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Nice effect brother. Good luck :)

Hi, thanks, you have a cool design as well :-)

the themeforest market needs such products, good luck for sales

Thanks Webinae :-)

Does the contact form work and have validation? Saw no mention of it and the demo didn’t work. Non-working contact forms are a deal breaker for me…

Otherwise, congrats on a nice theme.

We will fix and update it soon :-) thanks

Thanks! I also sent you an email about some other issue’s I found.

just updated the theme, do not forget to give 5 star rate :-)

I am very please with your design but I would like to incorporate some owned vimeo and youtube movie as I am doing short films and event cinematography . it will be possible to incorporate these sort of media into the portfolio section and how to make the script. Thank you if you can answer to my question. About the Contact form I found a way to have an error and thank you file returned to my website with a special PHP script. and it work….:)

Please could you tell me about the question of Video content into the website….”but I would like to incorporate some owned vimeo and youtube movie as I am doing short films and event cinematography . it will be possible to incorporate these sort of media into the portfolio section and how to make the script. ” Thank you

note, and i will update the features, letting you know soon :-)

Thank you :)

Looks very nice :) But having some issues in IE8. Not really an issue but it said it was supported and it doesn’t really feel like it.

Otherwise, good job!

Send me some screenshot :-)

I think it was something I did, because when I did a clean install it worked just fine :) I’m so sorry for the trouble.

oh, no prob do not forget to give 5 stars :-)

About (portfolio details) Just thinking why when you are clicking on the portfolio item…. you are not directed directly to the portfolio item picture who belong to the item you have clicked on. Every 6 clicked items on the portfolio are directed on the same picture into the portfolio details…..... You need to use the icon-angle-left or icon-angle-right to control the portfolio large picture and I think this is annoying for the person who will look at a special work….they don’t want to go to every pictures to find what they want…... I tried to find a code but nothing work….. Thank you. :)

We are going to fix it soon, there will be an update :-)

Unfortunately we are working on this update now, but until then there’s an option to open the proper portfolio item detail when clicked on one of them. In the custom.js file replace the content on line 261 – 273 for this: var portfolioDetail = (function(a, b){ $(’.portfolio-item:eq(’ + a +‘)’).click(function(e){ var pfSlider = $(’.portfolio-details-wrapper.cycle-slideshow’); $(’.dark-overlay’).fadeIn(300); pfDetails.addClass(‘visible’);

        pfSlider.children('li:eq(' + b +')').removeClass('pfdetail-inactive').addClass('pfdetail-active');
var w = $(window).width();
if(w < 760){
    var top = $(window).scrollTop(),
        scrollTop = top - 1350 + 'px';
portfolioDetail('0', '1'); portfolioDetail('1', '2'); portfolioDetail('2', '3'); portfolioDetail('3', '4'); portfolioDetail('4', '5'); portfolioDetail('5', '6');
$('#prev, #next').css('opacity','0');

and add this to the style.css file:

.pfdetail-active {position: absolute !important; top: 0px !important; left: 0px !important; z-index: 100 !important; opacity: 1 !important; display: block !important;} .pfdetail-inactive {position: absolute !important; top: 0px !important; left: 0px !important; z-index: 97 !important; display: none !important;}

It will show up the proper item when clicked on a portfolio thumb, but the next and previous controls won’t work with this option yet, we’re working on it :) Let me know how it worked.

The solution for the portfolio items doesn’t work for me. I’ll just wait for an update then.

Update will come this weekend

updated version is available, you can download it :-)

The mobile menu isn’t responding as it should. Can you test this and maybe fix it? It keeps opening when I try to close it with the menu button.

Also when you go to a page on a mobile phone, the navigation still stays open.

Hello, in what browser? I checked both on android and ios all is fine.

Checked a site made with this template just a few weeks ago, http://www.ouryosemitecabin.com and now its not working with Chrome browser. Works fine in Internet Explorer. I didn’t change anything…but I think there was an update to Chrome Browser that was pushed out last week from Google. Your live demo has the same issue.

Hi, what do you mean it is not working? i have checked it, and it is working fine.

Stephan, I emailed you a link to a Dropbox video showing the issue.

Hi, i can not see the video, can you upload in youtube, and send me the link?

What should I change in the theme to support Cyrillic (Russian) fonts?

Can you send me your website link, so i can check?

Just updated the themes, bugs fixed, you will get the notifications about the updates and the download link soon.

Sorry for delay, since we are very busy lately