iOne - Drag & Drop Minimal Responsive Shopify Theme

iOne - Drag & Drop Minimal Responsive Shopify Theme

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Version 2.2 is here. What’s new?

  • Add new style for mega menu. Now you are able to add image for each menu of the second level.
  • Add new option for mega menu which allow you to configure the position of the custom HTML Block
  • Support Banner Editor With the smartest and simplest interfaces, Banner Editor gives you every tool necessary to turn ideas into stunning visual content for your store, without special skills or technical expertise required.

Theme sections

For themes with sections, Shopify’s theme editor offers an easier way to customize your store’s home page content. You can add, reorder, and remove content on your store’s homepage using sections. Sections let you customize your store’s design and content in a quick and visual way.

Introducing sections

Sections are customizable parts of your theme. They let you add, reorder, and remove chunks of content on your store’s home page. Each theme has a unique set of sections to choose from. Sections let you pick the types and order of content you want to feature on your home page. Examples of sections include featured products, slideshows, collection listings, or videos.

Within a section, you can add different types of content. These content types make up the content inside each section of your home page. Each section in a theme has its own content types that you can add. Some examples of content types within sections are products, text, or images.

When you add content like images and videos to your store, you can use that content in your theme sections.

New theme editor

The theme editor has changed to allow you to add and reorder sections in your theme. The new theme editor displays to the left of the screen:

Sections and Settings tabs

The theme editor is divided into two tabs: Sections and Settings:

  • The Sections tab shows the sections that are available with your theme. You can use the Sections tab to add content and move content:
  • The Settings tab lets you make global changes to the look of your store, including typography, text and background color, and links to your social media accounts:
  • iOne is a great combination of a clean, modern, minimalist design and a number of powerful features. Your customers will enjoy its beautiful Layer Slider, Instagram, Off-canvas Shopping Cart, Tailored QuickShop, Newsletter Pop-up, and its unique built-in features like instant list/grid change, Ajax Paging & Ajax Toolbar, Sticky Menu, Alternative Images, Lazy Load, Product Zoom, Off Canvas Menus, Mega Menus…

    iOne Theme changes how you see Shopify & what you can do with it. iOne makes e-commerce easy.

    This elegant and intuitive theme is carefully developed and includes that set of pages, tools and settings that will help you create a professional looking and trustworthy online shop.

    Key features

    • Online Documentation
    • Powerful Customize: The Customizer with easy navigation and dozens of theme elements, select hundreds of amazing fonts, apply many pattern backgrounds and setup different theme setting and effects.
    • One Click Demo Import: You can import all the demo content with only one click! We have a huge number of layouts that are easily imported.
    • Mega Menus: Our built-in mega menu is the perfect choice for large menus. You can set up columns and rows, use icons and upload background images easily.
    • Awesome Off-Canvas Menus Integration: The new Off-Canvas menus is now independent with Collapse Navigation for small screens. The Off-canvas sidebar displays content from a defined position.
    • Translation & RTL ready: Translate iOne into any language, or use one of our 7 included language files. iOne is also fully RTL compatible.
    • Amazing Layout Variations: DID YOU KNOW: You can select your sidebar position (or no sidebar at all), choose a boxed or fullwidth layout and set a custom header, footer for your site all with the click of a button!
    • Retina & Fully Responsive Web Design: It adapts automatically to different screen sizes, no matter if your visitors are on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
    • Instant Grid/List change: No more page reloading or waiting AJAX request. Just click the grid or list button and your products will change instantly with a beautiful animation.
    • Off-Canvas Shopping Cart: Allow your clients to see the products they?ve selected in a glance, with the possibility to add or remove products without being forced to navigate back and forth across the site.
    • Quick View Popup: The goal of the Quick View feature is to minimize the numbers of clicks and help shoppers initiate their ordering more easily and efficiently.
    • “New”, “Sale” and “Low of Stock” labels: Mark your products with eye-catching labels. Text on the labels can be easily translated to other languages.
    • Header & Footer Options: Customize the header and footer of the theme to fit your brand. iOne gives you enough flexibility to create a unique look for your store.
    • Ajax Search without Shopify Apps: With Ajax Search you can engage your visitors straight at the search box, before they even hit “Enter” be that on their desktop, mobile or tablet!
    • Newsletter Popups: If you use Mailchimp, it?s easy to add a signup form to your Shopify store.
    • Advanced Layered Navigation: The implemented AJAX technology allows filtering and sorting products without page reloading.
    • Instagram Integration: Instagram has become one of the most important marketing channel these days so its important to leverage the benefits of your Instagram traffic by showing real authentic photos on your Shopify store.
    • LookBook: Hot trend, fashion inspiration. modern direction, amazing view. Attract your customers by original solution and unique rich eye catching design.
    • Unlimited Colors: Unlimited color choices! Color options are provided for each element using an advanced color selection tool.
    • Tons of Shortcodes: Our custom design and unique shop shortcodes will allow your products to shine. iOne + Shortcodes makes it easy to have an online shop.
    • Boxed / Wide Layout: Choose between boxed or wide layout. This can be a global selection for all pages, or single selection per page or post.
    • Fully Responsive Grid: Forget about setting column numbers for each breakpoint. Just set a minimum width for your products and they will automatically adjust to any screen size.
    • Sticky Menus built-in Your viewers/customers will navigate more quickly through your site
    • Ajax Add to Cart, Ajax Wishlist You can add products to cart, wishlist without leaving current page.
    • Previous & Next functionality for the product view page Now you can navigate to next and previous products without going back to listing page.
    • Integrated Social Sharing: Facilitating the sharing of your product is a breeze with iOne. Built-in options allow for a quick, efficient, and seamless sharing experience that always feels custom tailored and never tacked on.
    • Slider for Up-sell Products and Related Products blocks. Now you can show as much related and up-sell products as you want.
    • Alternative Images built-in
      show alternative product images on mouse hover
    • Product zoom built-in Allow your customers to take a closer look at the product
    • Product thumbnail Slider built-in Allow you slide all images of the product
    • Parallax Effect Widget built-in Choose to set a background image, add text & additional images
    • Google fonts integrated Choose from over 650 google web fonts
    • Back to top button
    • Background patterns and color chooser Easy to change or upload your background images, you can set unlimited for your store
    • Tabs/accordion Tabs smoothly turns into accordion on narrow screens
    • list button and your products will change instantly with a beautiful animation.
    • Additional Information tab for individual product attributes Create and display custom product attributes
    • Brand Logo Slider on product page. Logo can be a link to any page (to category with products from that brand, to search results or to any custom CMS page). Alternatively brand names can be displayed instead of logo images
    • Blog Post Slider built-in
    • Customizable Image Size on product page. Specify any size you like, images don’t have to be square you can keep the aspect ratio
    • Lazy loading If enabled for product sliders, images outside of viewport will not be loaded (to improve performance) before user scrolls to them
    • Icons Fonts: They?re all the rage right now, and for good reason. Icon fonts are easy to use, look great across all devices (we?re talking about you retina displays), and aren?t much of a performance hit.
    • Cross Browser Support Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE 11+
    • Seo Optimised & Solid Code: This theme is built with care allowing search engines to index the content of your site to achieve higher rankings.

    Change Logs

------------ 3.2.2 Release Sep 22, 2017  ------------

-  Page speed optimized

------------ 3.2.1 Release Aug 07, 2017  ------------

- Improve effect for product sticky page

------------ 3.2.0 Release Jul 10, 2017  ------------

- Built-in Translator & Multilingual Ready: The built-in translator allows you to translate easily the store into another language. If you prefer a multilingual store, this theme is made for you.

------------ 3.1.1 Release June 23, 2017  ------------

- Improve style for Newsletter popup

------------ 3.1.0 Release June 21, 2017  ------------

- Add new gallery color swatches demo
- Minor style improvements

------------ 3.0.4 Release June 07, 2017  ------------

- Improve Header Builder: Add option to enable/disable cart, search, member area
------------ 3.0.3 Release June 05, 2017  ------------

- Improve Header + Footer Builder
- Add Separator element for Header & Footer builder

------------ 3.0.2 Release June 01, 2017  ------------

- Add View Option for Collection page on Mobile
- Improve Product Variant effect on Mobile

------------ 3.0.1 Release May 29, 2017  ------------

- Update CleverFont v1.7
- Rename some section in Footer builder

------------ 3.0 Release May 29, 2017  ------------

- Add Header & Footer Builder: Now you can easy to add, remove and order all element in header or footer
- Add Collection Section Builder: now you can easy to add, remove and order in sidebar section of the collection page 
- Rebuild All Sections 
- Improve page speed: now it loads faster than 200%  
- Add Sticky layout for product page
- Add label Sale for the product page
- Improve style for product page 
- Add new effect for Social share button
- Improve header layout on mobile view
- Add new search effect
- Minor style improvements 

------------ 2.7 Release Jan 24, 2017  ------------

* Add Logo retina option

------------ 2.6 Release Jan 10, 2017  ------------

* Fixed responsive issue of the slider
* Fixed quickview popup issue that a broken appears if a product is out of size.
* Fixed issue that the symbol not updated when changing the currency

------------ 2.5 Release Dec 06, 2016  ------------

* Fixes RTL issues 
* Fix minor css issues

------------ 2.4 Release Nov 30, 2016  ------------

* Improve color swatches feature 
* Add zoom feature for product detail page

------------ 2.3 Release Nov 17, 2016  ------------

* Improve style for Header Mobile
* Fix issue that drop down menu didn't show when enable RTL
* Improve style for Slider on mobile  
* Improve JS performance

------------ 2.2.2 Release Nov 10, 2016  ------------

* Add SESSION configuration for Catalog page
* Add SESSION configuration for  Product page
* Add "Don't show this popup" option to newsletter popup
* Fix issue that Color Swatches not clickable on mobile 
* Improve style for Dark preset
* Fix minor css issues

------------ 2.2 Release Nov 03, 2016  ------------

* Add new style for mega menu. Now you are able to add image for each menu of the second level.
* Add new option for mega menu which allow you to configure the position of the custom HTML Block
* Support <a href="">Banner Editor</a> With the smartest and simplest interfaces, Banner Editor gives you every tool necessary to turn ideas into stunning visual content for your store, without special skills or technical expertise required. 

------------ 2.1 Release Oct 26, 2016  ------------

* Add new home page with dark style. Now you can easy to switch from White to Dark style with 1 click. 
* Fix minor css issue

------------ 2.0 Release Oct 20, 2016  ------------

* The theme editor has changed to allow you to add and reorder sections in your theme.
* Add new mobile header layout. Now you can easy to choose 2 mobile header layout: minmal & modern
* Add new section: Collect list
* Add new section: Gallery, Gallery Masonry
* Add new section: Image with Text, Image with text Overlay
* Add new section: Feature Boxes
* Add new section: Text columns with images
* Add new section: Custom Content Layout. It allows you to add Text, Image, Video and Advanced Custom HTML 

The code in the new version 2.0 is totally difference with version 1.0.4. It means what you customized in the older version will be lost. It's required you install the new version. 

------------ 1.0.4 Release Oct 06, 2016  ------------

* Improve mobile responsive
* Add "Back to Top" button 
* Add Placehoder image and PLAY button for Video Slider. Now on mobile, the slider will load the placeholder image instead of the video. 

------------ 1.0.3 Release Sep 30, 2016  ------------

* Add new home page
* Add new header layout: header vertical left & right 
* Add carousel layout for blog module  
* Add color option for the slider

------------ 1.0.2 Release Sep 27, 2016  ------------

* Add "Lookbook" template layout: Now you can create a separately lookbook page
* Fix search page issue 
* Improve mega menu style when enabling the full header layout 
* Add Footer Background Image option: now you are able to upload <a href="">footer background</a>

------------ 1.0.1 Release Sep 22, 2016  ------------

* Fix minor CSS issues 
* Add "Pre-order" layout for product page 

------------ 1.0.0 Release Sep 22, 2016  ------------

! Initial Release