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awesome work mate.. Congrats… :)

cool, thanks

Nice work bro – I’ll buy this.

1. menu needs to transform to a drop down menu on resize

If you hit refresh, it does. When you’ll load the theme on a actual phone it will display ok.

There you go = sale #1 ;)

Good stuff.

Cool, thanks.

This is great! And I agree with nanchante, I barely noticed that it actually works fine, after refreshing.

...also, i notice that on my android phone, whilst it has a drop down menu, the entire design only takes up half the screen (the entire right side of the screen is blank)

We’ll take a look.

.. also you need to provide an option for a full width version, not just boxed.

That would make it killer.


Full width? Not sure what are you talking about. The theme is built on 960 grid system. Here is a full width page with the possible column combinations.

If you mean a page that stretches on the full width of the browser, that is not going to happen. The way this theme was designed and coded works only this way ;)

This is another good theme! Good luck :)

Thanks ;)

Beautiful theme, well done! Would I be able to pace some blog Posts on the Homepage (like having the latest 4 blog post instead of the Our Work section)?

Being a HTML theme you can practically put whatever you want there.

Any chance for a wordpress version of this?

there is available for sale but I’m afraid I can’t share the link, it’s against the policy here. It’s easy to find though.

this is very appealing!

What is the font you’ve used for the logo?

Very, very small logo space for the novice user to fix. I’ve been trying to fix it for 1/2 hour by trial and error but it keeps throwing out the menu or the divs.

Needs to be at least double the size.

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll see if it’s something we can do to ease the logo change.

Your rollovers in the footer are playing up in firefox on a mac. They are shifting to the right too much and causing content to flow onto a new line in some cases…

Ah thanks for pointing that out, we’ll take a look.

nice template. i will buy it. i was searching for a long time a template like this.

Cool, glad you find it (:

let me get this straight so I can fully understand. All of these multipurpose templates on themeforest that has a blog section would only work if it is used on the wordpress press platform? Put another way, in order to use the blog feature of this and any other multipurpose template that has a blog, I would have to convert it to a theme for wordpress? Thanks for any prompt reply…

Let me explain the process of creating a theme, it will be easier to understand. This is one step of our process of creating a WordPress theme. We do the design first, then the HTML, and then use the HTML to create the WordPress version. Of course we need to do all the pages from the get go, that is why you see blog pages in a HTML template.

This is actually a good thing, because there are users that want to implement this HTML theme in Joomla maybe, or even other CMS systems.

It will be odd to remove the blog pages from the HTML project, so we leave them in the archive for all our HTML themes. Hope this make sense.

Good looking theme with some attractive features. I don’t need a blog for the intended site so want to steer clear of Wordpress and go with html. 1) Where do the PSD files get used? Are they needed for html? 2) the left hand panel on the demo pages: if I select a colour, will this change the navigation menu bar colour?

the portfolio carousel on the home ’s tags don’t work, they just jump to the top of the page…..



Yes because this is a HTML theme as the title says. We created the links there, but didn’t put any link to load. The tags work like a charm in the WordPress version sold on our website. Can’t share the link though, it’s against the rules here.

How can I get the search froms working?

these will not work with HTML version, only with a website with a database, like the Wordpress version available on our site. We can get you a discount to cover for your HTML purchase.

very impressive. Pretty sure I’d like to get this one. Any updates on the logo change? I’d like some more room as well. I’m no expert, but not a novice either. I don’t need that many menu options. Will I be able to just remove one of the menu choices to give the logo more horizontal space? How compatible is this with the design tab in Dreamweaver?

David, this is the HTML version and not the WordPress one (which is not available for sale here). With HTML you can do whatever you want with it, just edit the CSS file. It’s ofcourse compatible with Dreamweaver design tab.