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Hope we get well together bro :)

Cheers (beer) RoberdKS.

Cheers bro. ;-)

Hi, just bought it.
i play with the customizer, but i don’t see any option to change some element like logo, image, etc …
It’s not possible with the customizer ?

Ok, found the solution, it was in the css, very good template i realy like it, will let a review ;)

Just change the image width and height in the media queries found at the very top of the html.

Happy that you liked it. Cheers.

Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe

Love it, nice job!

Thanks a lot GradaStudio.

very great style , i like it :) good job , i whish you lots of sales :)

Thanks a bunch, Eric

Good luck with sales :D

Thanks mate.:-)

Good job, glws ;)

Thanks mate.

Hello! I have problem using it with Mailchimp, when I enter image, then all tables down disappear? I entered banner.

If you have trouble with the repeatable modules do ping me on skype and i can help you with the setup. Skypeid: jvyda1

I added you in Skype

Everything is working now!!! Best support and template! Thank you! (Y)

Awesome job! The editor has saved me hours of editing in html … perfect :)

Thanks a lot.

Hey.. I am having a hard time figuring out the template. I am fairly new to all this. Any help will be appreciated. So, for example, what is the image size? How can I replace this image with the new images?

Hi, you can change the images by editing the html code of replacing the images in the img folder. If you further need assistance just ping me on skype and i can help you out with it. Skypeid: jvyda1

Regards, Jay

Hey Jay, added you on skype.. Thanks


Just purchased and think it’s great. Really looking forward to using it in earnest…

Having successfully used the template editor to tweak the template, I’m having problems saving / exporting. Following instructions but I’m not being given an option for where I want my template to be exported to.


Any help greatly appreciated!

Best James

Hi, The editor is built for the latest browsers which use webkit like google chrome and mozilla firefox. Kindly use google chrome to access the editor and everything should be fine.

Regards, Jay

Customizer won’t work. there’s an error line showing up on that page: “Warning: file_get_contents(http://marketplace.envato.com/api/edge/emailmad/xdj2x0q30b310cdh096szpf6so24d1gn/verify-purchase:b99b249a-f25a-458b-b6c6-8cab0983bea5.json): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity in /home/jvyda1/public_html/app/wp-content/themes/emailmad/single-template.php on line 23”

Hi, Due to the new Envato API changes our editor is experiencing problems. We are working hard to fix it. All the templates published before september will be migrated to our new editor. Appreciate your patience.

Same with me

Warning: file_get_contents(http://marketplace.envato.com/api/edge/emailmad/xdj2x0q30b310cdh096szpf6so24d1gn/verify-purchase:aa856ad66d794140b7f936253b5a29da.json): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity in /home/jvyda1/public_html/app/wp-content/themes/emailmad/single-template.php on line 23

The template will be upgraded to our latest editor tonight. Please standby.

The editor is fixed please try now

I purchased this template then tried to use the purchase code in the licence to access the builder and it won’t work. Is this a known issue? I’ve also emailed and have not gotten a response to this question.

Hi, Themeforest made some change tot heir API and that is what has caused the error. We are working hard to upgrade the editor to our new version and should be available today. Thanks for your patience. Cheers, Jay

The editor is fixed. Please try now

I have this message This Account Has Been Suspended!!

please my money back…..

Hi where did you get this message on.