correctly. Can you activate another theme successfully without any errors? Is this the first time that you have installed Wordpress before?

Just trying to get to the root of the issues.

You may need to provide me with a url and username/password so that i can see the issues for myself. You can message me from my profile with this information.


I guess you’re right. I don’t want you spend time for such an issue and I’ll try to get help from networksolutions (by the way they have never returned before 3-4 days for my tickets…). If I can’t solve it by myself, I may ask help from you alter on.

Thank you very much again.

I’ve only got as far as activating the theme, but so far, I’m loving it!

Thanks so much. :) This is so cool! :D

Your very welcome!

Thank you for purchasing.



My permalinks all seem to be fine, but there seems to be a 404 error when i go check the links…

I dont quite understand what the comment is asking me.

When i got to the link that you provided it, the server is EXTREMELY slow. I mean it takes 5 mins to load a page. I know that it is not my connection. It seems to be your hosting service. So i looked up your name servers and the hosting service is just as slow.

Could you please be more specific to what you need assistance with please.

I dont know what this means ”... there seems to be a 404 error when i go check the links…”

Thank you


I fixed the problem, thanks. I just needed to make the htaccess file writable. facepalm sorry!

About the slow connection, I do need to see what I can do about that…

How can I communicate with all my registered users? I mean how would I send them a newsletter, a server down notice, announcements and etc.

Please let me know how. I like the Instant Q&A very much – we will make it the #1 by adding more functionalties / plugins.


You should be able to do that with a plug in.

Check plug in repository.