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Hi, I’veconsidering purchasing your template, but have a one question: How do you create this kind of animation in flex slider, on the homepage of flexslider there are only basic simple animation, on your theme some item slide from right, some other from down, up ect. You provide some tools for this? Thanks

hi, you can change position of items in slider from html code enough , thanks for interested in template .

Looks nice, fantastic work!

Thank you :)

hi!, i’d like to purchase this item but i have two question: is it seo friendly? In the footer you have the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter. How does it work? Thanks in advance for your kind reply :)

hi, about your questions :

1- about seo friendly :
yes template have default tags for seo , like h1 , h2 …. also you can check from source code in template demo .

2- about subscribe form in footer :
this is static html form , so you need to signup in any newsletter services like : or and you will get your form code from this services , so you can just change codes like the default form in theme.

thanks for interested in template .

thank you very much!


Compliments for this theme! I bought it and integrated it into our website. After working with it for a couple of hours I must say the structure is really clear. Extensive documentations and a lot of functionality and pages for inspiration are available. Just some (minor) feedback for improvement, the form elements support is a bit lacking. I would have liked to see nicer integrating with form elements, labels etc. For the usability of the forms, the contrast of the background colour (of the inputs) is really low. On a Macbook it looks great but on another device users can have problems finding the fields. A suggestion would be to increase the contrast or use a border. Overall, if your in doubt of buying this theme … buy it it’s really good quality and extensive.

Many Thanks :) , and about your feedback i’m with you , but you have template and change what you need easily , so i think you did that .. thanks again.

Quick question.

When the website is being viewed on a mobile device, the navigation loads automatically expanded…is there a way to change this?

hi, okay please do that :

1- open [ css/style.css ] file .
2- search about this code :

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) {
3- add under it , add this new code :
/* this new code for header 5 */ .navigation > #nav {

4- after that every thing will be fine .

NOTE : this issue solved in support forum before here :

Thank you very much!

Thanks and sure welcome anytime..

hI HOW COULD I CHANGE FLICKER CODE WITH MINE and Will you plz tell me how to enable twitter account for live tweets? thank you

hi, please go here :
you will found all instructions about ( Setting up ” latest tweets ” & ” Flickr Stream ” in your site ) ... thanks

Plz help me fix unicode font.

hi, please go here :
you will found solution for that … thanks

Thank you very much.


Hi, is the WP version almost ready??? Thanks a lot.

hi, sorry for late :) , because we working on other projects , so will be available after 1 month .. thanks for interested in theme.

Is it possible to showcase videos in the prtfolio section?

hi, yes you can do that , so after purchased template , please go here :
you will see how to use that … thanks

Hey, I was just wondering how I go about slowing down the speed of the slider on the homepage ?

Thanks !

hi, okay please do that :
1- open this file [ js/custom.js ] .
2- search about this code for slider 1 :

3- under it you will found this code :
slideshowSpeed: 6000,
4- just change [ 6000 ] to any number you want and this number main 6 seconds .

5- about slider 2 , you can search about this code in the same file :

6- under it you will found this code also :
slideshowSpeed: 6000,
7- change it like slider 1 as you like ..


Great theme, love it, just sent you a quick pm regarding the contact form.

We reply to your message, check your email :) ..thanks

Brilliant support, very fast response, issue was entirely my fault and they sorted it in no time,thanks again.

Thanks :) , and sure welcome anytime ..

Hi, I’m considering buying this template but I have a question, besides the 5 colors available, could I choose any other? Is it possible to easily change it in the code?

hi, sure yes you can add other colors you want , and also you can use any option from style switcher , so just after purchased go here :
also if you have other asks , open ticket in support forum and we will be with you :


Hi, is there a possibility to screen the incoming blog comments before they are published (any anti-spam functions)?

Question_2. I don’t see any sharing icons at the end of each blog. Are they easy to add?

hi, this is just static html template , not wordpress theme … thanks

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I know, it’s not WP theme. I was just wondering if there would be a simple way to add some “prove you are human, what’s 2+2” validation for the blog commenting.

in template nothing working functionality , just contact form , so other forms you see in template , just static .. thanks .

Hi, I absolutely love this template! Unfortunately, I do not know php coding. I see that the contact form is coded using php. Is that the only part of the template that requires php knowhow?

Any support would be greatly appreciated! Thanks…

hi, if you have [ Dreamweaver ] program , you can do that , so just see this links :

and you can search in google more about that .. thanks

How do I initiate the timer feature on the Under Construction page? Also, how do I undo the Style Switcher if I do not want to allow visitors the option to change the color?

hi, about change timer in under construction page , just open [ js/under-construction.js ] file and search about this code :
var current="Message After Time End!";
under it you will found all timer options , just change it to any time you want .

about disable switcher just see this support post :


Nice job! You could make a boxed html template similar to the following template?

[link removed]

hi, sorry template doesn’t support that .. thanks

Great Template.

How Do I add extra Fields to the contact form?


hi, you can see this support post :
you will found example for how to do that … thanks

Hi, i have purchased this template a few months back on a different account. Its awesome by the way! Is it possible to make the home slider only display one slide, with the animations and then hold that content?

Regards Dermot

Cheers for that. Is it possible to make the carousel slider run automatically?

hi, yes just add this code :
to main div for carousel, example final code :
<div class="slidewrap1" data-autorotate="4000">
and [ 4000 ] = 4 seconds , so just change it to what you want and save your file ..


Hello, can you give me some advice on updating the image gallery, please?

If there are 20 pages of photos in current web site, what is the best way to update the new photos and showing the most updated photos in first page? Will it take ages to update the pagination from every page?

Thanks for answering!

hi, template doesn’t have any pagination plugin , because it’s just static html template , so sorry can’t do that , you need custom php script for your site to do that .. thanks

Is possible to put two text fields to search, one to look for something and another to choose the city at the top of the page and viewable on mobile devices? I’ll buy the template to adapt it to be used in a website directory of businesses.

hi, sorry template have this header style enough about search box :
also this is static html template , so you can easy change what you need in code , by this shortcodes :
so if you don’t know how to change it , just opene ticket here : , after purchase ..

( and please don’t repeat your comments , you can reply in the same comment section )