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I just bought this – really looking forward to setting it up! I’ll also keep an eye out for the new color schemes on the website.

Would there be a way to add the RECAPTCHA to the signup screen? Also do you know if this works with WPMU ?

If you know php you could do this:

I know there are plugins that might be able to do this too. Dont know of any off the top of my head though.

I have not tested it on WPMU .


I like this theme. May I know the Registered user can post question, who can reply the answer? only the site admin owner or any registered member? Or we can control who allowed answer?

Any member can post questions and also give answers.

There are no restrictions on who can do what.


Purchased a Copy of this theme and installed it at Answers Next

I already had a license of another script which i dumped – Yahoo Answers Clone and installed a copy of this theme which is more powerful and recommended to everyone.

I tweaked the sidebar and listed Unanswered Questions, Top Answers etc instead of the Categories and even started using the Sub-Categories option.

Problems :

1. Admin profile page shows Page Not Found error.

2. Related Posts Plugin does not have any space between the post content and links. Ex : Example

3. Widget Names don’t appear to show up with the H4 heading, hence you can see the sidebar Categories Cloud Widget Title has a smaller font.

Hope you can help me in solving the problems.

Hi amitbhawani,

Thank you for buying my theme and I am glad that you are enjoying it!

1.) I think the reason you are getting a 404 for that page is that is because you might have a different display name for admin. Not sure what you have since when i see the profile link for admin it has a url of: Which will not work if there is a space in the name. I would recommend that you change it to show as “admin” in the wp-admin section.

2.) Not sure what you mean by no space. I see it has some spacing from the question content. I am sure that you could add in some more space to that section if you wanted to: that sections has an id of “crp_related”, you could do something like this: #crp_related {margin:5px 0 15px;} (this would add space above and below that section). Add that style to the bottom of the style.css at the bottom page to achieve this update.

3.) It is actually an H3 for the widgets. You could add this style to the style.css page at the bottom: .greyBox3 .greyBoxInner3 h3 {font-size:17px;font-weight:bold;margin-bottom:5px}

If you have any other questions feel free to message me via my profile.

Thank you and good luck!



I intend to buy this theme, but it depends on the answer of these questions. Can you please tell me, Can I change the language of the interface into Arabic? Will the search work on the Arabic language if its changed? Also can I run multi-language version on my site?

Waiting for your answer as soon as possible.

Many Thanks.

Hi ayman,

You can change any of the text to any language with a little work. I dont provide support for this but it is very easy. I have seen this theme in MANY other languages.

If the questions and answers are in your language the search will find them. Just does a keywords based search, doesn’t matter the language.

I dont think it would be easy to get multiple languages but if questions and answer were in any language it would work. There are no restrictions for keywords.

I hope that i have answered your questions.

Thanks and i hope you do end up purchasing my theme!

Kind regards,



Now I bought the theme. Its great. Really thank you.

Can you please just guide me or direct me how to translate it? Just tell me where to start.


I would start by going through the theme php pages and finding the text that you want to translate to your language. Try to not modify anything other than that text.

If you want your pages to be in your language you will also need to make sure that your page names match the links that are found throughout the code. Again be sure you are just modifying the text links and not anything else.

The rest of the site, questions and answers will just be what people type so you wont need to worry about that as much.

I wish you the best of luck.


Before I buy, I have some questions:

Is it possible to enter HTML as a question – what kind of markup is supported? I tried to have a link with the question in your demo account but it just did not show any link or formatting.

In the profile there is also no possibility to enter the users website. My concern is, that without any links there won’t be too many answers because there is no benefit with regards to backlinks…

Thanks, Andreas

HTML tags will be stripped out for security and spamming reasons. This could be turned off if needed by modifying the code a bit.

You can do a plain link like and it will work in the questions and answers pages. Same goes for the user profile.


Profile links will not work. I just confirmed that. But the questions and answers section will.

Hi Eric,

Please let me know how to fix these privacy issues. When a registered user answers a question, his/her personal information is mailed to the person who asked the question, which is a great feature and I want to keep the email notification but maybe the person who answered the question doesn’t want his/her information disclosed to anyone.

Here is a sample of the email which the person who asked the question has received from the QA site; from somename (I also want to change the “” to “”) reply-to “” to date Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 8:54 PM subject [DomainName] Comment: “How to create a mysql database from the shell?” mailed-by

New comment on your post #32 “How to create a mysql database from the shell?” Author : someone (IP: , E-mail : URL : Whois : Comment:

Hi questioner: it’s really easy to create a mysql database from the shell. Just follow these directions and you would be OK: Bla bla bla….....

And also I don’t want the address of the wordpress admin login page being presented to the person who asked the question in the email which he/she received, the address of the wordpress admin login page is included in the email which the questioner received, like this:

Trash it:

Spam it:

Please help and let me know how to fix this issue since this would be a back draw for members who want to answer questions but don’t want to disclose their information to the World and I as an admin don’t want the user to go to admin login page.

Please let me know how to fix these issues, I appreciate your help.


This email that occurs is an admin only setting that is found in the WP Settings Discussion section. What happens is if you have it checked “Email me whenever: Anyone posts a comment ” it will send the admin an email that they have posted a comment posted to their question. This will not happen for other users that are not admin.

This functionality is in the WP core files and is not part of my theme. If you wanted to personalize it you would need to modify the core files which I DON ’T RECOMMEND EVER . There might be some way to do it without modifying the core files but I cant provide support for that.

You might want to check to see if there is a plug in for notifications to posts. I am sure there is something that will allow you to set what the email looks like. Again this I cant provide support with.

Good luck with it and thanks for the questions.

Take care.



where can I find the psds of buttons like add-question-btn.png ?

Thanks, Andreas

It is in any of the main psds that were included in the theme.

Just need to change the text to what you want and then adjust the button size to fit the new text. After that just export as a jpg. Then change out the image name in the input src.


Thanks, I thought the buttons do already exist inside the psd in correct size. No problem though…will adjust.


Hi Eric,

I maybe purchase another copy of your Q&A for my another web site if it can be used for the following purpose! Please let me know if this is possible with your Q&A.

I have another web site which business/site owners signup and describe their site/business and users evaluate that businesse/site and leave comments, similar to answering a question.

Can your Q&A be used for that purpose? Do I need to modify it (how extensive) or install plugins? How can I accomplish this with your Q&A if it’s possible?


I think that it could be used for a lot of things. You would need to probably change the wording to be something different then the questions and answers.

I wont be able to support modified themes though so you would be on your own.

You would also need to keep the theme looking the same as it does. Just text changes.

You might need plugins to do other things that the theme doesn’t provide out of the box.



a few questions…

a) can the sub categories drop down in side bar menu? I would like to have many sub categories and also sub categories below them too. So would look v.bad if it does not drop down on click.

b) can the sub cats show up in a separate field menu (not the bottom of the parent field box) when asking a question. If you have a lot of sub cats it would take ages to find the correct one. So it would bring up a new box once you select the main cat.

c) there does not seem to be an option to bookmark/share the questions or answers that are given.

d) top/most active users box on the home page?

e)how does this work in terms of seo indexing? does each question get indexed?


This theme doesn’t support those type of sub category options. You would need to modify the code to achieve that and there is no support of this. Good idea though.

You could do the share/bookmark with a plugin.

There is no top/active users section at this time.

SEO wise, the template has been setup for spiders to index it with proper tags such as H1 etc and image alt tags and other similar techniques to help increase indexing of pages. A question could get index just like a page. It really comes down to the content of that section. Just think of it as how wordpress would index pages and post.

Thanks for the questions.


How hard do you think it would be to add that code in? So that it automatically works.

Would you look to add this into your next version update?

It would be a good amount of work.

Some of this will might be considered for the next version.

Thank you again for the suggestions.


Great theme! I have a couple questions:

1. When I answer a question it posts correctly, however, it remains in the textarea. Other themes clear the textarea after submitting. How do I fix this?

2. With the above issue – if there are quotes or apostrophes in the answer, they re-appear in the textarea with a ”\”. They also appear in the “view source” as stuff like “I’ve been”

Any ideas? Thanks for the fantastic theme.


Thanks! Before you responded I added the redirect code from the post question function to the post answer function. It also worked just fine. Which method is best?

As long as you added the redirect after the database write it should be fine that way too. I would keep it the way you have so if the user does have any issues they will still have the answers they did.

So you redirect them to the question page after the post to the db was successful?

Good idea. I think i will add this to the code for an update.

Thanks bzprod.


Yes, I just copied this code from post_new_question and added it the end of post_new_answer. Thanks again!

// Get the newly created post info for redirection
$question = get_post($question_id);

// Redirect to the newly posted Question

Is there any way to remove the function of stripping out HTML code? Is it in your theme function php file? Thank you very much.

yes it is in the functions.php page that came with the theme.

I dont recommend removing this since it will allow SQL injections and other hacks.



Can you help me and tell me how can I add categories ?

and My Profile page is not working, it gives me 404 – Page not found error in the middle of the screen, while the rest of the theme is showing up, why is that?


For categories refer to this link:

I would need to see the url to see what the issue is with the my profile page. I would need a login since this is a logged in page. Just check that you have the spelling correct for the links.


I just tried to install the theme and it said that the stylesheet is missing and now I can’t upload it. Answer anyone?

Try deleting the theme and then try re-uploading it.

If that doesn’t work can you message me with a link to where the issue is happening. Link, Admin Login



When a new user registers, is there a way to allow them to upload an avatar instead of having to go to Also, is it possible to put an image edit/upload feature on the Edit Profile page?

There is no current way to allow them to do custom avatars beyond the gravatar way.

There is no support for modifying this theme. Anything that is possible on the web could be done in essence.

You could always provide new default avatar images with the same names and image sizes if you wanted some variety.

Thanks for the questions.


Great work. This theme is brilliant. I run a Freelancer website ( and I plan to completely remove that in favour of this theme.

I will let you know how it goes and hopefully you can use our website as another live example.


Diesel Laws

Just found an issue using WP 3 .0 Beta. When I upload an image it shows the full website once uploaded (like the actual front end instead of the newly uploaded picture). Any thoughts on this glitch?

I have not tested this theme with the beta 3.0 yet so there might be things that are not the same as 2.9.2.

Your question is a little vague, could you please be more specific where you are doing the uploading and what you mean by “front end”.

If you would like feel free to message me via my profile with a link to your site.



Ok, sent an email to you.

Also, is there a way to code the links so that when 1 or more answers are given the ANSWERS link (comment count) on the recent questions tabs changes colour?

Yes you could do an if statement to achieve this:

- Get the answer count then set it to a variable. - Then check if that variable is greater than or equal to 1. Then set it’s class to the new colored class. - Else set the class to just be the default one.


That’s great thankyou. I have no idea how to do that – but thank you anyway for the great info.