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Look like Amazing , Good Luck Bro :)

Thank you , bro :)

Awesome theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

nice and simple theme, good luck :D

Thank you

Very neat and clean ;)

Thanks man :)

Beautiful work! Best of luck with sales!

Many thanks for you..

WP? When? BTW absolutely fantastic work!!!

hi, working on it … , you can follow us here , or subscribe to our newsletter from site : , thanks for interested.

Great Work .. Good Luck With Sales bro :)

Many thanks , bro :)

Nice theme . good luck with sales bro ! :)

Thank you , bro :)

Alf Mbrook Y M3lem :)

teslam ya abo hmed :)

Well Done I will have to pick this one up :)

Thank you ..

Wonderful Theme!


Great theme! GLWS, mate.

Many thanks..

Smash hit again!

You gonna hit the “Happy Jozoor Day – 1,000,000$ sales” milestone in no time with quality items like these!

:) , sure we wait this day , hahah , thanks man

damn nice theme :D I would totally buy it if it were for wordpress :’(

hi, we working on it … :) , thanks for interested in theme.

hi, sorry for late about WordPress version but it published now :) :

Good job! I would like to have it in WP ! ;P

hi, working on it … , you can follow us here , or subscribe to our newsletter from site : , thanks for interested.

Good Luck with sales guys :) Good work :)

Many thanks , bro :)


great work waiting for wp version

Thanks :) , working on it …

Great design. How hard would it be to implement the selectnav.js into this design? Thanks.

hi, we don’t use this plugin in theme , we make responsive nav menu by custom js codes , so the normal menu will transfer direct without using any plugins.. thanks for interested in theme.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware that you currently are not using the plugin. The reason I ask is that I do not particularly care for the responsive menu (as is included with this theme) although everything else is great:) With that, if you are using custom js for the menu, can one just comment out the custom menu code, and integrate the plugin? If so, how difficult would you think this would be?

Thanks again and good luck with your sales!

hi, now theme doesn’t working by this plugin , okay..

and about you need to hidden custom js codes , that is easy , i can tell you what can you do for hidden that..

and if you know how to implement this plugin in your pages after purchase okay , as you like..

Thank you.

Great One! , Good Luck :)

Thanks man .. :)