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Responsive design “does not work at all” support takes forever to get back to you. I mean literally like 3-4 days to answer one question, and then when you reply saying “look it still doesn’t work” you have another 3-4 days for a response. Look, it’s been almost a week since my site launched and it absolutely has “zero” ability to function on any mobile device. Is there anyone out there that fix this within the next few days??


3-4 Days over Weekend and a one day holiday in Germany.

I’m sorry, but it is explained in our support policy that support is not offered on weekends or holidays. You have created your support request on a Saturday, we answered today on our first working day after the weekend. You say it took another 3-4 days for a reply on your second answer? How is it possible, when you post your latest reply 4 hours ago in our support board? Sorry, i don’t want to sound rude, but this is simple not true and will lead to improper false representation of our support service.

To be honest, you should give us at least the time to answer within 24 hours on working days, as stated in our support police, before posting such comments. Also keep in mind that we are located in Germany and there is a time difference of at least 7 hours to your location.

I will have again a detailed look at your problem tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding, Dennis

So if I make a comment you reply within hours? But don’t even attempt to fix the problem that’s been ongoing for almost a week? Are you serious?

I haven’t even heard about the problem since i have read your ticket from Saturday yesterday. No one else has reported this problem before. So how should I solve the problem so far within the last week, if I know it since yesterday and I initially had proposed a possible first solution to your problem in our ticket system? This doesn’t make any sense.

As i have said yesterday, i will check this today to find a solution. But I will inform you in advance that this might not be done very quickly, because I have no influence on it, when an update is released on Themeforest. This can also take 1-2 days. Not in my hand.

Hi is the theme compatible with visual composer plugin?

Hi, have you already visited our support board and created a ticket? Support is only offered over there. If yes, please let me know the ticket id.

Cheers, doitmax

I cannot go to support because my license expired, I’m not asking for customization, my website was done 3 years ago. I only updated the theme because I received a notification and now the responsive is not working. I’m not paying for a license, this is a theme related issue and I could get a full refund from Envanto if I wanted to. So please fix this problem. As a read previous post, this issue has been going on. I will wait for your reply. You can email me directly at kingcontentservice@gmail dot com


Update** I had to install everything from scratch since there is no reply. There is an issue with your demo xml. I dint use the demo this time and everything seems to work fine. I hope you can fix this for future buyers.

hi there! I love your theme and have been using it for a while. unfortunately i had an issue since i updated and i cannot find out what it is. it states there is a jquery failure. please check

Hi, thank you for your kind words. Really appreciate it! Can you please head over to our support board and create a new ticket over there? Support is only offered via our ticket system at

Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.: Dort kannst du auch gerne in deutsch ein neues Ticket erstellen ;)

There is a banner pop up on home page over the flash photos, just below menu bar which is distracting. Please refer to website ( Can anyone please suggest me how can i remove this box/banner.

Many thanks? in advance

Hi, when i visit your website at i cannot see any banner at all. Did you already resolve your problem on your own?

Hi,Yes. Today I have figured it out. There was a Custom CSS field under Invictus>General>Others; and some codes which i have deleted (copied below) #scanlines { display: none; filter: Alpha(Opacity=0); opacity: 0; } #body, #superbgimage { background-color: #000 !important; } #primary, #sidebar .widget, #nivoHolder, .external-video { background: #000 !important; border-color: #000 !important; }

I don’t know where they came from. I have deleted these texts and the box disappeared. Thank you so much for get back.

Hello folks, i can´t find the menu under the invictus logo on the left side! I am looking since a few days, ” Hi my name is invictus,i am a highly versatile and powerful premium wordpress theme…...”

Could somebody give me a hint ? Thanks

Hi, this is the “Welcome Teaser” at the “Front Page Fullsize Gallery” options tab in your Invictus Theme Options Panel.

Cheers, doitmax

Hi there,

We love your theme and would love to purchase it to showcase several film projects! I just have a question: For self-hosted video uploads, does the theme support ”.mov” videos in H.264 compression (or only MP4)?

Thanks! Sofia

Hello!I recently received from your hosting letter stating that my website is sending spam and the site is blocked. I began to understand, was that in the files of the theme invictus , there’s a vulnerability! wp-content/themes/invictus_3.3.3/timthumb.php – RCE : TIMTHUMB CVE-2011-4106,CVE-2014-4663 timthumb.php – this file has a vulnerability and it is no longer used. Because of him I have infected the whole site and other sites in one account.To use I can’t do this topic, had to delete everything and re-do your sites. I want my money back for this product, so ka Kon has a vulnerability, which destroyed all my efforts!!! I can’t get support than to replace this file so the site could function without vulnerability because the period of support has ended! I have to buy another theme and make your website from scratch.

Hi dup01, i am sorry to hear that.

But you could have send me a message through my profile page here on Themeforest first instead of ask for a refund or give a 1 star rating, because the solution is in fact very simple.

It’s no big effort to remove this file and deactivate all related functionality without loosing any of the theme’s features. Simple delete the file timthumb.php and deactivate “Timthumb Image Cropping” in the theme options panel. Timthumb image cropping is still there because of backward theme compatibility.

The theme and it’s updates got approved multiple times with this file included, so i don’t think it’s basically just a matter of the theme but a weak server security setting too.

Since 2011 there are thousands of theme installations using this theme and i have never heard about any security issues or any attacks.

If you still need any help or have any questions you can send me a message through my profile page here on

Cheers, Dennis

Thanks for the reply! I put a star and wrote a bad review because there is no feedback, only paid support, and I ended up in the support license. If You haven’t heard of problems with this file, it seems to me very strange since so many resources are described this problem and even google already uses this script. It ochne a big hole in the security of the site. I need to make a website from scratch. I’ll try to do as You wrote. Also there’s the problem that I can not download the theme update, though I have an email with a link. Here is a link to the file is no longer used .

You can always download the latest theme version in your Themeforest download section.

Sorry but i don’t understand the part “There is no feedback”. Have you tried to contact me via Themeforest or email directly? You can contact me on these ways even without a valid support licence.

I did not say i haven’t heard about the problem with this file. I have said i haven’t heard about any problem with the file in conjunction with the theme and it’s features. As explained before, the file is only there for backward compatibility to older theme versions. With update 4.0 coming soon this file is going to be removed completely.

Please do not write a new comment for each reply. You can write a reply to my own replies to keep the comments section threaded :)

And when will the update without this issue?And whether it’s free or need subscription support? Please read on the Internet about this vulnerability more and You’ll see I’m right.Until I was faced with the fact. my website is infected with viruses, I also did not know about this, but in the end I read a lot of articles about this, even if Google no longer updates this file, so its use is no longer necessary.

The update is not ready yet, since it is a complete makeover. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to receive news about it. Updates are always free. You can download each update in your themeforest download section for free once you have bought the theme.

support ticket


ipecek Purchased

Hi there!

Is there a way I could arrange the front page to look like something like my current free web portfolio (link below)?

I’d like to put categories up front, and then do the subcategories in the same way on the next page, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

This is my current (free) webpage, I finally found time to start working on the Invictus.

Hallo, ich finde den Style klasse. Habe auf deiner Facebookseite gelesen das eine Version 4.0 in der Mache ist. Wird das ein Update oder ein neues Template? Ich frage, weil ich nicht 2x kaufen möchte. Gruß Guido

Hi Guido, das wird ein Update. Ich weiß leider nur noch nicht, wann es fertig gestellt ist. Ich habe momentan leider nicht sehr viel Zeit weiter daran zu arbeiten.

Gruss, doitmax


fizzbell Purchased

Hi there – great theme! However is there a way to make the home page slider any more responsive? Site is below.

Cheers and thanks! J


fizzbell Purchased

Yes sure – currently it looks like this: But they want it to look like this ie with more of the slider image in the frame:

It may not be possible – if not no problem. Or maybe let me know if you think its possible but with the help of a coder. Cheers and thanks! J

Hey, the images are both the same. Can you please check it? :)


fizzbell Purchased

Sorry about that! Here we go below. And yes let me know if its ‘possible’ if i hire a developer. Cheers and thanks for your time.

Hello Dennis

Here I am as my support time has ended. Since last year I was having the same issue with videos not autoplaying on home gallery and in another gallery. They rotate right, but dont autoplay. Thought to come and ask if you or anybody knows why? I have followed the instructions I found here, setting the parameters on settings to autoplay, etc. But nothing actually works.Please anybody help!

Actually, there is another thing is not working as well. The red TAB on the top right corner, to hide/show the menu does not work.

Hi, can you please provide a link to your theme installation?

Hi Dennis.

It’s at