Interim - Multipurpose Email + Builder Access

Interim - Multipurpose Email + Builder Access

Interim & The Drag&Drop Email Template Builder

Interim comes with the best drag&drop email builder available online. 100% compatible with Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor

Built with client needs in mind

We’re confident that you’ll soon find out the fact that Interim is the most versatile and complete email template available on the market. With literally over 290 completely different modules and the new BigBangThemes builder, this email template is certainly going to set a new standard of expectations for you and for your clients needs.

Knowing the fact that emails must be extremely well thought in order to catch the attention of your clients, we’ve made sure that Interim has loads of templates that are built with your clients in mind. We simply tried to include anything you could possibly need to use in order to build the best email campaign your company has ever sent.

Purchasing Interim doesn’t only come with access to the best email builder tool available on the market and the most versatile email template, it also comes with amazing support and a highly trained team of experts ready to help you out and make sure you easily manage to make the best out of our email builder.

Need some more info?

If you need any sort of help, please make sure to check out our Documentation available here.

Update History

V2.5 – October 14th, 2017

Builder improved speed performance

V2.4 – July 3rd, 2017

Builder Colorpicker format fixed from rgba to hex
Builder preloader and token fixes
Minor template markup fixes

V2.3 – March 6th, 2017

Image optimization
Pixel Perfect section fixes

V2.2 – January 17th, 2017

Builder token generation implemented for Account area

V2.1 – August 19th, 2016

Several markup and css template fixes

V2.0 – Apr 20th, 2015

Major Update - Interim is now available on the new email builder
!UPGRADE! - Now MyMail compatible

V1.0 – Aug 7th, 2015

Official Release