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Hi, i can’t install any demo site http://kreatia.mx/wp/

Hello DavidRiveraz!

Sometimes there are issues installing the demos by using the “Install Demos” page in the Intensity settings. These issues can be from server connection issues or a number of other things. Have you tried the “Alternate Installation Method” mentioned on our demos installation page? This method uses the “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin. It works much better and will give you all the demo content that we have for the demo. If you have any further issues or need more help, please let us know by submitting a support request.


I’ve recently noticed strange behavior in this theme when I add a VC Media Grid widget to a page. With the grid in place, the site no longer respects the font settings from the Intensity options, and it’s also messing with the logo size (scaling it to the small version, even though I have that heading feature turned off). Any ideas? I hadn’t encountered this issue before.


We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues. Is there any way that you can send us a link to an example page that shows the issue? That would help us to be able to track down the issue. Unfortunately, we haven’t come across this issue either, so seeing an example would be helpful.


Hi there, I have a pre-sale question: Are you keeping up with the latest BuddyPress versions? Thanks, Paul



We try to keep up-to-date with all the latest plugin releases, but we we haven’t tested lately, so we are a little behind. If you have any issues at all, or notice anything that doesn’t look right, we will make sure to take care of it right away.

We will install the latest version to make sure that things appear to be all working correctly.


after installing intensity.zip, when i try to install demo i get “Sorry, something unexpected occurred during installation.”


Installing “demo” is a rather large one to install. If you want to install that particular site, the best way is to use the “Alternate Installation Method”, which can be found on this documentation page.

If you need further help, please let us know.


Hi i am having troubles editing the pages with Visual Composer. Ex: when i click on edit on a header, the edit window opens but the keeps circuling around for ever so I can not edit pages except if its a text file.

Could you login to my wp and have a look.

I’m sorry that I haven’t answered the support message yet, I’ve been trying to close out a big project and it has been eating up my time. I will be looking into the VC issues today and will do my best to have an answer to you later today.

Hi Support still hasnt been answered. 12 DAYS and no reply. Come on

Did we not respond to your support ticket? I hadn’t added a new response here because I thought I answered the question in the support ticket. In the support ticket, I provided an updated file to drop into our plugin, that would fix the issue. If you didn’t see the support ticket, let me know.

Here’s a zip file that includes the file that needs to be replaced. Unzip the file, then place the parameter-types.php file into the following directory, inside of the Intense plugin.


I added /wp-content/plugins/ just to remind you that the change is in the plugins directory.

Please let me know if you continue to have problems. We are working on a few changes and will have the update out soon.

I just set up my page and noticed that the menu doesn’t display the mobile menu in the responsive view or on a mobile device.

It just shows the regular menu and the links not being clickable.

Mobile menu is ena

I just set up my page and noticed that the menu, created via mega menu, doesn’t display the mobile menu in the responsive view or on a mobile device.

It just shows the regular menu and the links not being clickable.

Is the mobile menu an add on to the mega menu plug-in?

cheers in advance.




I’ll take a look really quickly. You’ll want to remove the user after a short time because this thread is public. I don’t want your site to get hacked. That’s why I sent the link to the support page, that way you could send a support ticket.

I’ll look at things quickly.


I think I will have to do some local testing to track down why the mobile menu doesn’t seem to function right with Max Mega Menu plugin. It works fine for us on our demo site. For what your menu is right now, you don’t need to have that plugin activated. The plugin was on, but wasn’t actually doing anything to the menu. The menu looks the same and the mobile version works when the Max Mega Menu plugin is deactivated.

We’ll see what we can find and try to get it working better. If we track down what the issue is, we’ll let you know.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You might want to go in and change the password, and maybe even remove the dev1 user, so you don’t get people trying to hack the site.

Cheers for your help so far.

PW changed. Let me know if you need further access.

I asked 2 days ago on your forum how to replicate homepage 19. Can you please reply. Thank you

Sorry for the delay. We try to get to questions over the weekend, but sometimes are not able to. I will respond to your support message. Putting the code here will be a bit long.


Hi there, Iam working for a customer who bought the theme..the HOVER boxes ARE not compatible on Safari :( Just to let you know :)

Hello! Thank you for letting us know. We’ll do some testing and see what we can find. We’ll get back to you once we find out what’s going on.

SMDAgency, we tested hover boxes again within Safari and it is working as expected. There must be something else going on that we aren’t seeing in our testing. Can you submit a support ticket at https://intensevisions.com/support/tickets/ or send us a private message with a link to the site you are setting up? Thanks!

Hi how can i deactivate my code? I have the website i used it on details any more

Hello! We have removed the activation, so you are free to re-activate the purchase code. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

I’m unable to load the Support page, that’s why i write a comment here. I have installed the theme and then when I try to install the required “Intense plugin” i get an error. My question is, can I download and install manually?

Thank you for your question. We saw your message in support and have responded there.

Hi there, When I try to install the plug-in following purchase I am redirected to a 404 page. The status of the plug-in says activated however it does not appear to be fully installed/active?

If you haven’t already, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you get things set up and working. Thanks!

Theme is not Bootstrap 4 compatible…

Hello! You’re absolutely correct. We built the theme and our plugin (Intense) with Bootstrap 3, and haven’t updated it all yet. It’s going to be a pretty big update. Sorry about that.

Hi! Unfortunately I can not register for a support ticket (error messages after trying insert to the purchase code) so I ask my question here. After installation of the template I always get a warning when I try to use the Customizer: “A non-numeric value encountered in /..../wp-content/plugins/intense/inc/plugins/ReduxCore/inc/extensions/customizer/extension_customizer.php on line 417”. I made a completely new installation and also tried to change the PHP Version but that didn’t have an effect. Can you help me? Thank you!

Hi, sorry you are having trouble with registration. We’ve seen this issue before and have had it fixed. It’s possible that it has cropped up again or you are using an older version. Please send us a private message with information about which version you are using and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

I need support.. I try registration for support your page.. But your page have to bug..

I wrote registration code.. After I see to error code

Warning: file_get_contents(https://marketplace.envato.com/api/edge/IntenseVisions/baj50x80vo5qwd1upbndhsjyzzf3b0o3/verify-purchase:eb363a28-ed31-4293-9836-918f4eed41ef.json): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests in /home/forge/intensevisions.com/public/wp-content/plugins/Server/IVersionWP-Server.php on line 868


Please help for documantry

best regards


We’ll do some research on the issue you’re having. In the meantime, if you need support, please send us a message from our Profile page. You can also send us a message to support@intensevisions.com. We’ll answer the ticket from there.

We do apologize for the issue.

Hello! The module “Testimonies” doesn’t work :-( . Only appears a space. I tried to display the Intensity testimonies and manual testimonies, it doesn’t work in any way. Do you know what could be happening? Thank you.

Sorry about the issues you’re having. It sounds like there could be a conflict. You might want to start by disabling all other plugins to see if issue is resolved. If the problem continues, please send us a private message with a link to your site and we might need access too. Thanks!

I have disabled the plugins but it remains the same. At the moment I have managed using flipping boxes but I would still like that section to work, in case I had many testimonies in the future. Now go to send the message with the data. Thank you!


acamp68 Purchased

Is there a way to make a specific slider the default Slide Template for the Revolution Slider. Found on post pages under “Revolution Slider Options > Choose slide template”. Thank you!


Does this template still have support? Why hasn’t it been updated for a year?

I would like to buy it, but if I need to know if it has support and is updated.

I tried to open support tickets on https://intensevisions.com/support/tickets/, but I don’t see anything in the history after submitting my consult.

My problem occurs when I install the intense plugin, it throws me http error 500

Sorry, we have been on vacation over the last few weeks. We saw your refund request and it’s approved. Sorry for the slow response.

I too tried to leave a support ticket, but don’t think it is working. Also filled out the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page… no response. Are you all still supporting this Theme?

Sorry, we have been on vacation over the last few weeks. We will check for your message. Thanks!