Ion - Theatrical Coming Soon Template

Ion - Theatrical Coming Soon Template

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED NOR UPDATED!ION is a responsive coming soon template which puts cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques at your finger tips. Create stunning theatrical promos or coming soon hype for your website or projects releases. The “movie trailer” effect is heavily optimized for both desktop and mobile platform and also degrades well on older browsers down to IE8.


  • SEO: intro texts,links and images defined in the HTML so all content is indexable by search engines
  • Canvas realtime nebula effect
  • CSS3 animations
  • Optional background music using native browser playback features (no flash required)
  • Multiple text/image layers per slide
  • Per layer custom delay, duration, transition and position
  • Over 50 different transition types (animate.css)
  • Ajax subscribe form


The commercial audio used in the preview is not included. It’s a royalty free soundtrack which can be purchased for around $20, more details in download docs.

Browser Compatibility List:

  • Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE10: all features enabled (Webkit browsers supports sub-pixel transforms so get they bonus slow zoom out effect)
  • IE9: lacks support for css3 animations, fade in/out used as a fallback.
  • IE8: same as IE9, also lacks support for canvas element, use static image background instead of the nebula effect, lacks native support for audio playback, soundtrack disabled.

Mobile Compatibility List:

  • Latest Android: all features enabled.
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad: mobile safari disables audio unless started from a click event, as such, soundtrack playback has been disabled.

Other Info:

  • Comprehensive browser based documentation
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support
  • The icon font used in this template is Entypo icon Font

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