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Hi there, I’ve submitted a private support ticket (#897126) one week ago and still do not have a reply. :cry: I have a jQuery error with the plugin “Thrive Leads” caused by the theme. When can I expect your reply? :grin:

Thanks and greetings Micha

​Hi there!

To use the Thrive Leads Plugin with Invicuts you should change the following line.

/wp-content/themes/invictus/functions.php file. line 493

It was return "$url ' defer "; Should be return "$url defer "; without

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Kontrec Purchased

Hello! How do I make the sidebar stay at all times (i.e. not disappearing when I click on the red square in the upper right corner – that removes sidebar and thumbnails below?) Also, it would appear that when I click on the said red square that it also removes the grid on top of the images? How do I make the grid stay at all times? Thanks!


Daskier Purchased

Hey Doitmax,

Love the theme, fantastic work. I have completely installed and built my site and it works perfectly.

I would like to change the background of the header from the black field to an image I have uploaded and was wondering how I might be able to accomplish that?

I looked in the header template but, I’m not sure where the code is regarding the background of the header and not effect the navigation or logo.

I’m new to wordpress and have actually really enjoyed how easy this has been. It’s these little tweaks that I need a little guidance on.



Hi – thanks for your time, great theme. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this – I have no images showing after a wordpress update to 4.3.6, and then the latest version. Images still visible in full screen scroller mode, but not in masonry, column, lightbox etc Tom

Is there an easy way to install the demo content ?


andly Purchased

Hi, as soon as I upgraded to wordpress 4.7, the editor stopped working, I cannot switch the html editor to wysiwyg. It’s just the theme because I deactivated everything and it still didn’t work. With twenty sixteen theme it works with all plugins active.


andly Purchased

This theme seems not supported anymore.

Hi and sorry for my late reply. Have you already created a ticket in our support area? If yes, then I have just answered there with more information.

Otherwise please head over to our support at and create a new support ticket over there. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cheers, doitmax

Hi. My site is under hacker attak and I have to redo the whole site: I can not find the plugins and can not remember how I had to install them. In the documentation I not find information about plug-ins. Where to find them? Thanks a lot. best regards. Bruno

Hi Bruno, plugins are out of scope for support on this theme since 3rd party plugins are not part of the theme.

Here are some general information from the WordPress Codex about WordPress Plugins and how to install them.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, doitmax

For some reason my “posts” page for my blog posts aren’t loading the editing options properly. The visual and add media tabs aren’t working properly. Please help me figure out what the problem is. Could it be a browser issue?

Is this theme compatible with WPML CMS 3.6? Tks!

I see we can use WPML with Invictus but how can we have custom Welcome Teasers for each language? Tks for the help!

I can’t seem to get the import content and menus to work. I have downloaded the latest version (3.3.4). And import the dummy_data.xml. It starts to process. Then when I return to the site, the fonts are not loading, CSS looks messed up.

I set menus up but some of the links go to the doitmax demo site.

Can you take a look at the screen capture I made and let me know what’s going wrong?

The older version was fine. I’ve been a customer for 3+years.


-> You can see the video here

Hi! I’ve purchased this theme previously a while ago and wanted to know if it’s set up to work as a child theme? If so, do you have documentation on how to set that up?

Hi, there are no known issues with setting up a child theme with Invictus. Please check out the official WordPress Code page about child themes:

pwanwu Purchased

Hi there,

I did ask this before.

I am trying to import the data into the newest versions of Invictus.

The process doesn’t seem to work.

I do get all the images. But many of the pages, such as ‘Home’ are all pointing to the doitmax website.

And I cannot say many of the pages there?

You can see the site @

As you can see the home page and many other pages do not exist.

Things we ok on previous verions?

To access the back end of the site, User is:admin Pass is:invictus2017

I really want to keep using this theme but now I cannot show the client the demo it is making things hard for me!

Please DoIt!



doidinho Purchased

max mobile menu, how can I change the background color of the button (toggle) to black #000000? I managed to change nav all to black, just the button left grey:

.nav-full-width .main-header { background-color: #000000 !important; } .max-mobile-menu { background-color: #000000 !important; } .max-mobile-menu-header { background-color: #000000 !important; }


doidinho Purchased