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Hi. Can you please let me know how to ensure that the text written in the “Courses” page also show up in the course category pages? I have inserted a shortcode for search bar on https://lms.eduinfinite.com/our-courses. However, when I click on any of the individual categories (Grade 6, Grade 7 etc), the search bar does not show up.


Since the courses archive is a page, you are able to insert custom shortcodes through the page settings. The category pages are auto-generated by WordPress and hence would require custom code to insert shortcodes. Pls let us know if you need further help on this. Sorry about the delayed reply – we missed this query somehow earlier.

Thanks for your reply @LiveMesh. Is there any guide on how to do this so I can do it myself?

You can copy over the template file loop-meta.php file to your child theme and then edit the line numbers 57 to 66 to whatever information you want to see in the course category pages. Pls make sure you include the change inside a separate condition is_tax(‘course_category’) so that it does not affect other archive pages. Hope this helps you move forward on accomplishing the change you want to see in the course category page.

where i can have sample data and replicate demo site invent?

The instructions and the sample data location is provided in the readme.txt file included in the zip download in the root folder of the extracted zip. Thanks

Looks like you have an old version of the theme. Pls download the latest version.

Hi there – a new client of mine is already using this theme but his old dev is unresponsive and I only have the production theme files so I can’t really examine everything (no docs). Anyways my question is – are the nav bar options just the one (full nav then thinner sticky) or are there more options?

I have one more question, are there options for different column layouts for the different breakpoints? Thanks!

Yes nav bar options are exactly what you listed. And there are no column layouts that can be set for different breakpoints. We manage it ourselves.

Thanks for the reply LiveMesh.

I have heard that WordPress will be going through some significant changes/upgrades in April of 2018 (Gutenberg Editor). Do you foresee any significant issues with the Invent Theme? I am quite new to WP, and wanted to check on this before buying. Thank you! :)

Thanks for your purchase. As of now, there is no clarity on how we should be addressing this since Gutenberg is undergoing significant changes with each release. As far as I can see, no author so far has started making any sort of changes to the theme to handle this situation. For now, it is all wait and watch until Gutenberg matures. I can only give a fair idea on this only in April when the Gutenberg takes a final shape. Hope this clarifies.

Thank you for your reply. I did a little digging, and I am hoping for only improvements (fingers crossed). Could you keep us posted in the item details as you find out more? That may be easiest for people to check on – just a suggestion. Thank you!

Sure will do. Thanks

Upload of the demo content went fairly easy watching the video. The whole site looks about right, some missing pages such as “single class” link back to your demo. A couple things I hope you can help with. The home page does not look like your demo page. All my photos are large and the sections do not look like yours. I have not found in your documentation where to change the skin. Is there a simple way to change the color in the header behind the logo? But mostly, why is the home page have all the info, but look so different? Thank you for your help. Here is the site I want to look like your demo. http://ksitrain.com/

We have replied to your comment in our support desk. We need to import the page builder JSON file into your Home 1 and Home 2 pages. Have emailed the same with instructions. Pls reply with a temp login to your site in the support desk if you need us to fix this quickly. Thanks

Hello, I read all the document and try my best to figure out how to do stuff so not to bother you. But I cannot figure out how to change the color behind the logo. I read everything about header options and tried several things. But just can’t figure it out. That and how to make the fonts smaller in the widgets. Thank you for your help.

I got it, I did the same thing as before, but this time it worked. Maybe I did not hit save. Still need help with the footer widget font size. Also in the course page. On the right, how do I edit the Time, Room, Days to what I need?

I found this in Comments. “It does allow you to add sidebar for pages/posts and but not for custom post types like departments/courses/staff etc. which have their custom design and hence we have not provided support for sidebar for single course/department/staff etc. The pages which list these custom post types (archives) have the option available.” So does that mean I cannot change the sidebar? I have 53 classes that need to say something different then what you have. How do I replace with a widget so I can add “register here” and other vital info?

Can you pls post your queries to the support forum here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/? You can register for support here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/register/. We receive very few support requests here in the comments and hence it is helpful to both of us to manage the support queries in a single place. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi there, Hi there, Please tell me if this theme is compatible with “Elementor Pro” page builder? Is it possible to remove the “Published on” date of posts on the Learndash & Wordpress posts? Thanks Aravind

It is compatible although the demo pages are created using SiteOrigin Page Builder. You can remove the published on by changing the appropriate or via simple one line Custom CSS too. Thanks for your interest.

I renewed my support and opened a ticket in your support forum yesterday. Can you look into it urgently, my site is not loading atall.

Replied to your ticket in the forum. Sorry for the delay.


nilfri Purchased

I just renewed support. The upper right hand block here shows – in Overview – that I have 6 months left in support. Still, I cant get to support by clicking the Get support (nothing happens) or by trying to login on the support page. What am I missing?

Pls seek support here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/ and we will respond promptly. Thanks

Hi We are dealing with a client that has this theme. if I give you the login can you update the visual composer?

Updating plugin is easy enough – just delete the old plugin and install new one. We can help you out if you send us the information here – https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact.

Pls include purchase details. Thanks

Hi, some of my images are missing from the gallery page. I have 74 images but only 50 are showing.

Can you pls post your queries to the support forum here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/?

You can register for support here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/register/.

We will be happy to resolve the issue in the forum. Thanks!

demo data is not available on server please send me praveenran99@gmail.com

got it ,thanks

I am issues with this theme. I uploaded the sample data accordingly but the site shows nothing. Please see degesh.net

Correction I am having issues with this theme. I uploaded the sample data accordingly but the site shows nothing. Please see degesh.net

I am not sure if there any support for this them. I will follow-up with a request for a refund.

Sorry for the delay in replying to your query – have been traveling for few days. Support is very much active in our forum and we sometimes miss the comments here since they are rare. We can setup the demo data for you on your server if you open a support ticket here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/. Again, we apologise for the delay and hope you will give us an opportunity to fix the issue before you seek refund. Thanks