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Good luck with sales :)

Congrats ! Nice Template ! GLWS :)

Great job. . .Good luck with sale my friend :D

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Nice work!! Good luck! :)

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Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Very nice and clean item, creative… GL ;)

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Awesome Theme. Congrats and GLWS :)

Beautiful work.

One thing, I have found that a lot of visitors find these hidden navigation system a bit puzzling and hard to find – especially non-tech people. Is there a way to have the navigation visible at all times?

Hi, sticker!
Thanks for your interest and your question!
We’ll add this feature in update asap, but for now you can add “jQuery cookie” plugin (https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie) and add following code at the bottom of your “main.js” file:

// remembering header position on desktop
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    if (jQuery.cookie) {
        if(jQuery.cookie("headerShown") === "true") {
            jQuery('#header, #header_wrapper').toggleClass('desktop-hide');
        jQuery("#toggle_menu").on("click", function() {
            if(jQuery.cookie("headerShown") === "false" || !jQuery.cookie("headerShown")) {
                jQuery.cookie("headerShown", true);
            } else {
                jQuery.cookie("headerShown", false);
Please note that you can store cookies only on server environment

You can leave the fixed and not hidden menu?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi, insideinside!
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Please, read comment above!

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Hi! Thank you!

“Creative”, “Inventive”, “Next level Creativity”. Tell me please, what is creative in your template? I saw theese features and animation effects as far back in 2008, so where is creativity? Oh you changed colors and add some shadows, that`s all?

Inventive – Title; Creative – Category; Next Level Creativity – Tagline. Please, give a link of 2008 year template with these features and animation.

Great template! Video is pretty much a requirement these days with Youtube and Vimeo, so I was curious what people are using to integrate videos with this template since it doesn’t use any video. I like the template but without video in there I have to look at other options. Thanks for any tips on plugins.

Hi, jimatwood!
Please clarify what kind of video integration you interested of? Is it slider integration, or background video or anything else?
Best regards!

Hello! Thanks for the reply. If I have video I want to show on the site, I’m not sure how to integrate it just yet. If you check out the Canvas 2.0 theme under Shortcodes, you’ll see a Media Embeds section. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. It’s probably simple to embed video anyway, so I’ll take look at just doing this myself. Again, very nice theme. Thanks!

Thanks for your note!
For simple embedding video from any video hosting service you just need to click on “share” button near the video player and copy an HTML code that provided by video hosting. It will contain an “iframe” element with generated attributes.
You can find an example of embeding Vimeo videon on blog page of our template.
Best regards!

HI, I want that when my website opens on any computer first time then it will must show the navigation bar. Please guide . Thanks

Hi, exclusivetuts!
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Try to add to the end of your “main.js” file following code:

if (typeof jQuery.cookie("headerShown") === "undefined") {
    jQuery.cookie("headerShown", true);

Is there an instruction sheet on where to add the pictures. I just need to change the pictures and background photoshop colors. I am so frustrated this is the second template that I bought that I don’t know how to set up. I am a graphic designer that just knows html/css. I should have went to Templatemonster.com

Hi, ChundraRam! Thanks for purchase!
You can see our documentation that is in apropriate folder of download package. In the “template customization” you can see following:
If you want to change main color for this template, just replace all instances of main color hex code with hex color value that you want inside the “main.css” file.
Also you can change “main.css” to “main2.css” or “main3.css” which are the same except predefined colors within it.
Also if you know CSS, you open your template in Chrome, then right click on element you want to change and choose “inspect element”. In panel that should open (Web Developer Tools) you shold see all of the CSS code, that applied to your element (CSS file name and line of the code).
Best regards!