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I would like to change the width of the website from 960 to 1170 like bootstraps fluid width. Is this possible and if so how?

hi, sorry template doesn’t support that .. thanks

I would like a budget for you to develop a boxed template of 6 pages: Home (this style:, category (in this style: ) and company page tabs with photos, video, overview, map, reviews and summarizes (in this style: htm), claim your business (, registration form ( and login (

hi, sorry we don’t working on custom services at this time, because working on other projects .. thanks

If I wanted to add an image on one of the pages like say in a paragraph, how do I control the y and z to give margin or padding around the image, so that the text isn’t crammed beside it?

hi, okay you can easy do that :

1- add class to the image code example :
<img src="" class="img-class" />
2- open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code in it :
.img-class {
margin:0 10px 10px 0;
so you can change float or margin values and save file , also you can add this class to any image you want to do exact effect for it …

Nice theme! Can you please show me how to change the slider into one fixed image with text.



Good day, Any chance you have/would create an icon for trip advisor? Thanks.

hi, sorry the icon fonts which used in template doesn’t have this [ trip advisor ] icon .. thanks

Hi all! I wanted to say great quality and professional theme. I am really loving it.

I had a question. I am using the one page format. My issue is with the menu button on mobile devices. Is there a quick fix to make it close automatically if the user clicks outside of it, or clicks on one of the items (navigate to another section of the page). At the moment, the use would have to click the menu button again, and I do not think this is the desirable behavior. If there is no quick fix, then I’ll try to dig in the code.. Thank you very much.

hi, sorry can’t do that , because you still in the same page , so can’t hidden by click , because if do that , will not go to the page section … thanks

But after pressing one of the clicks, couldn’t there be a little script to close it? I have another site with another template which does that automatically.

hi, but this plugin doesn’t support that .. thanks

Is there any RTL support?

hi, sorry template doesn’t support RTL, but wordpress version will support it .. thanks

WP version?

How is the wp version going?

no more time, just waiting and we working hard to publish it soon … thanks

hi, sorry for late about WordPress version but it published now :) :

Great theme! Though I’m getting some odd behavior on the 2 column portfolio page using Google Chrome/ Mac OS X. Occasionally, the images/slider render only about 25px high. If I refresh the page, everything pops back to the standard dimensions (420×330). I am unable to reproduce the error on any other browser. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…

Hey, this is an awesome theme :) Just a note- the twitter widget isn’t working. When the page loads, there’s nothing in that div, and my browser’s console tells me this: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘screen_name’ of undefined” and it’s referencing line 4 of jquery.twitter.js. Do you know what the issue is? I see the twitter widget working on your live demo. I’ve also downloaded the theme again and put it on my site, so it couldn’t have been a modification of mine.

Nevermind, I just found this: I think this would be best put in your documentation, but thanks for having this on the site :)

okay, i hope every thing is fine now :) .. thanks

I want to a bigger logo how can i do that

hi, to control in logo size , just open [ css/custom.css ] file , you will found this code :
.logo img {
width: 171px;
height: 33px;
you will see this size is half of actual size , that because when load site on mobile devices will load actual size [ 342×65 ] to appear fine on this devices, you can read more in this support post :


Hey! Amazing theme! Really good job on design elements and color customization! I’m sure this is a dumb question but I am having a hard time figuring it out. How do I change the BG image in the boxed.css to .linen instead of .wood? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and again great theme, keep up the good work!


hi, please go here :
you will found all instructions about, how to disable style switcher and add your custom style from switcher options.

and sorry for late reply .. thanks

Hey guys, are you close to releasing wp version?

sorry for late and thanks for interested in theme .

It really is a great theme. Seems a pity from the revenue perspective that the wp version is not out there to sell …

really we will working on it soon .. thanks again.

hi,i have some problem for theme to change white or black to yellow in theme? to change wide to boxed or boxed version to wide vertion? thank you!please help

and how to change font color from white to yellow?

hi, please go here :
you will found all instructions about how to disable style switcher and add your custom style from switcher options.

Is there a way to swap out icon sets?

,hi, template using font icons set :
so if you have other and need to using just do it, if normal icons or font icons .

Hi there, this is a great template.

Can you help me i’m looking to make the client logo carousel (carousel4) rotate automatically and i cant seem to find the js to make it work?

Thanks for your help.


hi, please do that :
open your html file and in section clients logos, you will found this class for carousel main div :

so just add this new code after it :
to be
class="slidewrap4" data-autorotate="4000" 
and save file .

- [ 4000 ] = 4 seconds , so you can easy change it to what you need.
- you can use the same thing with other carousel sliders in your site.


very tempted to purchase this template but need to know if it´s possible to change the blue color to a specific blue we have on our logo.

looking forward your reply, thanks

hi, yes sure you can do that, just after purchased go here :
you will found all instructions about how to disable style switcher and add your custom style from switcher options.


Hi, I’ve just changed the extension of the file “portfolio_2.html” to php and the items of the portfolio sometimes stick together. How can I solve this problem? Thanks

And what to add in case of 2-colums porfolio? (and 4-colums). Please, tell me all the variants. Thanks!

Sorry for the last comment. I’ve finally got it!

okay, i hope every thing fine now ..

Amaaaazing Work

thanks :)

Hi! Pictures still stick together though I’ve put the code with element-4 {min-height: 500px;} in css/custom.css Can you see what’s wrong? Thanks!

hi, you added class named [ element-5 ] in html code and add css code for [ element-4 ] class !! ? please change the name .. also i see the page working fine ..

sorry for this element-5. I’ve changed items for element-4 for which the min-height is 440px; but the pics along with descriptions sometimes (not always! – if you press F5 several times you can catch this wrong moment) stick together and are less than the min-height of the element-4. what can I do?...Thanks

the problem because you added code like that :
/* adding this piece may help to solve the problem with pics sticking up together*/
pre >
#contain .element-4 { min-height:440px; }
#contain .element-3 { min-height:240px; }
#contain .element-2 { min-height:525px; }
< / pre >
why you added pre code ? please remove it to activate css code ..