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Is there a way to implement this to wordpress? If so, I’ll definitely purchase it.

Hi GoliathIsLove,

At this time I have no plans for a WordPress version. I have created a HTML version though which you can check out in my portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by,


Fantastic Landing page… Can you send an e-mail about how to make this form contact form as am not very good at coding is there any easy method..

Thanks @syed664

I can help you out sure. Before I do, can you send me your proof of purchase so I can verify you’ve purchased the theme through TF?

Thanks again,


Can you send an e-mail about how to make this form contact form as am not very good at coding is there any easy method.. I had purchased the theme now your help will be much appreciated

Thanks for the purchase @syed664

How would you like the form to work? Is it:

  1. Send a basic plain text e-mail?
  2. Include the sign ups to an autoresponder list?

If it is #1, then you could use a simple script such as the below:


Note: Please note I do not provide support for the above scripts, so if you need assistance in the intentragtion I would advise you follow the support documentation of the owners website.

Let me know how you go with the above, thanks again.


Hello nimbleo!

Thanks for a great looking theme!

How can i adjust the themes size to 810px, so that i will fix to facebook layout?

THanks a lot!

My pleasure @choicemanager :)

If you want to adjust the width of the theme, then you’ll need to increase the main container. You can find this on line 113 of the style.css file.

If you need more info just let me know.



Perfect. I will take a look at it right away!

How about setup of the contact slide down. How can i set it to send mail to me?

Thanks again!

To make the contact slide down work, you can use any third party script that you think may be suitable. The form is left open for you to customize as you see fit.

I would Google a simple PHP contact form (if you want to use PHP ) and that should do the trick.

Here is an example form I found –

See how you go and if you have any difficulties just let me know.



Hi again nimbleo,

Ive got your php contact to work with the link you gave. Super freaking perfect, course im not a coder, but still got it to work;)

BUT, I’m on able to find the main container on line 113. In my style.css i see #footer-wrap { at that line?

Could you please help me. Best regards!

Awesome to hear that @choicemanager.

Re your question, the CSS selector starts on that line. If you want to know where the exact property is then you’ll find this on line 115.

Essentially, I reference multiple selectors with the same properties so the styles cascade across the board and therefore save you time! :)

Hope that helps.



i like your theme, is it possible to make this theme responsive, so that it look better on mobile devices?


@breiningfriends thanks for your comment.

At this time I have no plans on making this theme responsive – that being said, I do plan on releasing a brand new responsive theme over the next week or so. Be sure to check it out and see if it suits your needs.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your fast reply, i will check your new theme.