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Hi. My contact form doesn’t working. I copied “inc” folder with “contact-process.php” and “functions.php” to server – NO letters. Nothing happens when I fill out fields and press “send message” button. I even renamed “inc” folder to “include” folder – nothing. Wait for help.

Stop! Everything works! I found my mistake! Thanks!

Great, and sure you’re welcome anytime.. regards

hello, ive been reading other comments about the switcher, but i cant find how to remove the switcher button from the website? i dont want to disable it, i still want the settings, i only want to remove the button, i cant find the solution in “”

Hi, if you want to just remove button and keep settings so how you can open settings ? whatever please do that :
- open this file [ js/styleswitcher.js ] and search about this code :

<a href="#"><i class="icon-cog s-26" /></a>
so just remove it or change it as you like and save file.


Hi. How can I setup the charset for the contact process? The form is working fine, but i’m not receiving special characters like “é” or “ã” (brazilian portuguese).


okay please do that :
1- download this file from here :
2- extract zip file, you will found [ contact-process ] file , copy it and past & replace it in [ inc ] folder .
and test again

Note: if you need any help again please purchase another 6 months support


Dose the HTML version come in an Arabic version? Or only English?

Hi, only English version .. regards

hello, i have a problem with the google map, here is the link to the website, what is wrong with it?

Hi, please open ticket here : to can help you .. regards

I use support item but no have answer yet :

hi i need a biger logo in my sitie

i start to do changes and i need be more bigger i want to send to you my logo

how i can do that and can you help to me?

Hi, we replied on your ticket here : regards

I sent in a pre-sale question but havent gotten a response. I wanted to know why it takes two clicks to get the menus to work. I have a video example of the issue: I really want to buy this template but I need to know what to modify so that the menus do not require 2 clicks to open the link.

Hello, we already solved this issue in our support forum: , whatever now we don’t support this template, so it’s up to you for pushase the item .. regards

Oh well. No interest in buying an unsupported product. Thank you for the response.

you’re welcome

in my case tempelate do not install…”The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Hello, because this is HTML template not WordPress theme
checkout this link :