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Looks very nice. Where did you get that great main image from? I’d love to have it as a desktop wallpaper but at 2000px it’s not quite wide enough for my 2560 :)

Here you go: https://www.flickr.com/photos/astragony/11740750174/

Unfortunately, that’s the widest size available. I’m sorry! :(

Nice work!!!

Thank you!

Think you could do something like this for Wordpress?

We have no plans to port Inted to Wordpress at this time.

plz i have no experience on tumblr templates…i need install on my server thumblr like worldpress and after i update your theme? i can post all kiend of social posts ? ty

Hi there,

It seems you have not purchased the theme yet. Additionally, we don’t offer any kinds of installation services.


I click on live preview andd all I get is one page no links. Tried se eral times. This is fr $42 inted W

The live preview works on our end. Perhaps try another internet connection?

I really enjoy this theme, but I did want to ask if there was a way to have it as single column rather than multi. As currently the images I place, being of varying size and text, presents things in a really scattered order.

That feature is not available as a part of the default theme, however, I’m more than happy to customize it. We charge by the hour :)

Hi There. I would like you buy this theme, but some how i could not see the like and reblog function anywhere. Any help will be great.


Hey there! I just sent you an email.

Hey, just send you an email about customization of this theme. Looking forward to your reply

Hi—Just bought this fantastic theme. How can have a better looking static page? (http://www.foxfisher.com/PRESS) At the moment it’s all over the place and no ‘spacing’ can fix this. Can it be either a clean two column or just a single column? Really need to fix this asap. And if it’s not possible I need to find a new theme. Many thanks.

Thanks for your reply. When I view my site on a phone, the static pages work well. When I view on a browser (chrome for example) the pictures and the words are all pushed together and it looks really messy, which I”m sure is not what you intended when designing this theme. http://i.share.pho.to/05c8bce2_c.png http://i.share.pho.to/05c8bce2_c.png

Please can you also view for yourself on chrome or another browser so you know what I mean?

Please let me know what I can do. Thanks.

Have asked a web designer to tweak the code for me now – -will see what they can do! Thanks

Ah, I see what you mean now. My apologies for taking so long, I just got back into town. Yes, this is indeed a bug with the theme. Shoot me an email via my contact form in my profile page so I can send you the most up to date code. Pushing an update through the marketplace might take a few days to go through review so emailing me will give me a way to get you the most up to date code quicker.