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Does this theme let you have a normal blog section, where you could write full blog posts and post articles? Is it easy to add a payment option, if you wanted to make it a subscription based website?

Blog can be done fairly easily with a category called “Blog” then just display those posts. THen you would want to exclude them from the QUestions part which is easy.

Not sure about the payment option there might be a plugin to handle this. I have not had much experience with this.


:( Why Questions in “Popular Questions” order by date, not by answer’s count?

I didn’t change nothing.

P.S. Sorry for my English:D

Popular Questions is NOT by date. It could show up that way if all of the questions have the same answer count.

It finds the TOP questions (highest answer count) from the last 30 days and then sorts with the highest answer count first and then down from there showing only 25 questions.


Also in other extra widget (top users), I checked in widget’s option “order by post count”, but unfortunately I have by date too…

Maybe I will change something in WP option?

There is no widget for top users at this time.



Thanks but… You didn’t know me.

Look at the photo…

...this is my problem.

It DOES order by answer count! out of the box it does that.

Did you modify something on your end in the code?

Look at the demo site and you will see it working fine:


Update to WP 2 .9.2 solved problem. Early I had 2.8.4

Why can’t users delete or edit their own questions and answers? or can they?

Would be nice to know if they could.

This is not available for this theme. Only admins can moderate content (questions and answers).



i am having a problem.

whenever anyone registers or uses forgot password, no email comes..

i have enabled all settings under Discussions… but still i am not getting any emails of registration, forgot password etc

What can be the issue?

It sounds like your host is blocking the php mail() function.

I know most of the large hosting companies don’t block.

I would check with your hosting company. You may need to have it enabled.


however i do receive emails when someone leave a comment

so is it still server related problem?

i contacted them and they say there si no problem from their end

can you message me via my profile page with a url and admin login please.


Could I make the left side a side bar to add widgets on the left?

It is a sidebar you could move the dynamic widgets code to that if you wanted to.

in sidebar.php move:
<!-- Dynamic Sidebar -->
    &lt;?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar')
            || !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?&gt;
    &lt;?php endif; ?&gt;
    <!-- / Dynamic Sidebar -->
to the sidebar-left-categories.php file I would place it under the categories box: right above this:
<?php $banner_160
Hope this helps



Thanks for amazing template.

I am translating this template into Arabic. Everything is going more than perfect.

Yet, I have a poblem in users names. User can sign in with an arabic name, but the name does not show up when the user ask or answers a question. I mean, when a user in arabic answers a question, his/her name does not show at “By:...”. Also My Account page, Edit profile, and other pages related to the user pages does not work.

Is this solvable?



Are you using the Arabic version of wordpress as the core?

I have not heard anyone with this issue at this time so i am not quite sure how to proceed.

I would do a google search in Arabic to see if someone else has had the same issue.

You would want to search for something like ” arabic wordpress author name not showing up “

Sorry i dont have an answer for you at this time.



I found quite important bug.

While user is in tab recent questions on other page than first ex. page 2, tab popular questions are empty (Only text: Top 25 from the last 30 Days, without question’s list).

How solve this bug?

The only way to fix this would be to make those tabs not dhtml and have them as pages so that they pagination works. Or you could only show a set number of posts on the home page like what is happening with the popular questions where i display only 25.

Then the rest of the questions could live in the categories an search.

Thanks for pointing this out.


I just finished developing a new website using this theme, Just thought this might be a nice addition to add to your showcase of sites using the theme. Great theme!

Congrats Jason!

Thanks for the link. Good luck with the site.



Did comment’s pagination in post function correctly?

I don’t see < 1 2 3 etc… in each situation.

On demo, I can’t chech it.

Pagination of answers is not available with this theme.

Currently it will show all answers on the question page.

Hi, I want ot know if your theme are “translation ready”. Thanks!

Thanks for the link

Imagine. Your theme is very interesting and would become perfect if you fit the localization. Especially for those who intend to use your theme for a multi-language site. ;)

Hi there, Great theme! Would be also great integrate an attachment system in replies or in posts. I searched for this kind of feature on wordpress but i could not find anything. Any plan to integrate that? Regards

You might be able to do this with a TinyMCE plugin. Some of them allow you to upload images and videos to your comment box. I would try finding one of these. I have not tested.

You may need to modify the post answer or question functions to remove the tag stripping.

Good luck and have a great day.


Thank you for your reply, Now i would like to know how can i add more top menu entries, in header.php file i saw an IF page exist statement but i don’t know how can i add other. Can you please help me with that? Regards

Just add another li. You can use the home or about us as an example.

The if statement is to check if the user is logged in and only shows certain tabs for both logged in or logged out states. Ex. Login changes to Logout when you are logged in. So you could show tabs once someone is logged in or you could just then show up for both and keep them out of the if else.

Same notion goes for the footer.


I’m having a blast with this theme. Thanks again!

I’ve noticed a problem with gravatar. If I change my default gravatar it never changes on this theme. Is this an easy fix?

gravatar or avatar?

gravatar. I changed my default on two accounts and they still remain the old one with this theme. I even deleted the old avatar from and still, the old one is showing on my site.

have you tried to do a hard refresh of your browser?

;) Thanks. fixed

Top Theme!

First: Is it possible to post working links to the questions? I see it works at the answers, but not at the questions. I need this for my project!

Second: Is it possible to use the “CodeStyling Localization” Plugin to translate the theme? Mean en_EN to de_DE? I think it will very busy to translate the theme after each new update or bugfix! ;)


1.) You can do links in both questions and answers by not doing the html code just have the link.

2.) I dont know if that plugin works. I have not looked into others that would do this task. People have just manually changed the text to their language.

Thank you.


1) I have test it on your demo page and for me it works only at the answers. See:

2) it works only, when the text of the theme is formated to an file. Have a look to: With the named localization plugin it is very easy to translate but it implies the mo file! Have a look to:

When i understand you correctly, i have to translate the text directly in the .php files? Whats about theme updates?

1.) I guess you are correct about links not in the questions. I use a function that strips out all tags and returns just text so that is why this is happening. You could easily change that to allow links, html etc. by removing this function.

2.) I have not coded this theme with those operators. Another member has talked about this as well so it seems like it would be a great feature. Something that i may consider at a later date. Thanks for the links. I need to look into this some more when i have some free time.

Yes you would need to edit the theme php files in the WP Appearance Editor or via your html editor. Theme updates have been very minor up until this point so i dont see this being a huge issue but if you were to just overwrite the theme file then yes the changes would be lost since they would be back in english.