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Good luck with sales mate! AWESOME!

Great portfolio woodmen, thank you!

Looking very nice!

thank you :)

Extra clean work, wish you the best with this one :)

yay, thanks!

I need a working contact form with form validation and successful message sent notification. Does this template have these and if not, can you add it?

Nice template and hope to buy…

Hi Leyte, sorry, right now it’s pure HTML template with no PHP whatsoever. If such requests keep on repeating, we will add such function… as for now, I can suggest you wait for WP edition of Invia, which will come soon :)

I wouldn’t have thought that adding a working contact page would be difficult, but I guess you have your reasons. It also makes little sense to me as a buyer to wait until a WP version comes out just so I can have a working contact form.

I”ll pass on this template and your future WP version and just keep buying templates from authors who understand the need of a working contact form and include them.

Hi Leyte,

We just updated template so that it includes contact form now. I hope that will make you our happy customer :)

Thanks! createIT

Clean work! Good luck with sales :)

Hej! Bardzo, ale to bardzo podoba mi si? ten template – pasowa?by idealnie dla jednego z moich klientów. S?k jednak w tym, ?e nie mam poj?cia jak skonfigurowa? co? takiego :/ Please, zróbcie wersj? na WordPress, b?d? dozgonnie wdzi?czna :D

Wersja na WP jest w drodze, za ok. tydzien-dwa bedzie opublikowana :) Obserwuj nas, zeby wiedziec pierwsza! :)


Cleaner than clean! Really german! Hahahahah! Awesome work mate!

Thanks mate!

Nice template.. :D

Thank you :)

hi great template. Just curious is there more colour variations?

hi, thanks!

Please take a look on “colors” section on demo page, you’ll find few variations there :)

Thanks! createIT

Is it possible to remove the FlexSlider navigation and only have the thumbnail navigation (right now you only show 2 buttons and the navigation, but I would prefer to show all for 4 buttons at once and now have the slider nag)


Yes, I think that’d be possible. Would you please get in touch with us on our support forum here:

... and we will think of some solution :)

thanks! createIT

Hi, Great template! Can the slides fade in and out instead of slide?


Yeah, I think it’s possible. Please get in touch with us on support forum (here:, guys there will guide you :)

Cheers, createIT

I can’t get the fonts to work. Well… I can, but when I choose a font, then I can’t do bold fonts any more. I’ve tried with several fonts and it seems like it only imports that specific font and not the whole font family. What should I do?


Would you be so kind to write to our support forum with URL to your site? Please don’t forget to attach your licence ID, as we provide technical support only to our customers :)

Thanks! createIT team

Hi, thanks for your very clean template! Is it possible to get “auto-slide” on the home slider? I tried to change some true/false setting in js, but nothing. Thanks a lot.


Sure! please go to file js/main.js and where you have this line:


please change “slideshow: false,” to “slideshow: true,”

Hope that helps! :)

createIT team

hellow, the theme is very awsome. How can i change the acount for twitter so it can show my twitter feeds? Thanks

Hi jesereyes,

Slider speed can be changed in main.js line 104 – just add:
slideshowSpeed: 7000,//Integer: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds
 animationSpeed: 600,     

As for contact form, you will find a dedicated section in theme documentation. Basically the only thing you need to do is setup your email account in form/send.php.

If uou encounter any problems with email messages please post an issue on our support forum where our support staff will be able to ask you some additional questions :)

Thanks, createIT

There is no section in the documentation index.html file talking about the contact form. Thanks

hi jesereyes,

Indeed there is none – I’ve just updated this section and reuploaded it to TH. Sorry for that.

Could you please create a support issue here: so that our support team can help you out? Usually it requires validating server configuration, some debugging etc. and will be really difficult to do it here, in comments section:)

Thanks, createIT

I can’t get the portfolio filter feature working. Can you please point to someplace in the documentation?


- twitter widget – we are currently adding this feature so it should be available in our next update - gmail account – in form/send.php you should find commented example with gmail account

If in trouble, just create an issue and we will help you out:)

Thanks, createIT

contact form works well, thanks :)

I feel need for a client template page (which may be fulfilled with portfolio and elements page I guess but still).

Here is my page by the way:


Glad it worked. Could you please create a detailed description of this page and send it on our support forum:

Our support team will be more than happy to help.

Thanks createIT

I cant seem to get the contact form working with my what values do i have to change? Are the php files in the proper location? to i have to make any further modifications when i download the template?

I really need to get the contact form working.

Hey, please get in touch with our support team on guys there will be happy to sort out those things for you. No worries, that’s not difficult :)

Hi, as far as color choices for this template, is it limited to the colors you have built in? Or can you change colors throughout the template via one of the stylesheets?

Thanks Joe

Hi I purchased your template and really like it. Just have one quick question, is there anyway to hide the navigation arrows in the black box that control the slider and have the text in that box centered?

Thanks Joe

Hi Joe,

Sure there is, with a simple CSS trick. Could you please create a new support issue at with your question? Also a screenshot of exactly which arrows you want to hide would be useful.

Thanks, createIT

Hi, I am having trouble getting the contact form to work. It seems the documentation refers to files that did not come with the template but maybe the WP version? I just need to know where to pull in my address to receive the form generated email.

Thanks Joe


You need to edit file config.php, which should be in folder form. If that folder is missing in your download package – please contact us via email or on support forum and we will send you missing files.

Thanks, createIT

The template demo is not working at all, the style.css is not loading, it is missing from the server, therefore there aren’t any CSS rendered. I wonder how we can check the theme and what is everybody commenting here since the template is not working?


Thanks for reporting this! We’re working on it!

Best Regards, createIT