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I’d like to email your some questions, can I have your email address?

Please go to my profile page where you can see the contact form bottom right side, fill it up and send it.

Why my products contain a number “16” next to the price? http://marketzone.com.mx/pagina/?product=locera-grisnaranja how can i deleted it?

Really no idea why its coming, by mistake did you add it any where while creating the products or product settings?

It showing “woocommerce-price-suffix” number.

I can’t Check the box for Partbers, Slider or Testimonials as i am trying to creat a slideshow on my homepage. I ignored and set every thing as on your vedeo instructions and when i load the preview, the dropdown for slideshow doesn’t work.

Just send me the form then I will reply so that we can communicate.

I replied.

I have seen your website and you have not created any posts or categories in Kaya slider, so the kayaslider is empty and that is the reason the slider is not visible.

I suggest you to go through all the videos here:


Hi and thank you for your beautiful job. First question. How Can I change the placeholder in your Interia-contact form ? Erick


Are you talking about this form and the Name, Email which are in the INPUT fields?


Right now there is no dynamic option to change them and need to edit manually.

Open “contact_form.php” which is located in “plugins/kaya-interia-page-widgets/inc/widgets/”

and find those words and change it as per your needs.

Please note that those changes will be replace once you update plugin so need to back up it while updating it.

hi, Where do I find the pages for the four colums with example text on the Home page, under the slider? Where can I delete or edit these. I found widget, footer, but possibility to modify the content. THanks

Its asking wp admin access, can you use other method for sending screenshots?

Still asking the authentication

I am trying to update this theme in our client’s site, but my recent download states it is missing the css?

It should not like that, please make sure that you find “interia.zip” and upload it using wordpress installer.

I see that the supported version of WooCommerce is only 2.1.x. I am curious if this theme will work with current versions of WooCommerce?

Yes, it will work with latest WooCOmmerce.

Interia-Testimonial Slider (PB) Auto Play not play ? Why ?

please login with buyer account to get support.

Hi, I’m interested in the theme but I see some problems. For example in home page 7. The slider control appears wrong.

Can you tell me what is the wrong, I just see it and can not find it any thing wrong, if we find any bugs we will fix theme soon.

Hi, Kayapati I’ve a problem with the pagination. When I test the category (with 15 examples, minimum), The page 1 is OK, only with 10 not 11, but the second page appears with an error 404. I have disabled all plugins end reactivated one after one. The problem is no solved. Could you hel me please Erick

Thanks you

Now you can download and test it.

Sorry not yet updated, we will do it soon.

Hi, I have updated an my wordpress and the customizer doesn’t work so I can’t change anything. Please help! thanks,

We just updated it my live and can not see any issue with customizr, can you please explain the issue more or can provide us the wp admin access to check it out? go to my profile page and fill the form and submit it.

I’m having trouble pagination posts as I do???

Can you provide us the issue page ur?

Hello, the images on the talents on the homepage get sized 202×202 instead of 202×253 as on the demo website. This is also a problem because the talent details that appear on mouseover are cut because there is not enough vertical space to show them.

On the code it looks like images on my site voltidimoda.com get resized 480×480 while on the demo they are resized 480×600 and I need them like that.

Please advice. Thanks.

no change….thumbnail are still square sized (202×202) instead of rectangular like in the demo

also, site origin post carousel do not work…i place it on blog page and nothing appear

Ok fine.

forget last comment i fixed it…right now i olny have the problem with the images dimension on homepage

It would be help us if you can provide us any screenshot with more details about the images issue.

Hi, good afternoon, I have a problem with creating the Submission Form, buy the theme and I can not find the plugin. I appreciate your help.

Please login with buyer account to get support.

Hi, good afternoon, I have a problem with creating the Submission Form, buy the theme and I can not find the plugin. I appreciate your help.

Please login with buyer account to get support.

hi, great theme, all thing well but no option to register agency or production house and where is paid membership and plan option in demo is there any demo login for checking admin account or user account

you can use third party plugin called “Paid Membership Pro” for memebrship levels.

You have an options to control the register levels as Agency or Models.


Ksouth Purchased

i was editing the theme but unfortunately lost the homepage icon in the footer contact section check my site videovixen.co.ke at the footer contact us..how can i get the icon back.

2.I want when artist click on book talent i get all their queries and email instead of the models getting them is when i can link the model to the artist how can i mage this possible.

3.I need user rating plugin where model be rated and customers leaving feedback which will then show on their profiles.

4.Does the theme has any other homepage layout style apart from the one on my site coz there are no option for sliders or any other homepage styles.


Ksouth Purchased

I also dont see membership plugin and how can i feature a model on the homepage as paid member

Are you asking us the customizations for your theme as per your needs, the features you are asking is not showing the demo page.

If you want customization, please go to my profile page and contact me personally.

hi, the cms permits set the number items per row? I need almost 10 at home. i want add two fiels more to profile.

yes, you have an options to control the number of images to display. You can add custom tab for talent profile page.