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I just updated this theme for a client and the footer has been replaced with Oitentaecinco demo footer information. The footer information that I want is in the theme options, but it isn’t showing up on the site. How do I fix this? Kind of in a panic.

I fixed it. Had to put the widget information back in place. Not sure why an update would remove that.

Unless you have changed any of the theme files, that wasn’t supposed to happen. But I’m glad it’s working now. If you need further help, please contact the support team: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Best Regards


bakkerl Purchased

At the example page http://preview.themeforest.net/item/invicta-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6155540 when i click on one of the images between the content, the image is opening (in a lightbox?) and have to scroll all the way down before i can see the image? Is this on purpose or can the images be opened in the center of the screen?

Chrome, screen res; 1366×768


The URL you provided is the general theme URL… probably no the URL of the page you are trying to show us. Could you please confirm and tell us exactly which page you are referring to?

Thanks in advance.


bakkerl Purchased

Sorry… opened the url in a new tab.. http://themes.oitentaecinco.com/invicta/porfolio-project/desert-road/

Scroll now to the middle of the page and there are 12 thumb nails. Click the the thumbnails.. Now an overlay on the page is opening. But i have to scroll the page all the way down before i can see the image i just clicked. I would expect that the image is shown (full)screen in the overlay.

We’ve just fixed it. Thanks for your cooperation!


amykeel Purchased

Love this theme! Trying to add a small button (or image with a link) to the area above the header where the search box and social icons are – is there an easy solution to do this?

Hello there. Glad you are happy with the theme. Please contact the support team (http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com) They will try to help you with that. Regards


amykeel Purchased

It wont let me – I go to support and put in all my info and it says The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again.

I didnt have to enter a purchase code because my Invicta is verified in the drop down list…

Just checked that you already opened a ticket on our support center.. and our team was able to help you. Regards


mutsuko Purchased

I tried to download the latest version from my account->Download page, but the files were the same ones I purchased and downloaded 2 years ago. Do I need to renew the support option in order to get the latest version?

Hello there.

You don’t need to renew the support to get the latest versions of the theme. However, we don’t have any control over the account/downloads here, so you should contact Envato directly, regarding this issue.

Best Regards


mutsuko Purchased

My bad. I re-checked the unzipped download files and realized that I was looking at an older version from 2016. The new version had the latest files from 2017/11/29.

Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for the quick reply.

You’re welcome!

Questions before purchase (I just got a refund from another template bc there were issues with actual features . . . I want to avoid that if possible): 1) Assuming there is a feature for a Header Title Bar feature (bar under header menu that shows page title), is it formatted with parallax that cannot be turned off? Can the font just in that Header Title Bar be changed (just for that bar)? 2) If breadcrumbs are available, can the position be selected? If not, does the top menu overlap when the browser window is made smaller? 3) Are the Documentation Articles (the How-To’s of various features) complete, or are there sections that have yet to be written (like pages, widgets and theme options)? 4) Can header settings (h1, h2, h3, etc.) be changed without going into custom CSS? 5) On Blog Posts Page and individual posts, can the Catagories being shown be turned off?

I have some other questions, but these are the deal breakers. Thanks! Jon

Hi Jon. Let’s see..

1) The parallax on the titlebar area can be turned off. The font of the headings can be changed from theme options, but it will affect all the headings. If you just want to change the titlebar, you will have to use custom css that we can provide.

2) The breadcrumb is available and it is displayed on the titlebar. The location can’t be changed.

3) The documentation is provided with the theme and has everything we consider important to mention. However, if you have any doubt, you can contact the support team. They will help you quickly,

4) You can change the headings font-family and the font-size for every tag (h1, h2, h3, etc) from the theme options panel without custom CSS.

5) Yes. You can decide which metadata is displayed, from the theme options panel. You can enable/disable categories, author, date, etc.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Hi, I love the theme and am slowly managing to get to grips with personalising it. I’ve got a couple of questions if you don’t mind. The email address in the footer does not appear to be encoded by Email Address Encoder. I really don’t want to get bombarded with spam, so do you know a way of encoding it in the footer? Is there a way of adjusting how products are shown on the shop page? eg, I would like different categories of product on different lines, to look neater. Thanks very much. Steve

Hi Steve. Please contact the support team: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Thanks in advance.

Is it ok to update Visual Builder to the latest version.

The Visual Composer that comes bundled with the theme is slightly customized. We recommend you to use our version. Best Regards

Visual Composer does not load at all. Editing a post is almost not possible.


Hello there. Make sure you don’t have javascript errors on your console, caused by any other plugin. For further help, please contact the support team: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Best regards