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Can you please help me installing my plugin. See attachment and below.

I use Wordpress 4.7.3 on my synology server. I try to install the zip but it fail to install

Purchase codes eb580b14-14be-48b5-87df-adc25e5c15e0 – 26 Apr 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Hi also installing via Theme and other browser does not help!

Bezig met installeren van thema vanuit bestand: themeforest-6623462-intime-responsive-coming-soon-template.zip

Uitpakken van pakket…

Thema installeren…

Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Het thema heeft geen style.css stylesheet.

Thema installatie mislukt.

Hi there,

this is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme/plugin. That’s why it is categorized under category “Site Templates”, not ”WordPress” and the item descriptions says “under construction/coming soon HTML template”. You can still use it but in a clean server directory, without WordPress installation.

Regards, Asta


I just by themeforest-6623462-intime-responsive-coming-soon-template.zip of 11,903 kb.

I cannot install it. When i upload the zip file, i go t the message that ” There is no valid plugin”. How to install this zip file,

purchased this item.

eb580b14-14be-48b5-87df-adc25e5c15e0 – 26 Apr 2017


Thanks for you reply. I’m new here and envato support did not explain me good the categories. I had a filter for wordpress by searching, hence do you have same or like that in plugin for wordpress. And csn you change the order?

thanks. you have direct link to forum/email to contact magadrupall. i can’t open the lin to see the plugin live preview.


The connection has timed out

The server at demo.wpprime.com is taking too long to respond.


Purchase code is neccessary to create account to ask pre-sale question!!!?


got contact form, i send a message.

Hi, How can i decrease the preloading time ? If i delete the preloading the logo is not showed. Thanks

Hi there,

“Loading…” is showed until the images, scripts and other elements have finished loading, so the time depends on your server, the size of images, etc. If you want to disable it, you need to delete the div element with the “preload” id and its contents in the index.html file and also delete the code on lines 3-15 in the scripts.js file located in the js folder.

Hi There I paid for and downloaded your Intime v2.0 template

But when I look in the Template folder, there is no index file, just two folders…

mailchimp and php_mail

I’m using a mac, and am fairly experienced with HTML and digital etc But can you please let me know if I’m totally missing something here?

Thank you

Hi there,

the files of this template are primarily categorized by newsletter subscription method – PHP Mail or MailChimp. Next, they are categorized by background style – background image, background slider or YouTube video. The index.html and other required files are located in each folder of different version.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Tomas

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your quick response, for some reason I couldn’t see all of the folders but looking again I’ve found them as per your instructions!

Sorry about this!

Shall I try and delete this thread as it’s my mistake and the template and all files were as described and look perfect!


You are welcome! I am glad I could help.

You can leave this thread, maybe it will be useful for others.


Thank you for your work !

I have a problem with installation. It seems that the theme doesn’t work with Wordpress.

Do you know how could i run it with Wordpress ?

If not, i can’t use it (i’m very amateur with websites) Could you send me another version who works with WP ? Or could i get my money back ?

Thank you by advance,


Hi Hugo,

can you drop us an email at hello[at]justgoodthemes.com?

Hi, I downloaded the In Time template and when I run it locally, it takes about 5 minutes, do I need to setup anything locally? or download any libraries?

Hi, I have replied to your email.

Youtube doesn’t work. Refund?

I replied you to your comment below.

Can I get my money back. This is advertised as a working youtube video background. It certainly does not, and looks like it never will again.

The video URL (https://www.youtube.com/eGChOUgnpis) you added to your site gives 404 error. I think that is the reason the video does not work. Can you give me the URL of the video you want to add?

I see your fixed the URL of your video. Let me know if you have more questions.