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mrzilla Purchased

insert buttons in header, AND use icons in menu? that’s my questions. just bought it, still playing around BUT would like to know how to insert a couple of buttons in header for learndash use (like “Enroll Now”) and also, how to insert a font awesome icon in front of a menu item in main navigation. any thoughts? plugins? css hacks? has this been done?

Thanks for your purchase. Can you pls open a thread in our support forum – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/ with the query and our support person will get in touch with you on the same. You may also search for solutions in the forum – I am sure others would have had similar query before like yours.

Hello Dear i want to purchase this theme for my institute..

Sure go ahead. Thanks!

where to download sample data?

provided link not working

The requested URL /wp-content/uploads/2015/12/invent-sample-data.xml.gzPls was not found on this server.

Pls send us an email via profile page contact form https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact and we will send you the same. I guess you already posted to the forum of ours and we have attached the same with a reply there. Thanks for your purchase.

Hi there

Considering this theme for a private tuition college. Is there an option for chats/interaction between students and teacher on the back end both as a class group or one-on-one between teacher and student?


Thanks for your interest. At present, we do not have such an option. Pls have a look at BuddyPress plugin and see if that meets your need – https://buddypress.org/.

Hi I have a presale question: Do you know if the theme will work with the UserPro plugin?

Thanks for your interest. We have not tested the theme with this plugin. We follow WP standards and we expect it to be compatible though.


Could you please tell me how to make the “Events” page fullwidth?

I currently have a 9col display with a sidebar… Am I missing something?

Thank you!

Best regards,

Can you pls post a link to this page pls. The events page on our sites always show up with full width and hence I am curious if there is anything different with yours. You can post the link in a private thread in the forum if you like – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/. Thanks

Thank you for your reply. It’s on a local server for now so I can’t send you a link. I’ll try something with page templates to fix it but I tought there might be a simple configuration for that.


asha512 Purchased

Hi, I am trying to update this theme but the Envato Toolkit plugin is not working. Is there another safe way to update theme?


meteorite Author Team

You can follow the regular procedure if you haven’t done any modification in themefiles..ie. just delete the theme through wp-dashboard and upload latest theme zip file. If any modification is done in theme files then the way I update is to replace all files. No matter what method you use (there are plugins too like this – http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/ to update easily), you will need to backup your changes and redo any changes you made to the files on the new installation.

Use tools like DiffMerge or WinMerge to compare the old and new files and redo the changes. You will spend probably an hour doing this but not more, specially if you have made changes only to a few select files. The dashboard settings ll be retained and hence Custom CSS entered into theme options should be fine. It’s always a good idea to have a backup though. Hope this helps.

Does this theme support PHP version 5.3.3?

We are not sure since it has been a long time. BTW, WordPress itself recommends PHP7 and hence I am not sure it’s safe to stick to 5.3. Even if the theme worked, a few plugins may fail. Thanks for your interest.


danny33 Purchased

Hi guys, how do you all doing ? i’m trying to rename the read more button for the blog section. what is the name of the file that contains this information ? thank you for you help :)


meteorite Author Team

You can use a translation file (using POEdit to change the data in languages directory) to change to any string you like. If you do an update in the en_US.po (or another depending on your site language) file, you should see all the translatable strings in the strings list . You would then be able to input any alternate string of your choice there.

Pls search for “Read More” string and insert an alternate string in the translation area , save and update the changes .

– You can get information from http://www.solostream.com/blog/tutorials/translate-wordpress-theme/ about translating your site into your language.

Here you can download poedit – https://poedit.net/ You can find the po files in invent/languages folder .


danny33 Purchased

thanks ! i have another issue, when i want to display a sample of the blog articles, like shown in the template example, it showing the articles as well as an sql query. how can i remove this ?

Can you pls open a support ticket here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/ and provide us a link to the page where this is happening? This is probably a warning of some sort and we would be eager to fix the same if the theme is causing this.

Also, pls disable all plugins once and see if the error can be reproduced on the page. Thanks.


I want to buy this theme but I have doubts if it can be customized with my little modifications?

i want to change the size of the main slider in the front page. And I just want to have two slides.

Sure you can do the same. We use slider revolution plugin (bundled free with the theme) and it is super customizable. You can know about the same in their website – https://revolution.themepunch.com/. Thanks for your interest.


Glosoft Purchased

Hi, I need to develop a site for a college and i find Invent theme most suitable for it but before that i have 3 pre sale queries :

1. we prefer visual composer page builder .so will it be possible that u guys can provide me a copy of this invent theme with bundled visual composer after purchase ? or if we purchase visual composer separately then will invent support it ? i can see that other themes of LiveMesh have visual composer bundled with them e.g: Agile

2. I have just checked the invent demo and there is a bug with the menu dropdown when sub child is present; its going out of the viewport , hope this can be fixed

3. is it possible to show a search field somewhere on the header , currently there is none in the demo


Glosoft Purchased

oops forgot to post the screenshot for the menu bug( #2) : https://prnt.sc/gm891y

Thanks for your interest.

1) VC is not bundled with the theme and we use the popular SiteOrigin page builder for our theme. Unfortunately we don’t have the license to bundle VC with this theme and hence you need to purchase it separately. VC should be compatible with the theme – have not had anyone report any issues so far with using VC with Invent.

2) We will look at fixing the issue. Thanks for reporting.

3) It is possible to show a search field in the header with minor tweaks in the child theme. Pls get in touch with us in the support forum post purchase and we will be glad to assist.


Glosoft Purchased

ok, thanks for the reply :)

https://www.livemeshthemes.com/invent/departments/ https://www.livemeshthemes.com/invent/department/biology/ Can able to fully modified this pages, if i want to modified entire page with some other concept then its possible.. kindly reply/

Thanks for your interest. Yes – you can fully modify these pages since they are custom post types and can be edited just like a blog post in WordPress.

Hi guys, I wonder if the latest version supports Woocomerce 3.X. the change logs that you provide, do not make explicit mentions on the matter. In other themes it is very common to see that specific info. Thanks in advance!

The theme was tested with WooCommerce 3.x and we found no issues.

Hi there – quick pre-sales question – I have a Elementor Pro account and wondered if I could use this builder instead of site origin – would you feel this is possible? Many thanks for your time

We haven’t tested the theme with Elementor. You can give a try and if it does not work well, we may be able to fix it or can offer you refund. Thanks for your interest.

Thank you so much LiveMesh for getting back to me so quickly – really appreciate it!

is this supporting RTL?

Thanks for your interest. The theme does not natively support RTL and you will need to customize it if RTL is required.


kkk279 Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme last year and installed it on my demo site for installation purposes.I’ve since then made it dormant and retired the demo domain and would now like to transfer it to my main site. The domains are different and belong to me. How do i go about it?

You can try this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ to achieve the same.

Is there a way to only show only the last 8 posts in the News Carousel (post snippets section)?


meteorite Author Team

In post snippet carousel edit panel you can find a button “build post query” there you can set parameters “order by” and posts per page.


jmorgent Purchased

Hello. It’s been a while since I have your theme and I think I can already contribute to improving this (and others), which is very good. Come on:

I think it’s time to improve the theme widget options, which are as follows: Livemesh SiteOrigin Widgets Livemesh Theme Widgets

I specifically suggest the following: 1) That you leave “Theme Widgets” specific to the theme. No redundancy. Whatever is done by “Livemesh SiteOrigin” or “Widgets Bundle”, does not need to be done by the “Theme Widgets”. So, it would be natural that, over time, on your own initiative, or ours, only specific widgets would be developed for that particular theme. 2) I think that a new “Page Sections” can complement SiteOrigin Page Builder (and Livemesh SiteOrigin). You could use the Builder to create “Page Sections”, that would go to a repository. (with the ability to import or export). With the new “Page Sections” I can use an unlimited number of widgets, to create the most varied designs, including colors and textures, with effects (paralax, for example).

Thanks for your feedback. Will consider making changes along these lines. BTW, page sections are not a new feature – they existed before Page Builder SiteOrigin took over. We stopped recommending its use after we released SiteOrigin compatibility.


szemke Purchased

Can I use the DiviBuilder plugin to build the main content areas for the courses/lessons/tasks?

If that option exists in DiviBuilder, you can. Most page builders have a settings page where they let you enable page builder for specific custom post types.

Thanks, I purchased your theme and have been experimenting. I like the visuals, but there is a lot of additional functionality we will probably not need. Do you have any refund policy?