Discussion on Intima - Resume & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Intima - Resume & Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Love this theme! I am struggling with one challenge that was mentioned in a previous comment but the resolution isn’t posted. I’ve ordered my resume section by publish date meticulously. No matter what I do, my most recent resume post will not fall into the correct sorting order. Can someone please help? I thought it may be a cache issue, but I’ve refreshed everything.

Hi there! Your theme looks really nice! Just one question: does it support a blog section? (live demo seems broken) Thanks!

I have tried multiple contact form plugins but for it is continually distorted looking as though it is squished.How do I fix this?

How can I change the “Hire Me” text into a “Read More” instead

nevermind, figured it.

Avoid this theme and this developer.

Hi, Is it possible to add a new section to this theme ? thanks

Avoid this theme. Unsupported, and previously responsive devs have stopped caring.

You guys have been saying for a couple months now there’s a new build coming out “soon.” What’s the ETA? And when will you be responding to questions asked here?

Hi and thanks for a great theme but I have 3 issues with it:

1. how can I change the font size for the about section….?

2. the CSS file within the editor is empty for some reason. Is that a bug?

3. when viewing on mobile – I can’t seem to scroll down (but clicking on each of the links will get me to the relevant section). Why is that? (BTW – when forcing the browser to ‘view as desktop site’ for some reason, the scrolling works…

*browser – Chrome *device – Nexus 5

Thanks for your help, Adi

I’ve been having issues with my site loading using the latest stable builds of Chrome and Firefox (and Edge, fwiw) for a month or two now. When navigating to the site, the center loading icon simply spins indefinitely. It requires hitting F5 (sometimes several times) before the site will actually load. I’m not sure what’s hanging things up, and would appreciate some assistance.

Hi – Great theme.

I am having really bad site speed problems – Can you please tell me what is the cause, and how I can go about fixing this? HiAaron.io

Hi, I’m trying to remove some item in the menubar (Testimonials, Portfolio and Blog) so I turned it off in Intima settings.

It’s working with the Blog but it still shows Testimonials and Portfolio in the menubar.

Hey there, great theme, I have one question though – how do I change the additional h1 headings (e.g for portfolio, testimonials etc) to h2 or h3, but keep the same look as the current h1 headings? This is for SEO – to ensure a single h1 heading per page.

Is there some custom CSS that will do the trick? I’m not a coder.

The site in question is .



I’m having trouble with changing CSS through the Global Management Custom CSS input. I continue to get errors. I think it might be related to how I’m entering the CSS.

I’m trying to change the hover colour of the top navigation links. By default when hovered over, they turn red. I’m trying to make them a blue colour.

Would you mind providing the precise CSS that I would need to enter into the Custom CSS input box to change the navigation hover colour? It would be helpful to see what needs to be entered for when I do any other changes to the CSS.


Can we remove menu items? I’ve created a wordpress menu and for some reason I can’t use it. I’ve even disabled the sections I want to remove and still the default menu items show. http://lawrencewiggins.com

Hi, does someone know how to remove the pre-loader in intima theme ? Thanks

you didn’t want to show pre-loader anymore ?

right, I don’t want the pre-loader

post to delete


Is it possible to get the contact-button in the about section to scroll down to the skill section instead of down to contacts?

I didn’t get your requirement. Would you please send me a message with a bit detail?

Dear bdinfosys;

Thank you so much for the theme, it is great! Could you please help me figure out how the ordering system works for the “Resume” and “Employment” section. I have tried using ascending and descending order for, publishing date, as well as the date of the event written in the format “DECEMBER 2014 – JANUARY 2015 in order to put my events in the correct vertical order. None have worked. Could you please advise how I can order my employment and resume timeline?

Thank you.

Best regards,


Hello bdinfosys,

Did you have a chance to take a look?

Thank you.

Sorry to bother you again, I also have one more question. How do you make the menu on the left, visible by default? and not only come out when clicked.

Hi, Check your message.

Hello, first, this template it’s great but i woul like to put more three networks in addition to those already included in the template: Pinterest, Medium and Ello, it’s possible?

Hi, You have to edit the theme.


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