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Thanks! Everything is OK. Wonderful design, thanks again!

thanks :)

Sorry if this has been asked – however, if a sub page doesn’t have enough content to cause the footer to push to the bottom of the browser window, is there anyway to force it? Right now, the footer moves up and then there is wipe space underneath if the content on the page is not long enough.

hi, okay please do that :

open [ css/custom.css ] file and add this code :
.main-content {
min-height: 520px;
and save file, also you can change [ 520 ] as you like .


That did it! THANKS!

thanks and sure welcome anytime..

Just discovered my mistake browser cache issue, however the slider control is sitting way of the image, suggesting it is still adhering to some image size settings somewhere, where do I change this?

hi, i replied on your ticket .. thanks

Can you put two sliders on page? and if so how, please advise, thanks

hi, i replied on your ticket yesterday , please check here :

Hello im intrested into this theme, looks very clean but ive noticed have some errors into

Can you please tell me whats going on? If everything is ok, i will purchase this theme.

hi, after you check template, you get small errors about some new attributes in code for some elements .. but this not affect for template working .. and it’s up to you .. thanks

When will the wp be ready? thanks

hi, next week will be published.


you welcome :), thanks you.

Very nice template, will be ideal for a forthcoming project but the top menu links don’t seem to be working correctly in IE11 on Windows 7. You have to click a link twice to go to the desired page which can’t be right can it?

This problem is not there in Firefox or Chrome, only IE.

Any suggestions?

hi, we solved this issue in our support forum before, so after purchased please see solution here :


Hi! Have been adapting the theme, but can’t seem to get accents to be displayed correctly. They just won’t display in Roboto font… Could you help me out, please? Thank you!

hi, please provide your site url, to see what happened exact .

i’m working on local only as for the moment – is that the problem?

no, should working fine on localhost also, so just make sure from direction for your files, and i can’t help without see online demo to check what is the problem exact .

-hi I buyed your theme time ago, but now I need to use the slider that were in the home of your theme , in another page, and i´ve just noticed that the slider doesnt work in other place of a page without the header menu, because to get working the slider, it needs that i call the menu bar in te html, i dont understand why. but i need to get the slider working without must to call to the menu bar in the html , to get the slider working. I hope you can understand my question. I use an empty html page, and i put in it the calls to the js and the css, but doesnt work if i dont call the menu : here <!- this appear on small devices ->

..... etc etc

I want to get the slider, but in other page without a menu bar

how can i call the slider to get working without to call the menu?

Thanks a lot.! Sorry my english.

hi, okay you need to do that :
1- open [ js/custom.js ] file and search about this code :

// Navigational Menu ddsmoothmenu
    mainmenuid: "menu", //menu DIV id
    orientation: 'h', //Horizontal or vertical menu: Set to "h" or "v" 
    classname: 'navigation', //class added to menu's outer DIV
    contentsource: "markup" //"markup" or ["container_id", "path_to_menu_file"]
and change it to :
// Navigational Menu ddsmoothmenu
if ($("#menu")[0]){
    mainmenuid: "menu", //menu DIV id
    orientation: 'h', //Horizontal or vertical menu: Set to "h" or "v" 
    classname: 'navigation', //class added to menu's outer DIV
    contentsource: "markup" //"markup" or ["container_id", "path_to_menu_file"]
and save file.
2- in your page which doesn’t have navigation menu, you should remove all this codes :
<nav id="menu" class="navigation" role="navigation">
i mean remove from start nav element to the end nav, so remove any codes for menu .. and save your page file .

after that should working fine ..

thanks! you are the best. one more question, when i want to change the location of the css/style.css to this css/other/style.css the slider doesnt work fine, the text and the things crash in the slider, i think because the javascript can´t find the css , because i change the location. With css/style.css is ok , but when i add one more folder ( a subfolfer) doesnt work the slider correctly. I cant find the javascript that have problem or which line i must to replace?

hi, please i need to see online demo for your site to can help you quickly, wait you.. thanks

The live preview is down. I saw this template before and wanted to buy it. Is there anything wrong?

yes we see that, and solving the problem now, jus wait .. thanks

our site back to working now ..

Hi Sir,

How to modify logo size? (I saw your answers on other comment, I have modify custom.css, but nothing happend.)

Could you help? Thank you, Martin.


hi, you can see this comment :

and about explain more :
to make your logo work fine on normal device and mobile devices , please do that :

make logo bigger than normal size twice and make actual size in custom.css file , and on mobile device the normal big size will loaded

i mean the theme logo actual size is : 342 x 65
i make size in custom.css file is : 171 x 33

so you see in normal devices is half size [ 171 x 33 ] , but in mobile device will be actual size [ 342 x 65 ]

so make your logo like that.


Hi, please tell me how I can make my gallery more than 4 columns. I want 6 columns as I have a lot of photos

hi, sorry template support max 4 columns enough, you can see all layouts here : and gallery :

Hi, Excellent theme.

I am trying to add a icon / text under each gallery item like the picture provided. But it keeps messing up. What is the best way to do this ?


Thank you mate! Any chance of making it so the hover effect dont happen over the new content area? and just the image?


Also if i add in the new content area part, it makes the image the same width & size as the gallery image.

I need the icon / image to stay its original size in new content area


hi, can’t because the hover working form main class item div, so i created new div for other content like new html code, so if you need add new content under image using the same method and about image size in this new area content : yes any images you will add will take the same width but height depend on your image, because is auto .

hi Sir,

logo shows lilltle smaller at IE9 (25% smaller aprox.). At Chrome and firefox shows normal.

Could you help me?

thank you. Martin.

hi, the problem because you add custom logo size code like that :
.logo img {
width: 450px;
height: 85;
you see the problem in [ height: 85; ] which you missed [ px ] so code should be like that :
.logo img {
width: 450px;
height: 85px;

so change that and try again..

thank you so much Sir!

you welcome :)

On all the browsers except IE, the images in the gallery overlap. Is there a limit on how many images can be in the gallery or something?

why do I have to create an account just to view this solution….I’m sure others would benefit from it being posted here

because we give support in our forum and we noticed that here :


Looks great but what’s with the “end product which end users are not charged for” condition… I’m planning to use it for a software that will be free but eventually we’ll have a version that has a price. Will that be a breach of license? If I use it for a community and post some add is also against that policy?

hi, you can see all details about licenses here :

I am trying to set up my Under Construction page and wanted to place my email address into the form to receive emails to my address. Where do I place my email address in the code to do so?

hi, this not contact form, this static subscribe form, like mailchimp and feedburner, so you need to signup in any services or
and you will get your form code from this services , so you can just change codes like the default form in theme.

Also, where do I go to disable the style switcher from the side of the website?

Hi, are you very close to launching the wp version of Invention? Thanks, Petr

hi, very soon will be published :), thanks for interested in it.


Hi: Are you going to update the template with all of the updates posted on your support forum? Just don’t want to have to go through all of them individually. Thanks

hi, yes sure will do that, just after published WP version will update this template, just 2 weeks at most ..