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Excellent Job!

I need help on a few things,

1. I use aweber for the newsletter, I need that to work with the current email one you have on your site.

I can email you my aweber code to show you.

2. How do I disable that Thumbnail mouse over affect?

3. The Facebox, I need it to work with a back / forward functionality as I am showing multiple images for each click, any ideas for this/

4. For the Quotes, can we make the height bigger because I need to show larger quotes.

Thank You and Great Work!


Can You help?

Hi booheadinc,

Thanks for purchasing Interactive.

Please drop me a mail so that I can reply you!


- Mandar

I had already sent you an email.

Hello, I love the template and want to buy, my question is, I can add blocks of text to describe the product but I’m going to offer? Greetings.

Hi Rsibu,

Thanks for your interest in Interactive LP.

Yes, You can add text blocks.


- Mandar

I have just purchased your work.. 5 star.. looking forward to have a great time with it. Thanks!

Hello Rahul,

Thanks For purchasing Interactive & your words !

- Mandar


purchased this, love it, install is a breeze – but I realise that the cufon fonts won’t appear in IE9 (in fact it does not show anything at all where the cufons are suppost to be). FF, Opera, Chrome work perfectly….

Any hint?

Maybe you can drop me a line rm @ murokoma.com

Thanks! Robert

Hello murooma,

Thanks for purchasing Interactive.

Regarding Cufon not working in IE 9 , Please try updating Cufon.js to the latest version from their website which fixes IE9 bug.


- Mandar

That worked, thank you. I suggest to integrate it in the official download, though…

Cheers, Robert

Yup ! Thanks for your suggestion.

There seems to be some dynamic .js replacement of the video file and I can’t seem to figure it out.

No matter what iframe I put in, the Envato video overrides it, rendering it useless.

There’s nothing in the documentation about the video on the video.html page.

Please advise.

Hello Mike,

Thanks for purchasing Interactive.

Can you send me link to your site ? So that I can have a look on it.


- Mandar

Hi, thanks for this template.

I’m just having one issue and was hoping you could help…

The titles (feature set style 1,2, 3) are not showing up in most browsers except for some versions of explorer…

Do you know how to fix this??

Best, Dean

Hello deano,

Thanks for purchasing Interactive LP.

Please update cufon-yui.js to the latest version from here : http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i

This should fix your issue.


- Mandar

Hi I have notice there is an issue with the cufon on IExplore, your headings gone invisible. any fix??? regards

Hello rockhard0094,

Thanks for purchasing Interactive !

Yes, There has been an issue with cufon & IE9 . Please update your cufon-yui.js to the latest version : http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i


- Mandar


is the code responsive?


Thanks for your interest in interactive !

NO, Interactive LP is not Responsive Template.


can I edit the buttons? to something like “Sign Up” and “Go To Step 2” ?

Hello, Yes, Those buttons are images.

Is this template available in Word Press?

If not would it be easy to implement this template in Word Press?


Sorry, It is just html template. please contact me via mail if you want quote for converting this to wordpress

Is there a wordpress version of this

Do you have an installation package?

Nope. It is just a html template.