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Hi, I purchased the theme today itself and it’s really a good theme. But I am facing few issues. I have added a widget for facebook page like button but unfortunately it’s not showing completely. Can you tell me how can I increase the space for the widgets section ?

ok thanks.

Hi Author,

I need your help in this part. As you are aware of the theme it will be easier for you to do this for me. Please check it out and tell me, I am ready to pay you little more amount for the thing I want. But please do this for me.


At this time I am not available to assist with code modification projects. I am sorry that i can’t help out and there are a lot of site that you can hire php coders do do just what you are looking for.



For some reason, i cannot view profiles, it tells me “404 page not found”...any help with creating the correct type of page for this?

Have you set your permalink value?

Have you set your permalink value?

Hi Author, My website is ready now but still my users are facing some issues, can you please help me out with the problem below:

1) If someone is redirected to any question directly, e.g. you came to directly via google or any other source and you want to answer this question. So you click on the tab- “Answer this Question Now”

2) It asks you to login or sign-up.

3) When you complete the log in/sign up process, it redirects the user to “My Account” Page. This might loose the interest of the user in that question which he/she wanted to answer earlier or he/she might have to search for that particular question out of all the questions.

4) I think the user should be redirected to that particular question itself after completing the login/signup process. Please help me out with this issue.

Looking forward for your quick help!!

Hi author, When can I expect reply from your end?? I have sent you a personal email also and looking for a quick response!

Hello author, Can I receive any response on my query?? I have been asking for something since a week and following up on daily basis but there is no response from your end! is this the way to treat your customers?? :( Sorry but this time I am not satisfied with your response! you should give us after sales service too.. :(


Just getting back from being away on holiday.

As stated before this is a feature enhancement to this theme and right now at this time it is not currently part of the theme.

I do agree that this would be a good addition to the theme and will be at the top of the list to add to enhance this theme when i get the time to address this. I hope to address this soon so i appreciate your patients until this is available.

Regards, -esterndesign


I realise that the link i post in Questions or Answers are not clickable. How do i change that?

I wish to add some answers to my user by pointing a link for them to go and read. However, this cannot be done.

Please help, urgent.

Have you seen robust qa theme that I have? Both of these features are in this other theme. At this time these features are not part of the standard theme for instant qa.



Under My Options on the right side of the page. I want to change “ask a question” to another phrase. How do I do that?

You can edit the sidebar.php file for this text item.

Regards. Esterndesign

I want to add a subscription service to this template. How much would you charge to do this?


My guess that this could be started with a plugin but would probably require a bit of custom code integration. This would need to be done by a developer. I am unable to work on this modification at this time but feel free to hire one to fulfill this request.

Regards, -esterndesign

Can I set customised avatars so my visitors can choose them?

You could override the default images that come with the theme. This would give them some options to choose from. They could also do gravatars.

Hi! i want my site to look like the DEMO, cant get the XML file. any help?

What do you mean by this? XML file would be content and settings only. Can you explain a bit more.

Hey I saw your code I read the comments I like what I see Here are my questions

I have an HTML site. Can I use this site to have my customers ask me questions online and pay for the answers.? If not, could you provide such a theme in an updated version please?

I wish to host this site myself, (I mean I do not want it hosted) Can you tell me what I will need thanx Cheerz


There is no option currently for this theme. Custom features will need to be developed by yourself or via a hired developer.

This runs on wordpress so you could use Wordpress.Org to self host on your server.

Regards Esterndesign

I wish this theme were iPhone friendly :( @Author It’s very nice theme, are you going to make this theme iPhone friendly? or responsive in the future?

Have you seen my other theme Robust Q&A? It is fully responsive.

When a visitor/user login, will he/she see the wordpress login page? will there be Wordpress dashboard header on the top of the page after the user login?


When the user is logged in the header bar is not shown.

Admins will still be able to access wp-admin sections of the site but other user will not be able to.

hereby i added a third question:

hi, before i purchasing. May I know:

1. what is your solution to build a non-english Q and A website? PO translation or something else?

2. May I have a look at the helping docs? Expecially Video instructions? Is there any video on youtube?

3. I want to build a chinese language site. As you may know, there are 2 type of chinese language: big5 (traditional) and simplifed. People in chinese will choose either of them to use in the Q&A website. They are basically same as a language. I mean they are grammerly the same. But their charactor code may be totally differetnt, especially to the searching functions. For the sake of searching function, do you have any idea of how to resolve this problem. Is there any functions to transform a Tradational Chinese Character to Simplified for a searching purpose?


1. At this time this theme is a manual process for changing the theme to a different language. But may other have done this without issues and only takes a short while to translate the theme folders in an html editor.

2. At this time the install doc that comes with the theme is the extent of the documentation. Beyond that you have the comments section of Themeforest which i know is not ideal but you could search for previous questions you might thane.

3. There shouldn’t be any restrictions on the characters that are used based on each version of Chinese. As for the translation from one to the other i don’t know enough about this process and would point you to try to find a plugin to handle this request. If that plugin will work with this theme i don’t know.

Hi I’m interested in this great theme but need to know if it’s mobile responsive as many of my potential users will likely access the site via mobile devices.



At this time this particular theme is not but my other similar theme with a lot more options does robust Q&A :

Hi esterndesign That’s a shame because I really like the way the theme is presented better than the new version you showed me. Just a few questions….. Are the theme permalink structures seo friendly? Is it possible to customise it so that users casn log in using their Facebook or any other social media accounts? I kn ow there are plugins for that but need to know if they work with your themes. Can you also explain what you mean by Backward Compatible with Instant Q&A? Finally, do the themes have an seo feature where the questions have seo friendly titles instead of numbers etc?



1. permalinks can be done however you want. I recommend that you do the seo friendly way of /category/postname/

2. There have been some users that have talked about using plugins to do social logins. I don’t know the extent of that setup and would imagine it would need some sort of code to make it present on the sign up page.

3. Backwards compatible with Instant Q&A means that if you had bought instant that you can update to this theme without any issues. The custom post meta values are the same. Unless someone modified the theme it can’t guarantee that it would work out of the box.

4. yes this is done with just changing your permalink structure that is not really a theme as more of a wp thing.

Regards, -esterndesign

Thank you very much.:)

Last question, I’d like to make it so that only users with social media profiles, specifically Facebook profiles can access the site. Does the admin panel have a way of moderating new user sign ups?

Just so you know, I bought the latest version Robust Q & A so maybe you tested it on the wrong theme.

Can you offer support and help with getting this to work please?

Just responded to your other post. Please refer to that posting.



hi, i am quite interested in this plugin, but can this plugin allow display images when asking or answering questions? thanks.

Answered this question below since it was very similar to this one.

Hello, I purchased your theme Instant Q & A on 15 October 2011 and since I have not been updating your product. Thank you to want me to know how to update the theme to avoid having problems with all the updates to wordpress

Regards Zaher

Thank you for your help

You shouldn’t have to do anything. Wp updates won’t do anything to the theme

Thank you for your response. I do not have to worry. good day

I just bought the Theme and i keep getting this message:

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Not sure what happened there but i would make sure the download that you got from Themeforest was complete. You might try to re-download and try to upload again to your server. It should be there in the theme zip folder.

I can find no setup instructions other than the very basic html sheet that came with the product. None of your built in user links work. Login, Sign up, and when I log in through WP, none of the user account links work. It is directing to folders/files that do not exist. What is the solution to this?


You will need to make sure that you add the required pages to the site and that you should enable the correct permalink structure.

These are outlined in the install doc that you are talking about that came with the theme.

Regards, -esterndesign

Purchase code 2b6b0878-7fc3-41d7-b4ce-72be3f9ab432 – 14 Aug 2015 I have extracted tried to upload the zip folder “” and it has failed to upload stating “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”. I have then attempted to upload the whole downloaded zip file “themeforest-92361-instant-qa” and the same issue occurs.

What can i do?

It is not a plugin it is a theme. You need to add is themes or upload to your site via ftp.