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hello, i know i can start a background video at x seconds, but is there a way to end it at for example the 40 second mark?

Hi there,

yes, you can add stopAt option to the data-property attribute. Please also check other available options at https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/wiki#data-property .

Hi, I have no clue how to install this theme. I tried to upload the .zip file to the theme page but it gives me this error message

There is 1 error: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

Do you have Shopify coming soon templates?

We do not have Shopify coming soon templates.

As a sellers on envato marketplace we are not responsible for refunds. All information about refund is provided here -> https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- . You can submit a refund request at the bottom of the page if you think it qualifies for refund.

Hope this helps.

Wow that sucks. It would be in good faith to offer a refund seeing as how I made a mistake and won’t be able to use it. That’s okay though, keep the $7 I just won’t be a returning customer. Thanks


Purchase code: a1847314-a0bb-4c19-bace-2be73c85d205

Tried (in vain) to install the plug-in (Zip file). Then looked into the jgt_intime_v16 folder. No installation instructions. Error code: No valid plug-in found. Theme: Evolve Plus.

Please advise.


this is an HTML template, not a WordPress plug-in. If you need a WordPress version of InTime, there is a plug-in available on CodeCanyon created by megadrupal ( http://codecanyon.net/item/intime-domain-sale-coming-soon-wordpressplugin/7066355?_ga=1.75809746.69698908.1409677165 ).


I just purchase inTime and had no trouble modifying it. However, there is one change I am unable to do and it’s to translate the “Day” “Hours” “Minutes” and “Seconds” to french. It’s a small detail but it is important for my client, so I am wondering if this is something I can change through the files? If yes, which one?

Thank you. Alexis

Hi Alexis,

thank you for choosing InTime. If you want to translate the countdown timer to french, download the language file from http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html ( http://keith-wood.name/js/jquery.countdown-fr.js ). Then copy this file to the template’s js folder and include it using

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.countdown-fr.js"></script>

at the end of the template’s index.html file above the closing body tag.

If you have any difficulties, drop me a message.

Kind Regards, Asta


Awesome template.

Q: When I post the link to twitter or facebook it generates a logo preview for site. It appears to use the logo.png file which is white in my case. So it looks terrible with white background on facebook. Any way I can fix that?

Q2: Some users have aid the page comes up as not found when using Chrome on Mac or Safari on Mac. Advice?



Hi Swiftchaser,

thank you for choosing InTime.

Regarding your question about Facebook and Twitter, upload image you want to use to the images folder and then add Open Graph (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters#markup) and Summary Card tags (https://dev.twitter.com/cards/types/summary) in the <head> of your site. If you need assistance, drop me an email at justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com.

As for your second question, if some of your visitors get “Page not found”, I don’t think it is related to the template.

Also, if you check your website with HTML validator (https://validator.w3.org/), you will see that you have a number of errors and you should fix them. If you need assistance, drop me an email.

Regards, Asta

I purchased your template and tried to upload the files to AWS S3. Everything works, but the php does not run. Any suggestions?

Hi there,

I have no experience with AWS, but maybe this can be the problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33043442/php-files-on-amazon-s3-not-working .

Hi there,

When I change the default address to my email address in subscribe.php I don’t receive emails when the newsletter form is submitted.

Also, when the site is accessed on an iPhone, it redirects to a site called 1i.epac.to which appears to be a form of malware.

I appreciate any help you can provide.



Hi Moe,

I replied you via email.

Regards, Asta

Hi there. My timer is not changing dates! See my video here: http://screencast.com/t/kuFPLtTweIY

Have changed the js file but the date remains the same…

Help! Am I missing something?

Hi there,

thank you for choosing inTime template.

You changing time in the JavaScript comment. You need to change it one line below:

var launchDay = new Date(2016, 5-1, 7);

Regards, Tomas

Hi Tomas, Yes! i’ve done that…you can see in my video that I have changed the code on that line (I only changed the written date to show you that I wanted to change the date to an october one)...nothing I do on that line changes anything in the front end…it’s like the timer is referencing a different php file perhaps? I can email you my ftp logins for you to check?

OK, send me logins at justgoodthemes{at}gmail.com , I will have a look.


gs_rs Purchased

Hello. I have a compliment and a doubt. First, I’d like to thank you for this template, it’s extremely elegant, it took some time to search among many but I found yours the best choice.

Regarding my doubts: about the subscription button, the only place I have to change is the email address in the subscribe.php file? No other place? Because in the index file, there is a line (44/45) where we read >Please enter your email< and value=”” and also placeholder= “Your email”… Those have to stay untouched?

Is there a way to change the size of the social media buttons if necessary?


Hi there,

thank you for choosing InTime template and for the kind words.

Regarding the subscription button, you only need to replace the default email address with yours in the subscribe.php file, no other changes are required.

As for the social media buttons, we use icon font so you can easily change the size in the css/style.css file.

Kind Regards, Asta

Hi there,

unfortunately I’ve got trouble with the subscribe function – it’s loading endlessly after clicking the button. I also tried it with a “clean copy” and only changed the mail adress in subscribe.php, but it’s the same, no matter if it’s located on local hard disk or webspace.

Can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance! Philipp

Hi Philipp,

can you drop me a link to your website at justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com?

Regards, Asta

Thanks – just wrote you a mail.

Best, Philipp


IPN Purchased

Getting dozens of SPAM. How to stop this?

Hi there, can you drop me an email at justgoodthemes [at] gmail.com and I will help you to implement honeypot captcha. Maybe it would help to reduce spam.


IPN Purchased

Hi, I sent you an email. Thank you.

Where can I find instructions to edit infos, plz?

Hi there,

the documentation file is included in the template package.

I disable COUNTDOWN but this enable all the time. Would please give some help?

And how can I take off some spaces between logo and Slogan?

Sorry, but I cannot see that you have purchased the template. Can you send me your purchase code at justgoodthemes[at]gmail.com.

Sent you by email arochajr at gmail

Hi there,

my purchase code is 9de8b543-e39e-4709-986a-cfca2a3e4c7e

I have installed this theme on my site http://www.maisonmakarem.com/

But the social icons are not showing up, looking at the html it appears the ul and social div are there, just nothing is showing up.

Do you have any idea why?


Hi there,

thank you for choosing InTime. I have checked your link and I can see the social icons at the bottom of your page, just maybe it is a good idea to make the gap between “Press Contact” and social icons smaller. I noticed that you have two facebook icons. You can simply change class “icon-facebook” to “icon-mail” for your mailto link and the envelope icon will be displayed instead. Also, you have unclosed div elements in your index.html. You can check your website with HTML validator (https://validator.w3.org/) to help you fix that or you can drop me an email at justgoodthemes[at]gmail.com and I will help.

i cant install theme, getting this msg:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Please advice

Hi there,

this is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. That’s why it is categorized under category “Site Templates”, not “WordPress”. You can still use it but in a clean server directory, without WordPress installation.

Hello ,

Nice , Work …. I want to purchase this bundle.

Can you let me know from which place images are coming.? Is it all paid images.?

I am just worried about images.

If you have paid for images then do i use this images under my domain for coming soon thing.

Please help.

I just dont know image law.


Hi there,

thank for your interest in the InTime template. The images we used for the background are from Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/). All images there are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission.

Regards, Asta

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Good evening the theme is awesome. But I have a problem with the configuration of the timer. I can’t get it started, I ran the whole procedure written in instructions, but no luck. I can kindly help? I wish my countdown was in Italian.

Thanks and greetings.

Hi there,

I replied you via email.

Regards, Asta

Fantastic update with Mailchimp!

Thank you!