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I am looking to purchase your template, it looks good but I notice a problem : on the iPhone 4S the design is responsive and nice but the price list is not responsive and goes out a long way on the right. Any way to fix it? It is the only element that prevent me from purchasing it.

Thanks! :)

we’ll take a look at it and update it asap! Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi! Any update on… the update? :)

I install this theme in wordpress?

No it’s a HTML only theme. The WP version is not available for sale here on ThemeForest.


I am working on the theme and 2 things I notice on iPhone (or if you resize the window of the browser) :

1) There is a large grey bar at the bottom of the slideshow (images/bg_details.png) that is not resized correctly. 2) The images in the slide show won’t keep their ratios pass a certain point.

Could you please let me know if this could be fixed easily?

Thanks in advance!

Please post your question on our dedicated Support Forum (, where our support team will help you out in no time. We don’t offer support here on the comments because it gets tricky pretty fast to follow the conversation and it’s also hard to be seen by others who might encounter the same issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi, I would like to know what font was used for the logo, it blends well with the design, I would like to make the same kind of logo but for that I need to know the font name! Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

The font used is called Open Sans

Thank you, I figured it out now.

You would not have an idea how to make the widget_categories on the frontpage work? In the code it says this: <ul> <li><a href="#">All</a></li> <li><a href="#">Web</a></li> <li><a href="#">UI</a></li> <li><a href="#">Branding</a></li> <li><a href="#">Logo</a></li> </ul>

I just read it does not work for html.

I can’t get the twitter feed to work! I gave cache folder 777 permission and changed the general.js folder, no change whatsoever!

Please be so kind and post that on our support forum. Our support guys are there all day long waiting for your questions and issues to help you with. We don’t answer support questions here because are pretty hard to follow by others. Thanks for the understanding and patience.

I am looking to buy this theme but I have realized on the home page, on chome, the slide arrows and numbers do not show. is that fixed already? should I wait for an update.

Yes those number and arrows. It doesnt show on Chrome. I have tried a number of different computers none of them worked.

Here is the screenshot.

I see that you already customized your content (mainly text what I can see from the screen) is the arrow issue appear on the original HTML downloaded from ThemeForest as well?

Hi, Yes it was the same. I have the original file, here is the screen shot:

Hello, congrats for this amazing design. I have one question before getting this theme:

Do you use any front end framework like Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation?

No, we built the theme on 960gs, but no framework. We recently started to develop all our themes on Boostrap but this will be in effect starting from now on, and we not plan to update older themes in this regard.

I have a few pre-sales questions:

1) Its written on description page in what’s included: “20+ HTML 5 valid files for each color variation”

Where can i see all color variations before purchasing?

2) Are these color variations also available in the WordPress version?

3)In one of your previous reply to another user you said “We recently started to develop all our themes on Boostrap but this will be in effect starting from now on, and we not plan to update older themes in this regard.” Will you be updating this theme to support newer browsers or would there be no updates to this theme at all ?


1. The color versions have been removed since the last update because we have added a very cool feature that changes all the colors throughout the website from a single place. So, no need for pre-made color version. Just edit the CSS file that contains the color and the default Orange switches to that.

2. yes, in WP we have a color picker that makes it even easier. Just pick a color and press OK.

3. We update the HTML and the WOrdPress theme for compatibility with newer browsers and everything, we just won’t recode the themes to be Bootstrap compatible.

Hi help me, I just paid Interakt for Wordpress and I just noticed that this is an HTML website theme. How to use it for a wordpress site. thank you very much

the title clearly says HTML, not Wordprress. But please send us an email at to sort it out. Thanks.

Hi! I just paid fot this theme but the link for the instructions for the installation it’s not working. Could you post the link?


Note that you have purchased a HTML theme. Don’t install this into WordPress it will not work. Actually there is nothing to install in a HTML theme. You just put it on the server and it works.

Slider from the homepage is not anymore Chrome compatible (arrows and numbers are not displayed).


please provide a link to your website and we will have a look into this. Normally need to work fine.

Cheers, Max.

Hi, I need to display all my portfolio in one page. Now it shows only 9 works on a page.

How can I do this?

Thanks, Nic.


you’re using HTML template or wordopress one? Because you wrote on HTML template section.