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Awesome work mate.. Nice themes. :D

Thanks JOGJAfile

Thank you metrothemes

Beautiful work!! Wish you many sales… ;)

Thank you juanmita

Thank you Gluckxxx

Great job!

In Safari under section ‘works’ the text is cut in half (disappears behind fame).

Is a WP version coming any time soon?

not right now.

brave color scheme!

thank you :)

Looks great! Good luck :)

When I view with iphone4s, portrait or landscape, there are two similar “Go to” drop-down.

I will check it out and fix the issue.

Hey there, Great work, like it very much, modified a bit under company colors. just need some help as i’m new to html, on the contact session i need to have two maps with two addresses, i tried a lot but could not success, could you please help, and one more issue i have translated the webpage to my language but can’t find where to replace the goto of drop down menu. thank you in advance

give me page url, I will give you solution.

thanks for your time and given help mate, solved it, i was putting them in the same div and it was confusing, solved it easily :) thanks again and happy sales to you :)

Thank you

Hehe Found it :) found the go to. just help on two maps issue will be appreciated.

Great job, ty

HI there – bit of a newbie. I am trying to upload the .zip file to WordPress and I am getting this error. Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Once download files , find a folder called Interia.zip upload it from Wordpress uploader

Im just looking at the demo and something is annoying me. Why does the title animation for the jquery image slider not show on the first picture? It starts on the 2nd yet looking at your code you have a title in the code for the first image.

is it a bug?

yes, its small bug, we fixed it in out Angel WordPress theme, we will do the same here too.

Hi There,

Downloaded your theme today, nice theme, working fairly well so far but can you tell me how to change the fonts being called from gogle fonts please, which file do I need to change for this?

Thanks in advance. Tim.

you need to use this class for li tag class=”active”

Thats great, theme is brilliant by the way!

Thank you

You should head over to this link gummybits


pick the google font you want and select the different weights you want for the fonts (like bolds and regulars etc) when you are done google will supply you with a link. Paste that into the head of your pages replacing the original google fonts link. Finally head over to your CSS document and tell the document what font you want to use (again google will give you the code for this. its very easy to do)

Thanks for your answer Kayapati. I will probably wait until the bug is fixed on the theme until i purchase. Nice design though and excellent responsive skills.

Thank you.

I’m getting the style.css error too. I unzipped the template, found the Interior folder, created a new .zip (there wasn’t one in the package) and I’m still getting the message. I read your response (above) but can’t find a nested zip in the folder.

It’s HTML template, not a Wordpress version

is there any targeted date when you’re gonna correct the bug with jquery image slider not showing on the first picture? it’s really annoying.

another idea, if you have already corrected that bug for another theme, could you please send me a separate js file so i will just replace the existing one, if the code is the same i guess it doesn’t matter for which theme it is used. thanks for your help in advance

Email me I will send you files which are mostly completed except small issue, the first slide come fast.

Hi. I just bought the INTERIOR Theme, but I can’t install it. When I try to install the interior.zip file in the Wordpress Panel the following message appears: The package could not be installed. The style sheet style.css doens’t have an valid header. The theme instalation failed. Please can you help me? I need to do it with urgency! Tks

its HTML template, not WordPress theme.

I’ve installed the template here: http://topdrawerinteriors.com/

I think it’s awesome but I’m unable to get the form to function. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance