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Hi! Does the Invent theme work well with the polylang plug in?

Yes – it does work with polylang plugin. Thanks for your interest.

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Any page called with ?skin=blah allows for the injection. Instead of flagging my pasted report from ControlScan (a PCI compliance tool), you should have read the actual alert generated as it clearly describes the issue. It includes sample URL that demonstrates the exploit. ALL pages on the site running your theme are vulnerable.

I didn’t paste all that just for shits and giggles. It contained a clear explanation of the problem.

Ok – again this is related to skin.php file and nothing else. I am curious how they can make this file execute any script at all. At worst, it can print the third party script but cannot execute since it is marked as content CSS.

Can you pls email the complete report to me here – https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact. Thanks.

Have submitted an update – pls run the tool again once you receive the update notification and see if things look better. Thanks.

Is it possible to have an image background and login page only? Nothing else on the page.

Is this something that meets your need? -


The theme itself does not directly help achieve this.

Yes. That’s what I was looking for. What about TinCan API link?

We use LearnDash – a paid plugin that needs to be purchased separately for LMS functions. You need to check with support at LearnDash about using TinCan API. Here is a link to information about the same from them -


Hi… I’ve purchased the theme but I can’t login to the forum support. I’ve emailed you and I have no answer. I’ve found some bugs that I need to fix…

Have emailed you the login details after creating an user account in the forum. Pls do let us know about the issues and we will be happy to get them resolved for you. Thanks for your purchase.


I am looking for a theme that suits my requirements. I’m currently using a LMS theme in themeforest similar to this but it doesn’t fully cover all of the requirements I have. If this theme can offer all of these requirements on purchase then I will consider changing the theme to use this theme instead. Here it goes:
1. I want a wordpress theme that supports video-driven approach for e-learning. It should be something like admins can create content (mostly will upload video files and write some texts or upload some other document files such as .pdf files or slides) then only the students who are enrolled to the course can access it.
2. The frontend does not need to have enrollment functions in it. The students or visitors of the site will not be able to enroll any courses by themselves. Only the admins can selectively enroll students into courses manually in the backend (admin panel).
3. Instead of managing students individually in every courses, I want it to have something like a grouping to group students into a group for easier management for admins. The admins can assign students into groups (many-to-many), and each group will can be assigned into courses. The students who are in a group that is assigned into a course will be able to access the course that the group is assigned to.
4. Between the courses and students, and between the courses and groups, there must be an extra field to check for expiry date for the relationship. For example, group G is assigned to course C with an expiry date set to the end of this month then all of the students will be able to access course C until the end of the month, and the same rule applies to individual students who access the course without a group. Moreover, it is possible that it can use crontab to check when each student or group that is expired. If the process determines that the student or the group has reached the expiry date of any courses, the relationship between both of them will be removed so that the student or the group can no longer access the course.
5. The site will not use any kind of payment for now. It must allow the admin or webmaster to disable the purchase system or anything related to money out of the website (temporary), because the students will be assigned to courses with free of charge by admins.


Thanks for your interest. We support LearnDash – https://www.learndash.com, a paid plugin for LMS. You need to purchase LearnDash separately.

All your queries are LMS related and hence you need to direct these queries to LearnDash sales/support. Hope they will be able to address these requirements.

Hey – great theme! Please assist – I cannot get the main menu to align to the right as per your demo. My install defaults to the menu items aligning left against the logo. Thank you.

Don’t worry – I found the css on your support forum. Thanks.


I am not able to change the department’s layout from theme’s setting and on department’s page some contact information tab is coming on right side and I don’t understand from where it is coming from. Please suggest.

here is the screenshot for reference: http://prntscr.com/dzkcfm

You will need to copy the single-department.php file to your child theme and pls have a look at line number 63 where the sidebar code resides.

Pls open a thread in the support forum – http://support.portfoliotheme.org/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/ if you have further queries and we will be glad to help. Thanks.

Hai, We have purchased a license for one domain and now we are trying to shift the domain contents to another institution domain and make the old one idle. Is it possible to use the same license code to the theme of new domain with the same theme.

Yes that is allowed. You just need to have a single live site – that is the requirement and hence you are allowed to move to another domain without license issues if the old domain is bring brought down or being redirected to the new domain. Thanks for checking with us.

Could you send out documentation before I purchase

Sure we can. Can you pls email us via our profile page contact form – https://themeforest.net/user/livemesh#contact and we will email you back the documentation for the theme. Thanks for your interest.

Hello, I would like to change the loading image to use maybe fontawsome spinning cog icon. I did a search and saw where you posted it with an image change, but can fontawsome be used instead? This is the code I had found in search-

page-loading {

z-index: 10010; background: #FFF url(http://portfoliotheme.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Preloader_11.gif) no-repeat 50% 50%; }

Why not just create an image of suitable size out of fontawesome icons? You can use the tool here – https://icomoon.io/app/#/select to do the same. Better to generate SVGs and use the same.


edmuncy Purchased

Tried to access your support form but I kept getting errors trying to access it. But my question is, is it possible to add a full width area above the footer on certain pages only that would allow for text and a button?

What is the exact error you are seeing while accessing the forum – http://support.portfoliotheme.org/forums/forum/invent-theme-support/? We would love to know so that we can fix the same.

If you need the full width area to be on a certain page, you can choose the full width page template and then add the content below all other content to show up just above the footer. If you need something that shows up on all pages and posts, you need to modify the footer.php file in your child theme. Do let us know if you need further help on this.

Hi there, can courses like this: http://portfoliotheme.org/themes/?theme=Invent be used for offline courses? I am looking to sell courses from other providers so I need a way if people would sign up they are or redirected or can enter their information.

Looking forward to receive a reply

Sorry about the delayed response. You can customize the theme to your needs. If you are planning to sell courses online, you should probably talk to LearnDash folks on what you want to accomplish. LearnDash is a paid LMS plugin that helps sell courses.

The courses captured by theme helps capture courses conducted offline. Regarding payment or signup for the same, you will need customization since the theme does not support this out of the box.

Thanks for your interest.

I saw in earlier comments that one might have to do some CSS if using buddypress and adding forums to the site under this theme. Have more recent versions of the theme been updated so that I can more easily add a forums or sociallearning component to my site without going to such trouble? If not, could I use multi-theme plugin and add the boss child theme SocialLearner to do that or do you have a separate child theme for this function?

No one has reported this issue so far even i have tested in my machine (windows 10) and found no issue.

Weird, I wonder why I couldn’t fully unzip. I just right click the file in file explorer and choose extract all. Then I get the message that file name was too long for the ReadMe file and that not all files could be extracted. All I get when I extract in Windows 10 with this method is: .DS_Store invent (compressed folder) invent-child (compressed folder) invent-widgets.wie invent-widgets-with-learndash.wie

When I download to my MacBook Pro I had no problems.

Suppose I should have just tried unzipping it in some different way on my PC, but got it to work on my Mac, so didn’t bother.

Do you experience the same issue with the latest update released today?

Where do I find out what version of PHP this theme is compatible with? I tried 7.0 and it crashed my wp-admin. This is kind of weird since LearnDash and BuddyBoss require PHP7.0 and WordPress.org recommends a minimum of 7.0.

An update has been submitted that fixes all warnings with PHP 7.x versions. Thanks for reporting this.

Where is this 75 pages of extensive documentation for the theme supposed to be found? Wish there was just a link to it here.

You can just unzip the theme download zip from ThemeForest Downloads and documentation is part of the bundle. Look for the folder named ‘Invent Documentation’.