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Presales Question

Hi, does it support multiple language e.g. English, Chinese?

Possible to add a language selection button at the header?


Hi. The is compatible with WPML plugin which allows you to have multi-languages on a website. However, the theme is not ready for RTL languages. Only LTR. Kind Regards


blax_ed Purchased


Which permission on which Folders/Files do i have to set, to get color change to work. Most of the options in the theme options work – but colors doesn’t change in Frontend, when changed in backend.

Would be perfect if you answer here. :-)


You should grant writing permissions to the following directory: wp-themes\invicta\styles\

If you need further help, please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com

Kind Regards

I’m adding sub items to my menu but when I click save the sub items move back to main items in the menu. I’m using wordpress 4.6.1 and I’ve verified that my other wordpress sites that run different themes are working fine.

This started happening today Sunday 20th November, 2016. Prior to that the sub menus were working perfectly. This may be a bug in the theme, I don’t have a current support license, but perhaps you can let me know if others are experiencing the same.​

Go to ttcb.co.tt/redforce to see the menu as it currently stands, where all my sub items are now main items.

Hello there.

The menus backend interface is not managed by the theme. It’s managed by WordPress. I believe that if you disable the theme and try editing the menus with another theme, you will face the same issue.

Try disabling all the plugins and confirm if the problem subsists. Maybe you have some plugin conflicting with the menu. Otherwise, it could also be related with PHP memory!?

PS. I don’t have any other customer complaining about this…

Kind Regards

Visual Composer is no longer working. We are running Invicta version: 2.8.1, with WordPress 4.5.4. Visual Composer came with the theme and is version 4.5.3. Will you be updating the theme to fix this?

The version that comes with the theme is already v4.11.2.1. You can grab it from the Invicta package downloaded from theme-forest (resources/wp-plugins folder).

Kind Regards


Is this theme compatible with WP 4.7?

Hi. Yes it is. Kind Regards.

Thank you


trina99 Purchased

Hi. How do you remove the “Archive for the category: ” before a blog category in the breadcrumbs? - &/or hide the breadcrumbs ?


Please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com They will help you with that!

Kind Regards

Does this theme come with a Child Theme?

The childtheme itself doesn’t come with the theme.. but the theme is fully compatible with child themes.

Here is how to create a child theme: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

However, if you need help, our support team will help you with that!


Thank you! As a longtime user of the impressive Chapter One theme, I will be purchasing the Invicta theme soon.

We are happy to know you’re enjoying working with us. Regards

When is the next update due please? I’s getting rather slow with Wordpress 4.7.2

Hello there.

The current version of the theme is totally compatible with WordPress 4.7.2. If you are experiencing performance issues, they doesn’t come from the theme. Check the plugins, the memory they are consuming, etc. And consider installing a caching plugin. It’s always recommended.

Hope this helps.

The performance issues are related to the revolution slider and the visual composer plugins which are included in the theme. Should I understand that there is no plans for any fututre updates?

Of course not. Updates will still be released at any moment we have new features, or any other situation demands us for an update (any compatibility issues, for example).

But if you really think the performance issues came from those plugins, our support team can provide you newer versions. Please contact them at http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com

Kind Regards

Hi! I have problems with Visual Composer. I update VC to 5.0.1 but this action not solve the problem… What can I do??


Hi. Please contact the support http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com They will help you with that. Kind Regards

Hi there, I would like to change the appearance of the “Blog Teaser” on our Home-Site. They look different than the Portfolio Teaser. I would like to have them both in the same look. How can I do that? Look here: http://www.adsolution.net/​ – scroll down to the bottom of the content area to see what I mean..

Hello there. For help, please contact our support center: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Thanks in advance.


I am running WPML with the theme and I want to translate the home slider to the second language.

Can I do change it through theme options or page options?

Hello there. Please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com They will help you with that. Kind Regards


alasdair Purchased


Is this theme still maintained?

The last update is almost a year old, and the included plugins should at least be updated for security reasons.


Yes. The theme is still maintained. New version of the bundled plugins coming soon. Best Regards