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Hi, I would like to buy this theme but I need some information. I need to create different type of members (some free, some have to pay a membership). The ones who have to pay will pay monthly/annual/ecc + they will have some credits they can use to contact the free profiles. The plugin you suggest to use (paid membership pro) doesn’t allow all this staff. Do you have any suggestion?

Sorry, I have no idea on profile credits plugins, may be you can search any membership plugins.


saqib Purchased

So what is the solution?

Can you tell me how many groups you need in your site?


Can you please tell me how do I allow Comments in Talents page ?

Thank you

Right now there is no option to display the comments for talent pages, we will add this option in future updates.

Why is there a booking and event callender system on the theme? How can I book the agents from frontend?

As per my knowledge all model agency bookings are mostly done through offline, there wont be any fixed cost for bookings, so that we have not developed that system.

Do you feel you need booking system using WooCOmmerce plugin?

if i like to by this theme, what would be the major difference btw this theme and your other theme Gilda – Fashion Model Agency WordPress CMS Theme

All our themes are same in functionality but styles are different.

Fatal error: Class ‘Avada_Data’ not found in ….wp-content/plugins/fusion-core/fusion-core.php on line 1086 > This error just started all over my website, do you know why?

The error clearly says that the Avada_Data is not found, so try to disable the fusion plugin and check it out.

i want to buy several of your themes, and i want to use (paid membership pro) like the previous theme i bought from you (JULIA), now i want anther one but to have some Features.

is it possible ??

can you list our what are the features you need so that we will look at this and let you know whether can be done or not.

kaya role manager, paid membership pro.

yes, this theme has Roles manager included in download files. But the Paid Memebrship Pro is free you can download for free.

I love that you can create a short list. Is it possible to create multiple short lists?Say a short list for women and a short list for men?

The shortlist works as a global, you can separate male and female, all short listed posts are listed in shortlist page.

Hi, I am looking for a theme to build a voice casting website. One of your themes I think that should be ok. Only a pair of questions. Do you think it should be possible to

- add a big search bar like forvo.com in the home page?

- on page like this one http://kayapati.com/demos/casting/voice-artist-category/narration/ listen a preview of an audio track on artist rollover

Thankyou Flavio


You can not bring exactly like that but you can add just only one text field (Name) search by removing other filters.

Go to “Widgets > Top Search Widget Area” where you can disable all checkboxes except Name field checkbox.

ok thankyou. If you are using PODS to create all the fields that are possible to use in your search widget, maybe I could create a custom search field to search a keyword through all PODS fields and land to your search result’s page, do you think it could be possible?

Yes, you can create pods field and make it in search filter.,

Love the fact we can create our own custom fields, as for the Search option, is there a way to make a Search page with multiple different search fields based on the custom taxonomies or tags associated to a profile?

Also, found a glitch: I’m looking at this profile: http://kayapati.com/demos/casting/photographer/cameron/ When I click on the tag “Professional” which that profile is associated to, I don’t see the profile showing up in the results.

Same goes for the “Advertising Photographers”, only 3 results show up yet there are 6 profiles tagged under “Advertising Photographers” when clicking from the main menu

What’s going on?

yes, you can create multiple search filter on the page using the search widgets.

We have added tags just for demo use which may not be the real names.

Hi, How can i remove reCaptcha from registration form??

how can I add more user roles in that list?

Please check this video

Thank You!

Hello I have a customer wishes to add models to his site with front end. He dont want to use wp background. Just he will add models. There is not model application. Just he will use front end to add models with photographs. Can you do this costumuzation. If you can please respond quickly.

Please note that, we are working on major updates on this theme. Where we are going to replace few plugins like User Registration login, Pods Post access manager etc.

In existing process, you need to create Multiple CPTs like Talents, BDMS, Dancers, DJs etc. which are more meshing dashboard and Admin need to create Multiple Frontend forms for each CPTs, which is a bit confusing.

So instead of Multiple CPTs, in new way, you can only create jus one CPT and add how many fields as needed and control fields based on roles. so those fields will be displayed based on roles logged in.


zedpal Purchased

These major updates are great news. Do you have an an estimated timeline for implementing the changes ?

We are already working on this and will finish in with in 2 working days.

Please note that theme has been done with major Updates so old buyers who bought this theme before 24-03-2017 contact us via our support forum http://support.kayapati.com/

New buyers can ignore the above message can use with our any issues.

Updated documentation can be found here


—Major changes has been done. —Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin Added —- Removed Kaya Roles Manager and replace with Members Plugin. —- Added Pods Post access Manager —Search Functionalty has changed. —Ultimate Member Plugin Added.

super interested in this theme. Do you offer customization? Like setting up membership payment gateways?

We use Paid Membership Plugin for Memberships, so we do not re invent the wheel. You can use any third party plugins.